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   Chapter 13 Sophia's Requirements

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Sophia stood there quietly, the cold atmosphere filled the whole space. Sophia paid no attention to Stellar and Jenny's interactions.

Jenny pouted in discontent, glaring at Sophia with great hatred in her eyes.

"Sophia, it's all my fault. I'm too hard on you. I'm sorry to make you sad." Caspar walked to Sophia's bedside and wanted to pat her shoulders, but his hand stopped there.

Sophia took a step back out of instinct, but this move caused Sophia to realize a problem. She was subconsciously resistant to have any contact with Caspar.

Caspar dropped his hand weakly as if he had aged ten years at that moment.

"Let's go!" Casper waved to Stellar and her daughter and said in a low voice.

"You can go home if you are tired!" When Caspar arrived at the door of the meeting room, he turned around and said to Sophia who stood still there.

Caspar thought he could move Sophia as a loving father to arouse her love for him, but... Until he closed the door of the meeting room, Sophia didn't even look back at him.

Sophia sat on the chair feebly the moment the door of the meeting room closed. She supported her head with hands and looked forward with empty eyes.

Through the large conference window, the street was full of people, who were busy with their own things.

Everything happened so abruptly today. Sophia disguised toughness had been completely unloaded in this empty moment.

Sophia got her mother's photo from her handbag and fell into deep thought.

The YS Group.

"John, what do you think of Sophia, the new CEO of the JH Group?" After returning to the YS Group, Victor sat on the chair of the president and asked faintly.

"Smart and calm." John thought for a while and said, "beautiful."

Upon hearing this, Victor raised his eyebrows, showing no response. John had never praised anyone, and this time he made a high evaluation of Sophia.

The corners of Victor's mouth lifted when he recalled how surprised Sophia was when she saw him.

Since this woman didn't want to see him, then let her be related to him, and he wouldn't let her leave by any means.

Victor never cared about any woman, but she was the one that he couldn't forget once he touched her. Every time he saw her look of forbearance and obstinacy in her eyes, he wanted her to surrender to him.

Looking at the pensive look on Victor's face, John surmised that Victor might have something to do with that woman called Sophia.

John was also shocked by the women Victor had met for the first time and thought that Victor was flirting with.

"I've informed Caspar to hand over his work as soon as possible!" John said calmly.

"Yes!" Victor nodded as a sign of his tacit approval.

John then turned around and left the office quietly.

Playing with the sand clock on his desk, Victor was thinking about what happened today. Fortunately, Victor had known about Sophia's life in advance. If he hadn't arrived there in time today, she would have been bullied by the people of the JH Group.

Victor didn't know when he had begun to bring her to his private belongings. Anyone who dared to bully Sophia would be punished by him.

This feeling made him feel very ambivalent. Victor didn't want to admit that he was attracted by Sophia. He always thought that he didn't like others to touch his personal belongings.

In the house of Jian family.

"Caspar, please thought of something ways! But the JH Group was owned by Sophia. What should I do now? " The moment Stellar stepped into the house, she couldn't wait to ask.

Usually, Sophia was nothing but a piece of work to Stellar, so she thought Sophia could be bullied by her easily. Now Sophia had relationship with the powerful the YS Group. Who knew if Sophia would revenge on her!

Actually, it was nobody's fault but Stellar's own. Although Caspar had promised Sophia to make her work in the company for a while and then try to pull Sophia down. But Stellar wouldn't, she had talked to the top managers secretly and embarrassed Sophia in public.

"Shut up! Don't think that I don't know what you have done behind my back!" Caspar shook off Stellar's hands and pointed at her.

Stellar was thrown to the ground unexpectedly. It was so cold that her forehead oozed sweat and she felt a sharp pain from her hip.

Jenny held her mother's arm and looked at her father with her beautiful eyes in horror. She had never seen her father lose his temper like that before.

"I have followed you for years. I should be given credit for what I have done. How could you treat me like this today?" Stellar glared at Caspar and suddenly sat down on the floor, quarreling with him. The elegance and grace used to be had gone.

