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   Chapter 14 Decided To Leave

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Standing in front of the desk which used to belong to him and seeing that Sophia had changed his seat, Caspar was really upset.

"Tell me, what should I do to get the JH Group back to me?" Caspar noticed that Sophia didn't pay any attention to him since this moment and said to her coldly.

"It's my draft agreement. As long as you sign your name on it, I'll ask Victor to return the JH Group to you!" Then Sophia stood up and put a document on the table in front of Caspar.

When Caspar looked at the document in front of him, his pupils slowly dilated, showing an incredible look. He looked at Sophia, which was strange to him.

"What Are you going to disown me? Cut off from each other? " Holding the agreement in trembling hands, Caspar scolded.

"Yes!" There was no sadness on Sophia's face. It seemed that this was just an ordinary document and had nothing to do with her.

"Look at this seat. Don't you want to get back?" Holding the agreement in hand, Caspar had been staring blankly and said slightly.

Caspar looked at the agreement with hesitation for a long time. Finally, he picked up a pen and signed his name.

Seeing this result, Sophia sneered and looked at Caspar with eyes full of contempt. Until now, she still did not understand why her mother liked him, and was willing to raise her up to such a long time.

"Okay! You stay here and wait for the news. I will go to the YS Group right now. " Sophia's heart didn't ache, when Caspar signed the note. On the contrary, she felt the relief that she had never felt before.

It was said that the ties of blood between father and daughter was bound by blood, but at this moment, Sophia's feeling was like that Caspar was not her biological father.

"Sophia, where are you going in the future? !" Caspar asked when Sophia walked past him. He showed concern in his words that never showed before.

"None of your business!" Sophia had never heard Caspar speak to her in such a friendly tone. She paused, and then left without looking back.

'If you treated me like this earlier, I might be moved. But I have never heard the word family. You don't have to pretend.'

After Sophia left, Caspar was so depressed that he sank into the sofa and kept silent for a long time. Then he stood up, walked to the chair he was familiar with, sat down, closed his eyes and fell into thought.

When Caspar opened his eyes again, the sadness had all disappeared, and only endless light was left. And the once arrogant and unruly Caspar came back.

The YS Group.

The YS Group was the biggest construction group in S city and the top Group on the floor of the S city. It stood for the position of the YS Group. Everyone was proud that they could enter the YS Group.

Sophia was on the first floor of the YS Group. It couldn't be denied that the YS Group was really powerful.

"Hello, Miss Sophia!" The receptionist downstairs warmly greeted her.

Sophia turned aroud. It turned out the girl who received her the other day. Sophia didn't expect that she could recognize her so well in her memory, since Sophia had only been here once.

"Mr. Victor has said that if you come, you can go to his office directly. You don't need to make an appointment." The receptionist said sweetly with a decent smile and admiration in her eyes.

Sophia frowned. 'What is he doing? Did he expect that I would come to him?' She wondered.

The odd thought of the cold and unruly smile on Victor's face somehow made Sophia feel uncomfortable! 'It's not a big deal. He just have some money!

Sophia nodded to the receptionist, indicating that she knew it. She got into the elevator and skillfully pressed the floor where Victor was.

"Well! Only Miss Sophia can get special attention from Mr. Victor. I'm really envious of her! " Whispered the receptionist.

"What are you doing? !" John's deep and charming voice came from behind the girl.

"Ah! Mr. John, Miss Sophia came here just now. I was guiding her. " The receptionist lowered her head and whispered when she found it was John.

"Yes!" John walked to the elevator and watched the changing number inside. Eventually, he stopped at the floor where Victor was.

Staring at the number for a long time, John pushed the button of the elevator next to him and walked in.

"John's back is so sexy. He's so handsome!" The girl at the front desk stared at John's back and murmured.

Sophia raised her head and looked at the five big words on the door of the CEO's office. Sophia was no movement for a long time.

Sophia looked around and found that no one cared about what she had done. This was completely different from the last time she had come.

Last time, the YS Group had a strange look at Sophia, but this time, it was nervous as if... It seemed to be afraid of her.

Sophia didn't sleep well these few nights. So when she closed her eyes, she dreamed about the things that Victor did on her. Thinking of this, Sophi

a felt her face burning.

