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   Chapter 17 Old Man, Peter

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Hearing that, Stellar was very unhappy and even glanced at her lips in the restaurant next door.

Sophia saw this and said lightly, "no!"

She didn't want to stay in this home any more, so she didn't care about the meal at all?!

"Sophia, this meal is specially prepared for you. Just take it as a gift from me, your father." Standing behind Sophia, Caspar said in a helpless voice.

"That's right. Your father said he's grateful to you. After all, it's you who got the JH Group back for him. Please stay and have dinner with us!" And Stellar always kept her virtuous image even at last moment.

When Sophia heard this, a touch of sarcasm appeared in her lips. She knew that Caspar wouldn't treat her to dinner for the sake of their father daughter relationship. It turned out that it was all because of the JH Group. He was afraid that Sophia might be angry with him and he had to comfort her.

Sophia put her pack in a corner of the room. She didn't even lift her eyelids and said, "it's okay. After all, I got the JH Group back for Jian family." After that, Sophia went to the restaurant with Caspar.

Sophia had been busy talking to Victor and hadn't eaten anything this morning, so she should be hungry now, but the delicacies in front of her had no appetite at all.

It seemed that the meal should be decided by whom she was with?!

"Sophia, please help yourself with the chopsticks. Quick!" "Great evening, ladies and gentlemen.".

"Mom, I'm back!" Jenny's cheerful voice came through from outside.

Sophia's hand, which was about to pick up the chopsticks, was put down again. She had almost forgotten that "my dear sister" was also here.

"Why are you here? Didn't you say that you would never come back? " Confused, Jenny asked when she saw Sophia sitting there quietly.

"I'm here for the invitation," Sophia didn't want to answer Jenny's provocation. But if she kept silent, Jenny would get angry and cynical from time to time.

It was not until then that Jenny saw the delicacies on the table. Her face could not help but change color. When she looked around and saw Sophia's small suitcase, she immediately understood what was going on. A smile appeared at the corners of her mouth, as if she was quite pleased with herself.

"It's you who would leave! I brought one of your old friends here today. " A mysterious smile crept on Jenny's face.

"Jenny, stop it!" Caspar prepared the meal for thank Sophia, how could he let Jenny messed up his arrangement.

"Caspar, I think you should take a look at what kind of friend Jenny has brought back." Stellar couldn't bear to see her daughter being ignored, so Stellar tried to talk her out of it.

"Come in." Seeing that Caspar didn't refuse, Jenny thought he acquiesced and waved to the door.

Then a young man came in. He was 1.8 meters tall, with starry eyes and a pair of glasses hanging on his tall nose. At first glance, he looked quite neat and refined, but the temperament was almost inferior.

Once lover had met again. Sophia just felt uncomfortable.

"Peter? Is this the man you are going to introduce? " Caspar choked back his anger and asked.

The reason why Caspar didn't allow Jenny to date anyone was that he wanted her to marry a man who was as rich as him, at least which could help him in business.

But why did Jenny bring Peter back now? Caspar would never tolerate it.

"Yes!" Jenny replied frankly, not noticing the change of the atmosphere at all. However, Jenny couldn't help feeling extremely disappointed when she saw Sophia's expressionless in Sophia's eyes.

"Jenny, how can you bring him back?" Frowned, Stellar stared at the man, stood up, walked to Jenny's side and kept her distance from Peter.

"Didn't you say that you have cut all contact with him?" Stellar whispered in Jenny's ears.

In fact, Stellar didn't like Peter at all. This man was neither rich nor powerful. Instead, he was relying on a woman to get his position. What a shameless man! How could such a man deserve to be her son-in-law.

"Mom, what happened to you?" Jenny frowned and said. Jenny didn't expect that even her mother disliked Peter so much. It was obvious that Stellar had done it. Jenny started to worry about Peter.

"Mr. Casper, don't blame Jenny. It was I who asked her to bring me here!" Peter kept calm as he entered the room and noticed that Jenny's parents were not satisfied with him.

Sophia looked at this scene in front of her with her cold sight. Peter couldn't stir her heart up any emotions. She just quietly looked at this scene and quietly watched as an audience to see what was going on.

"Peter, do you know you can't hide behind a woman!" Caspar was mad at Peter's attitude.

"I know Mr. Casper doesn't like me. But I'm serious about Jenny. Can't you give me a chance to win your heart?" However, Peter didn't show any cowardice. He was still fighting for the chance.

When Jenny saw that Peter fought against her father's anger alone, she was moved.

But the next second, Stellar grabbed Jenny's clothes tightly, not letting Jenny take a step away from her. Stellar was afraid that if she didn't do that, Caspar might be pissed off and he would scold Jenny as well.

"No matter what you say, I won't let Jenny be with you! Don't even think about it! " Caspar knocked on the table and shouted.

Obviously, from what Caspar had done, his patience was almost to its limit.

