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   Chapter 20 An Overbearing Man

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"It's none of your business! I agreed to be your bed partner before. But you can't poke your nose into my privacy and interfere with my freedom! " Shouted Sophia, who held the quilt and stumbled backward.

"None of my business? !" A faint smile appeared on the corner of Victor's mouth. He stood in the corner of the room, picked up Sophia's suitcase and walked to the window.

"What do you want to do? !" A bad idea suddenly came to Sophia's mind. Was he going to throw her luggage off the ground? How would she got out if she didn't have clothes to wear!

It was a collection of men's suits, but none of them was for women.

It made sense. How could a man like Victor store women's clothes!

"Where are you going?" A cruel smile tugged at the corner of Victor's mouth. Sophia's heart trembled.

He was so persistent if he didn't get what he wanted. It surprised Sophia that Victor was so controlling.

"I said I wanted to find a job!" Sophia said impatiently.

"I will give you money." It never occurred to Victor that Sophia would use that excuse. 'Is she lack of money?' He thought?!

"It's yours, Victor. I would rather starve than ask for a penny from you!" Wearing a bitter smile on her lips, Sophia said coldly.

'Am I a material girl greedy for vanity in his heart?' She wondered?!

"Do you want to find a job just to make money? !" Victor didn't understand why she still wanted to go out to make money since he was rich?! What a joke! How could his girlfriend work for others!

Unconsciously, Victor had planned Sophia for his private goods.

"You..." Sophia couldn't make Victor understood her. Victor had no idea how to respect others.

"Get out. I'm getting up to change my clothes!" Sophia didn't want to tangle with him anymore. Anyway, he was born with a golden key. He didn't understand the hardships of ordinary people's life.

She didn't want to waste her time and Victor just used money in bullying others.

Victor felt uncomfortable to let Sophia to be alone at home. He put down her luggage and headed for the study room.

Sophia couldn't help but sigh when she looked at the disappearing figure of Victor. They didn't think the same way. 'It's only three years. Hang in there. I'll be out soon. And I'll regain my freedom, 'she comforted herself.

Sophia felt much better after this thought. She got dressed, walked to the bed and opened the curtain. The dazzling sunlight shone into the room of cold color, and everything seemed so incompatible.

'I am like the sunlight in this room, incompatible with this place, but will only stay for a short while and then leave.' Sophia thought quietly.

Sophia put on the clothes, washed and made up. After everything was done, she said to the mirror, "come on! Sophia! "

When Sophia got out of Victor's bedroom and came to the dining room for breakfast, she found that Victor was watching the computer. He was obviously very busy.

Sophia drank some milk and bread, and headed to the door, ignoring Victor's presence.

"Stop! You go to the company with me. " Victor didn't raised his head. His eyes were fixed on the computer, but he could keep Sophia under his control.

"Why do I need to go to your company?" Frowning, she asked with discontent.

"Go to work!" It was the time for Victor to look at Sophia. When he saw Sophia's dressing, his face suddenly appeared a trace of displeasure.

Sophia's long and elegant curly hair hung on her shoulder, and her eyes were shining with the attractive light of autumn. Her oval face was covered with a thin make-up, and her well made eyes looked very sexy and seductive.

She was wearing a light white shirt and a black business step skirt, which outlined her curves. The silk stockings could not cover her smooth and white calves, and the five centimeter high heels also perfectly matched her figure.

"I don't want to work in the YS Group." Sophia direct refused. What a joke! She had to meet Victor in the evening and be controlled by him in the daytime. How could she have lived through such a hard three years!

"Change your clothes." Restraining his anger, Victor ignored Sophia's answer and requested Sophia to change clothes.

The sudden anger made Sophia felt scared. She checked her dressing silently and didn't find anything wrong. Shouldn't she wear formal clothes during the interview?!

"No way!" Sophia could feel Victor's anger from a long distance. She didn't understand why he insisted on changing her clothes. She had seen them several times in the mirror!

