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   Chapter 18 200000's Offer

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Sophia lowered her head to eat her food, but a ironic smile appeared on her face. If she remembered correctly, the reason why Jenny was with Peter at that time was just to provoke her. But now they were so close. Sophia didn't know what happened.

"Jenny, don't talk too much at table!" Caspar interrupted Jenny.

"Peter, I heard that you know John?" Caspar did not understand why Peter could get to know the secret figure of the YS Group with his identity.

As for Caspar, John was only the special assistant of the YS Group at the beginning. But the powerful Wade had ever warned Casper not to look down upon John and not to offend John, which made Caspar very confused.

"More than that!" Peter's reply made Caspar look at him in a different way.

Hearing John's name, a soft face appeared in Sophia's mind. That man had never been in a panic, with a faint smile on his lips at any time.

Sophia didn't hear any mention of John when she was with Peter before. But according to Peter's answer now, he seemed to have an unusual relationship with John.

"Dad, do you know that Peter and John... HMM... "Jenny answered as soon as she heard his father's question, but before she could finish her words, Peter put the peeled shrimps into her mouth.

"Jenny, you should eat more. It is high in nutrition." As Peter spoke, he secretly stepped on Jenny's foot.

Sophia sat across from them. When she saw what they were doing, she suddenly realized that it must be Jenny who promised to bring Peter back. Peter must had promise something to Jenny. That's why Jenny was so obsessed with Peter.

It was funny. When Jenny went to find John for the YS Group, Peter was still the intermediate?!

Sophia felt lucky that she didn't get on well with Peter. Otherwise, who would be a good man if he could push her to another man's bed?!

But it seemed that Jenny had taken a fancy to John at that time, but John didn't have any interest in her.

"Come on. Let's have lunch together. Sophia, you should eat it too!" Although Stellar also sensed something wrong, she didn't want to make it clear, so she decided to wait for the other people to leave and then had a talk with Jenny.

Sophia didn't eat much. And her phone kept buzzing, which made her almost not in the mood to eat at all. And the culprit was Victor.

Sophia just wanted to end this boring lunch as soon as possible. She was afraid that someone assigned by Victor would find the address and rush in directly. By then, it would be hard for her to explain anything, which was too complicated for her.

If Caspar knew that she moved to Victor's house, he would probably refuse to accept the agreement on the spot for his daughter's sake. That way, her painstaking effort would be in vain.

"I'm done here. I gotta go!" Sophia was couldn't stand the call from Victor. So she put down the chopsticks and said to Caspar.

"Wait!" Caspar didn't expect Sophia to get up before he could.

Taking out a savings card from his pocket.

"It's 200000 dollars in this card. Take it! Take care of yourself when you are outside alone! " Caspar put the card on the table gently.

Stellar's face soured when she heard what Caspar said. He had never discussed it with her before.

"Sophia used to be the CEO of the JH Group. How could she gets interested in this mere 200000 dollars?" Stellar pouted and said, rolling her eyes.

"Yes, Dad! Even the YS Group gave her the respect. Why does she need your money? " Since Jenny was a little girl, she had a lot of pocket money. But her father rarely gave her so much money at one time.

So how could Jenny not be jealous when she saw such a large sum of money from his father to Sophia?

"Sophia, the password is your birthday. Consider it as a gift from me to you!" Seeing that Sophia didn't get the card from his hand, Caspar said again.

And Caspar didn't tell anyone about their relationship was end. He had made the decision for the time being, so he didn't say much when his wife and daughter questioned him.

"Is this the reward I get the JH Group back for you?" Sophia's voice suddenly made the mother and daughter stop talking.

If Sophia could get the bonus back from 200 thousand, it would be a great deal.

Jenny didn't believe what she had heard. Sophia had actually helped her father get the JH Group back. And now Sophia was going to leave. Jenny felt that Sophia was so stupid that it was her who got the JH Group in Jenny's hands now.

Hearing this question, Peter's hand trembled a little when nobody noticed it.

Caspar didn't expect that he could get to this point in Sophia's heart. He thought it was natural for a father to give money to his daughter, but due to his indifference, Sophia was getting far away from him.

"Okay! I accept it! " Sophia raised her hand to take the card and put it in her purse without giving anyone a chance to regret.

Sophia took her suitcase with a rush. When she stepped out of the door of Jian family's house, her heart was filled with bitterness. She had helped Caspar get back ten million dollars, but he only gave her 200000 dollars.

Although money was not the only standard to measure family affection, it proved the sincerity of family affection to a certain extent.