"Mr. Casper, are you so afraid of giving me a chance?"

However, Peter didn't show any cowardice on his face. Instead, he stared at the angry man with provocative eyes.

A touch of sarcasm appeared in the corners of Sophia's mouth. The most disgusting thing for Caspar was others saying that he was coward. Caspar grew up in this family depending on the power of Stellar's family.

But the story was kept a secret, and Sophia heard that from other places.

But now, it seemed that Peter was trying to irritate Casper... Things were getting more and more interesting.

Caspar picked up a porcelain bowl beside him casually and threw it to Peter. But Peter stood there without a blink and did not dodge.

Jenny's heart was in her mouth. She twisted her hands, trying to get rid of Stellar's grip.

"Bang!" The china bowl made a loud explosion and fell to the feet of Peter. If Caspar had been more powerful, it would have smashed on Peter's face.

Staring at the motionless Peter, the expression on Caspar's face changed several times and he was lost in deep thoughts.

"Enough! Dad, can't you give Peter a chance? " Jenny finally escaped from the control of her mother, and she cried out as she stood beside Peter.

To Sophia's surprise, Jenny's action was really unusual. Sophia had thought that Jenny was afraid of Caspar and would not get involved in it. However, it never occurred to Sophia that Jenny would get Peter's back...

It all made sense after a short consideration. Jenny had never been in love with anyone. It seemed that Peter had made Jenny really enchanted this time.

"I promised Jenny that I would be somebody in one year. I hope you will give me a chance as well. " Gripping Jenny's hand, Peter smiled at her and said in a firm voice.

Seeing that Caspar didn't say a word, Stellar could do nothing to Jenny.

But after all, Jenny was her own daughter. No matter what troubles Jenny made and no matter how much Stellar disliked Peter, Jenny couldn't do anything extreme at this time.

However, out of Stellar's expectation, Sophia was sitting there calmly. Sophia didn't take a glance at Peter, which made Stellar think that they had never been in love before.

"Caspar, since Peter is so serious about Jenny, why don't we..." Stellar didn't say the last few words. She had been observing the expression on Caspar's face.

"Sit down and eat first!" Caspar didn't answer Stellar, but he didn't make any comments on it. It seemed that he acquiesced in it.

The dining table of Jian family's house was rectangular, and the seat in the front was anyone else except Caspar. Sophia stood up to let them choose their own seats. She didn't want to sit next to Caspar!

When Peter walked over, he didn't even stop for a second as if he didn't know Sophia at all.

All of them took their seats. Jenny and Stellar sat next to Caspar and the other sat opposite to Caspar.

"Sophia, come and sit down!" Seeing Sophia standing there, Caspar said.

Sophia's calm look on her face, and there was no doubt that she took the seat. However, Sophia's calm performance made one person can't help but want to take the seat.

"What? Are you embarrassed because you met an old friend? " Jenny held Peter's arm intimately and looked at Sophia provocatively, trying to show her superiority.

Just now, from what Peter had done to Jenny, Jenny guessed, Sophia must be jealous of it. After all, Peter had never been so brave to do such a thing for Sophia.

What Peter did here satisfied the vanity of Jenny.

As if Sophia heard nothing, she kept eating the food on the plate, without even raising her eyes, as if no one was sitting on the opposite.

Sophia knew that Jenny was showing off to her, but Sophia had seen through Peter which was a jerk. She was eager that Peter to be taken away as soon as possible.

Jenny felt depressed when she was ignored by Sophia. It was like she had punched hard on cotton, which made her so weak.

Caspar sat in his seat, speechless. He also wanted to see how Sophia would treat Peter through Jenny's provocation. So Casper could know the relationship between Sophia and Victor.

Caspar had noticed that Sophia was the only one who could get Victor's attention. But the rumor that Victor had a crush on a man confused Caspar.

When they were eating, Peter didn't say anything. Instead, he picked up some food for Jenny and carefully peeled shrimps for her.

The reason why Peter could come to Jian family was to meet Sophia, but he didn't expect that Sophia would leave Jian family so soon.

Happiness filled in Jenny's eyes. When she caught sight of Sophia on the opposite side of the table, Jenny looked even more complacent.

"Thank you, Peter! You are so attentive in memorizing my likes and dislikes. " While enjoying the delicious food, Jenny also didn't forget to stimulate Sophia again to increase her own happiness.

"I will remember all your likes and dislikes deeply in my mind." Peter replied honestly.

"Have you ever been so serious about others?" Jenny stared at Peter with her big watery eyes, waiting for his answer eagerly.

"Jenny, you're the first girl who I want take care of for the rest of my life." When Peter spoke, he acted like he was rehearsing the script.

After all, Stellar had experienced the same thing, so she couldn't help but shake her head when she heard this. It seemed that Peter had coaxed Jenny so much.

Getting the reply Jenny wanted, Jenny raised her eyebrows. She wanted to make Sophia sad again.

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