Victor rubbed his temples to get rid of headache. Sophia was being st

ubborn made him feel speechless. After all, he was the only one who can saw her when he arrived at the company.

"If you want to work, you must go to the YS Group." Victor commented as he closed his laptop.

"What if I don't? !" Sophia stared at Victor with a defiant expression, feeling that this man was so overbearing.

"No company dares to hire you in S city!" Victor's look was show that she could give it a try.

Victor was such a rogue who relied on money and power to threaten people!

"Then what should I do?" If a person was able to work in the YS Group, he or she would be very happy to know that he or she could get a job. However, Sophia was very against it in her heart. The only thing she wanted to do was to find a place without Victor with ease.

"My special assistant," said Victor. He felt this position suited Sophia very well.

He could even imagine the unwilling look on Sophia's face when she made a serve of tea for him. She was so cute.

"John is your assistant, isn't he?" It was very clear that everyone called the gentle man Mr. John.

"I need two!" Victor looked composed.

Sophia rolled her eyes in disbelief. She couldn't believe that the CEO of the YS Group could be so childish.

"You will learn a lot in the YS Group!" Victor continued.

It was true. The YS Group was also a listed company. It not only had branches all over the country, but also had branches abroad. It was worth learning both the management mode and the practical operation ability. Her original purpose was to exercise her ability. This platform was very suitable for him.

"You will get a high salary." Again, the three simple words came out of Victor's mouth.

The words made Sophia's head dizzy. Why did Victor insist that she went out just to make money?! But he was right about the YS Group. It was the best in either salary or welfare.

"Okay! I will go! " It took Sophia a long time to make this decision. She finally agreed to work in the YS Group.

"Let's go!" A dazzling smile tugged at the corner of Victor's mouth. He picked up his briefcase and strode out.

It wasn't difficult for her to agree with his requirements. She had her own reasons too. After she left Jian family, she got nothing but the two hundred thousand dollars given by her father. She wanted to earn more money, and then live a normal life in a place nobody knew. This required money.

The most important thing was that she had made up her mind to study further in America, due to the questioning of those senior leaders in the JH Group last time.

Of course, Victor didn't know what was in Sophia's mind, but when he thought that he could meet this woman during work, he was inexplicably excited.

"Web, that lady went to the company with Mr. Victor." After Victor and Sophia left, Zelda said to Web who was standing at the door.

"This lady looks so familiar?! 'She looks so much like someone else. Why can't I remember her?' !" Web stared at the two people who had disappeared and muttered to himself.

"With whom? Why can't I remember? Am I getting old? "

"Web!" Seeing Web was murmuring something unrelated, Zelda shouted.

"What?" Web was shocked by Zelda's voice. He opened his mouth and didn't know what she had said to him just now!

Zelda shook her head with resignation. Web was too old to hear anything.

"When Mr. Victor left, he asked me to cook more food for him and Miss. Sophia. I'm going to work now! " Zelda raised her voice.

"Yes! It seems that Mr. Victor will often come back home! " Web smiled so happily that no one knew what he was thinking!

Zelda shook her head, turned around and left. Web had no son and daughter. He had stayed in Xiao family all his life, and he loved Mr. Victor very much. Web must be happy to see that Victor bring that woman home.

…… The YS Group building.

Victor didn't drive his fancy Ferrari sports car, but a low-key and comfortable Rolls Royce. Instead, it was a rare opportunity for people to get such a low-key car!

Victor seldom drove himself to work and he usually had a full-time driver. But today, it was unusual for him to drive personally. What's more, he was now parked in front of the gate of the YS Group.

In the YS Group, Victor had always kept a low profile. He often took private elevator from the underground parking lot to the president's office directly. Today's act was indeed abnormal.

The senior executives of the YS Group didn't know what had happened, but they were too embarrassed to go down and watch. They could only stand by the window and see what was wrong with their boss today?

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