Standing outside the door of Jian family's house, no one sent her or asked her. Sophia

recalled the time when she just arrived at Jian family's house, she felt that the year she had lived was like a dream.

There was a small road not far from Jian family's home.

A cool Ferrari stopped there, attracting the attention of many people passing by, and the owner of the car apparently did not realize it, so he stubbornly stopped there and refused to leave.

The man in the car had a handsome and perfect face. His dark eyes were as bright as gem. His nose was high and his lips were perfect. All of these made people feel that God was unfair.

The man was none other than Victor!

Victor called Sophia after noon and wanted to have lunch with her. But she didn't allow him to pick her up. That confused Victor.

Then Victor collected all Sophia's information and got to know more about her family. He had just realized that once he went to her house, he might cause unnecessary trouble to her. So he just drove to the side of the path on which she would have to walk out of her house.

Victor looked up at the distant, where a small spot was slowly moving. When he got close to it, he found it was Sophia with a suitcase. Judging from the way she walked, she was not in a good mood.

Carrying her suitcase. Jian family lived in a rich area surrounded by villas, so there was rarely a taxi here.

"I don't think it's appropriate for me to take my luggage to Victor's company? !" Sophia thought while going.

"Tick..." The whistle of a car brought Sophia back to the reality from mixed feelings.

The car in front of her was a cool red Ferrari. In the rich area, she had seen a lot of simple luxury cars, but she was still rare to see a Ferrari of millions of limited edition.

The sudden whistling almost broke Sophia's eardrum. She suppressed her anger and knocked on the car window

With the window rolled down, the host in the car raised his head and saw Sophia's indignant face. He quietly took off his sunglasses.

"You are punctual." Victor asked indifferently, a tinge of smile resting on his lips.

Sophia was surprised with her mouth opened. She didn't expect that it was Victor. How did he know she would come here?

Sophia look towards Victor. He lifted the corners of his mouth and the corners of his mouth were perfect. But it seemed that his smile had other meaning in it, so Sophia felt more confused.

"Get in the car!" Said Victor in a cold voice, as he pushed the door button.

The car door was raised automatically, but Sophia had no reaction. She was frozen outside.

Standing outside the door, Sophia was hesitate. If she got on this car, she would be taken to Victor's house. She even had the thought of running away.

"You'd better not try to escape. You know the consequence!" Victor said coldly, without taking a look at Sophia.

"No, I just haven't sit such a good car. I need to observe it first." Sophia put her suitcase into the car and smiled.

Victor put on the sunglasses again. After Sophia got seated, he fastened her seat belt. When he heard her suddenly stop breathing, he couldn't help but smile.

"Are you afraid?" Victor sat up straight and fastened the seat belt for himself.

"No, I'm not!" Sophia sat straight, but her cheeks were red.

No response, Victor stepped on the gas and disappeared from the end of the road.

Soon after Sophia left, Peter found an excuse to get out of Jian family's house. He had called many calls to Sophia, but he couldn't get through. When he reached the path, he caught sight of Victor fastened seat belt for Sophia. Peter clenched his fists.

…… In Victor's villa.

"Here we are." Victor drove the car to a tall villa and said to Sophia indifferently.

Sophia had stayed in Jian family for one year and she had lived a rich life. But compared to Victor's house, it was nothing at all.

Carrying the suitcase, Sophia didn't see many people on the way. When she reached the living room's door, she saw two people standing at the door.

Sophia rubbed her aching legs. It took her fifteen minutes to walk into the yard of Victor.

"Sir, the dinner is ready!" An elder man standing at the entrance of the hall said respectfully.

Victor nodded and walked into the lobby.

Sophia trotted over to the door and nodded politely to the person standing at the door.

There was an elder man in his fifties or sixty years old standing at the door, and the other woman in his age. When she saw Sophia, she had a kind smile on her face, but the look in her eyes made Sophia felt uneasy.

"Web Fu, Zelda Zhang!" Victor reached out his hand and made a brief introduction for Sophia.

"Give me the luggage." The old man called Web Fu took the suitcase from Sophia and said respectfully.

"Let me do it myself!" Sophia didn't want this old man to carry any box for her.

"Put the luggage in my bedroom." Victor's cold voice came from the back of Sophia.

Sophia's hand suddenly grabbed the draw bar and her chest tightened. There were so many rooms here. Why couldn't she have a single room?

"Okay!" The old man's eyes narrowed into a seam when he heard this. He picked up her luggage and turned up the stairs. His speed was so fast that Sophia wondered if it was an illusion.

"I'll get this lady another pair of chopsticks and bowls." Zelda Zhang walked to the kitchen briskly with a smile on her face.

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