"Dad, our family provided Sophia food and drink for this year, and we didn't mistreat her. S

ophia is ungrateful. It has nothing to do with mom! " Jenny crouched down next to her mother and took her mother's side.

Looking at his own hands, Caspar realized that he had indeed put too much strength on Stellar just now. Stellar was just a weak woman.

"Please get up. I was too anxious and impulsive just now." Caspar lowered his voice and took Stellar to the sofa.

Stellar remained silent. So did Jenny. There was a moment of silence in the house.

On their way back, Stellar persuaded Jenny to give up the idea of going to the YS Group to see Victor. Jenny was aware of her family's situation now. In the future, she might not have designer handbags or designer clothes, let alone luxury sports cars. By then her friends around her would definitely laugh at her.

It was not until now that Jenny knew why her mother had been insisting on her marrying into a wealthy family and why her mother had been opposed to her relationship with Peter.

Suddenly, the phone rang The ringing of the phone broke the silence. They looked towards the landline phone at the same time.

Who would call at this time? Now everyone in the business circle knew that Caspar was not the CEO of the JH Group anymore, so no one was willing to call him back in home!

Suddenly, Stellar turned her eyes to her daughter and gave her a confused look.

Jenny shook her head immediately. She had never told the landline phone of her house to those pursuers about this. She was sure of it.

Caspar said nothing and picked up the phone.

"I can help you get the JH Group back, but I have a condition!" Sophia's distant voice came from the other end of the line.

"What condition? !" Caspar was afraid that if he could get the JH Group back, he would agree to let them get a divorce.

"I will tell you the conditions when you come to the company tomorrow!" Sophia unhurried voice came from the other end of the line.

Beep... Listening to the busy tone from the phone, Caspar realized that Sophia had already hung up.

"Who is on the phone?" Confused by Caspar's mixed feelings of joy and loss, Stellar asked.

"It is Sophia." Said Caspar. He cupped his chin with his hands and frowned. He was wondering what conditions would be from Sophia?

He had to go to the company tomorrow. Was there any trap? There was only one father in the world who would be so suspicious and suspicious of his own children.

"How could she have the nerve to make a call, an ungrateful thing?" When Jenny heard the word Sophia, she felt a strong nameless anger in her chest that wanted to vent.

"Why don't you take advantage of the YS Group and win the JH Group back?" When Caspar was troubled by his nagging, his anger was ignited again.

Jenny was shocked by his father's loud roar, and even Stellar, who was sitting next to her, clearly felt that Jenny was shivering all over.

"Jenny, you go back to your room first. I have something to discuss with your father." Stellar knew that it was not as simple as it seemed. Otherwise, it wouldn't have upset her husband so much.

She was distressed to see her daughter being scolded.

Jenny snorted in anger, stood up and left the sofa. She went upstairs and slammed the door close to express her dissatisfaction and grievance.

"You spoiled her!" Hearing Jenny making noises on purpose, Caspar said angrily.

"What did Sophia say on the phone?" The thing that concerned Stellar now was why Sophia called Casper at this time. Was there any change in the situation?

"She said she could help us get back the JH Group, but there were some conditions. I asked her about the conditions but she told me to wait for tomorrow... "Caspar said indifferently.

"The JH Group was purchased by the YS Group. It's not as easy as she think? Will Victor of the YS Group agree? " Even though Stellar was a woman, she knew something after she had been doing business with Caspar for a long time.

"Who knows? Judging from Victor's attitude towards Sophia, they do have a special relationship." When Caspar recalled what had happened during the day, he felt that there was something fishy between Victor and Sophia. But he wasn't sure what kind of relationship they have.

Stellar was lost in thought. It was said that the CEO of the YS Group didn't like women because he liked men. But why did he have a different attitude towards Sophia? Something must have happened between them? Did it have anything to do with the night that Sophia didn't go home?!

It was a long night.

The next morning, Caspar, who had two black rims under his eyes, came to the JH Group. He specially left Stellar and Jenny at home in case that they might cause any chaos and delay his work.

"You are here!" Sophia hid her petite body in the big CEO chair and said without raising her head.

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