Shaking her head, Sophia took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Come in!" A familiar voice came out from the wooden door. Sophia's heart tremble.

"I don't want the JH Group." Sophia walked into the office and spoke her heart straight.

A faint smile appeared on Victor's thin lips, and he looked askance from his eyes. He just watched Sophia.

This look again. Sophia couldn't help but grasp her collar tightly.

"I don't want to be the CEO of the JH Group! Do you hear me?" Sophia report once again raised her voice and said to Victor.

"It seems that you are not satisfied with my arrangement. What do you want?" Said Victor, fiddling with a strand of her hair.

Sophia took a step back in disgust. She looked at Victor coldly and said word by word, "return the JH Group to Caspar."

Victor looked at Sophia in front of him with interest. A cold light was emitted from his eyes. "I'm curious. Who gave you the courage to bargain with me? !"

Sophia was shocked by the sudden eruption of Victor. She couldn't help taking a step back, but when she thought of the things that Victor had done to her, she stood straight.

"Bargain? Don't you forget that you never asked for my opinion when you made a decision? Don't you think I have the right to refuse you? " Sophia raised her head to glare at Victor fearlessly.

"Aha How glib she is! " Instead of getting angry, Victor laughed. This Sophia, which was different from other women, gave him a sense of conquest.

The inexplicable smile on Victor's face softened his resolute face. Sophia was suddenly attracted by him.

The man in front of him had a face with long, narrow and smiling eyes, as bright as stars, and a handsome nose as well as a slightly raised mouth, while his unruly black hair fell over his ears, making him even more evil and attractive.

"Have you seen enough?" The mischievous voice reached Sophia's ears.

Sophia instantly withdrew her gaze from the man and cursed herself, 'how could I be infatuated with this guy? Alas!

"You came to me voluntarily and asked me to let go of the JH Group. But you were not satisfied with the method I had found. It's really a headache!" Victor supported his head with one hand and said.

Stared by Victor, Sophia blushed, as if she had done something terrible.

"It's okay to return the JH Group to Caspar, but under conditions..." "Sophia, I don't want to make any noise," Victor said flatly.

"What condition? !" Sophia asked, raising her head.

"The JH Group, at any rate, is worth tens of millions. Do you think the condition would low?" A sly smile tugged at the corners of Victor mouth.

Sophia was lost in thought when she heard this.

That day when she found the YS Group, she had sold her body. Victor promised to let the JH Group go.

But he put the word the JH Group under the name of Sophia. To the outside world, it was true that the JH Group was still in the hands of Jian family. But Sophia had long been fed up with that home, and she didn't want to stay there any longer.

Now, she had directly requested to return the JH Group back to Caspar. Because he was the YS Group, he would definitely not care about these ten million assets, but for her, it was an astronomical figure.

"I can give you an IOU. Give me time. I will make money and return it to you as soon as possible!" It was obvious that Sophia had made a big decision to say this.

Even if she had been working for the YS Group all her life, she would still try to escape from Jian family's home. She was willing to do everything for her freedom!

Only by escaping from that home and having nothing to do with that person could her heart be relieved and not so painful as to escape from the scene of being used.

"Are you kidding me, Miss Sophia? How many years do you need? Are you playing the YS Group with me? Victor sneered.

Sophia embarrassed, she lowered her head and kept rubbing her hands.

Indeed, it might not be the end of her life. Sophia looked painful in her eyes. What should she do?

"Actually, I can give you some in exchange, but it all depends on you, my dear." Victor deliberately pulled his voice and kept her in suspense.

"What condition?" Sophia felt uneasy to see the mysterious look on Victor's face.

"You!" Victor stared at Sophia and said, a slight smile curved on his lips. His bright and dark eyes were as deep as a pool, with a slight hint of mischief in them.

Sophia felt humiliated. She raised her head and glared at Victor as if she wanted to kill him.

No, this time she must stick to her own bottom line. She couldn't let him do anything bad.

"Mr. Victor, I don't know what to say!" Sophia tried to pretend that she didn't understand what he said, and said with suppressed anger.

"If you became my bed partner for three years, I'll return the JH Group to Caspar." Victor lowered his head to look at the woman in his arms.

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