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   Chapter 12 A Reversal Of The Situation

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"Hello! My name is Jenny! " Jenny had a good figure. To keep Sophia dressing style low, Jenny looked sexy. Any man would be tempted.

Standing next to the host seat, Stellar took a deep breath. She had a bad feeling about this. It was said that the president of the YS Group, Victor, loved men. How bold Jenny was.

Sophia lowered her head and bit her lips, feeling every inch of her body tensed. She only hoped that this rogue would disappear immediately. It was best that she had a crush on Jenny and ignored her existence.

"Are you afraid?" Victor noticed all Sophia's small actions. He put his hands on her shoulders.

Seeing that he didn't get any response from her, Jenny was annoyed. When Jenny was about to speak again, Stellar had already come over. She secretly winked at her to stop her from doing anything.

"What are you doing? !" Sophia pushed away the evil hand on her shoulder and stood up suddenly. Her eyes were full of disgust when she looked at Victor.

"Sophia, how could you talk to Mr. Victor like this? !" Although Stellar said so, she didn't stop Sophia at all. She wanted to know what consequence it would be if this ignorant and reckless girl irritated Victor in front of so many people.

Everyone was confused when they saw the scene. It was said that the CEO of the YS Group didn't like women and he liked men. But it seemed that he had a special feeling for Sophia.

"Mr. Victor, please forgive for my negligence in the education of my daughter. May I know the reason why you come here today? !" Caspar was afraid that Sophia might make things worse.

If Victor was interested in Sophia, he could give Sophia to Victor as a gift to keep the JH Group!

"If I'm not mistaken, Sophia is your daughter, and you are family." "Mr. Victor, what should I do?".

"Yes, sir!" Although Caspar had been in the business circle for a long time, he dared not avoid Victor's exploring eyes.

"That's good! On that day, I promise to give Miss Sophia a satisfactory reply. John, announce the latest appointment of the JH Group. " Victor's cold eyes swept through all the people present, and finally fell on Sophia.

"On the day of the acquisition of the JH Group, Sophia will be appointed as the new CEO." John's brief explanation was like a stone thrown into a quiet lake, causing a sudden uproar.

Caspar looked so calm that he looked at Sophia with something in his mind.

Stellar clenched her fists, and the smile on her face had already disappeared. No one would feel good if the fruit of painstaking labor of his whole life was taken away by the person he hated most.

Jenny covered her mouth subconsciously with her hands, as she couldn't believe what she had heard. It happened so suddenly that she even forgot to scream.

Everyone thought that the most excited person should be Sophia, but it was not true.

There was no expression on Sophia's face. She just looked at other people numbly.

"I've told you that you're young and promising, so being a CEO is really a good name!"

"Yes! Miss Sophia, you are indeed brilliant and Mr. Victor is really clever! "

"That's right. As the leadership of Miss Sophia, the JH Group will be self-confident and even glorious!"

The several top executives who had opposed Sophia were shocked by the decision made by Victor. They complimented the plenty, wishing they could make Sophia the most fabulous.

The cynicism in Sophia's eyes increased as she saw the hypocritical expressions on their faces.

"Are you satisfied with this reply?" Standing behind Sophia, Victor whispered in her ear

"You are taking a superfluous action!" Sophia took a step back instinctively and looked at Victor warily.

"Of course, you can come to me at any time if you are not satisfied. You understand what I want!" The corners of Victor's lips lifted into a smirk, and the intention in his eyes was obvious.

"Welcome the JH Group's new CEO to the head office!" Victor got a killing intent on Sophia's face, but he just ignored it. So Victor bid farewell to the others and left the meeting room.

"I hope you can hand over your work with our new CEO as soon as possible. Mr. Casper, Mr. Victor really concerned about this matter." John said to Caspar seriously before he left.

Looking at the back of John, Caspar was shocked. It was said that the YS Group had a very ordinary assistant. 'Perhaps he is as shrewd as Victor. It's terrible that John could see through a person's mind, ' Casper thought.

After the rest of the group left, those people bragged about Sophia. Their tangled made Sophia felt like she was about to explode.

However, it was not her original intention to work for the JH Group. She wondered whether she would have to deal with such a group of followers in the future?

What would Caspar do to her if she took over the title of the JH Group? How could Stellar accept the fact that the painstaking efforts of her whole life fell into Sophia's hands.

What should I do? '? What should I do?

The questions kept popping up in Sophia's mind. She felt that the rope was struggling hard and she was about to explode with breathing muffled in her chest.

Why didn't she take advantage of this opportunity to completely untie herself?!

"Okay, let's call it a day. Now let's call it a day!" Sophia said to everyone impatiently.

Caspar said nothing to everyone after Victor left, but no one paid any attention to him. It was not until this moment that all the other executives got the chance to leave.

Caspar's face became stormy!

"Sophia, don't think you can do anything you want with the protection of the YS Group. If you are smart, you'd better give the JH Group back to us! " When there were only the four of them in the meeting room, Jenny was the first one to jump out and pointed to Sophia's nose.

"Sophia, this is the work of your father's whole life. You can't bear to take the JH Group away." Stellar connived at her daughter to yell at Sophia, but she had pretended to be kind. She had always pretended to be a weak person.

"Father? I'd rather never have this father! " The mother and the daughter, who were watching the drama, wore a complicated smile on their faces.

"Sophia, you still mad at me. I was confused just now. And I was misled by those people. Don't blame me for that!" Caspar was annoyed that he didn't stand up for Sophia when others blamed her.

"Forget it! Don't shed crocodile tears! I know what you are thinking? Even if I became the executive deputy CEO before the YS Group came, you would be able to pull me down and drive me away, wouldn't you? !" Sophia stared at Caspar's face. She wanted to make sure for the last time that this so-called father had not taken her to heart.

"Sophia, you..." Caspar didn't expect that Sophia had known his thoughts. He was so angry that he could not say anything.

"What's wrong with me? I'm just a stepping stone for your dear daughter, Jenny. Even if I do a lot of things for the JH Group, you won't do anything good for me! I've stayed in Jian family's house for a year, and you've been nice to me ever since! " Unlike the hysterical roars of others, Sophia was very calm, and there was no trace of the tremble of her voice. It was as if she was saying something that had nothing to do with herself.

If her heart was dead, how could it be burning again? Lost the parental love since childhood, this time Sophia felt thoroughly desperate for her father.

"Sophia, how could you How could you talk to your father like that? !" Stellar was also shocked by Sophia's imposing manner. She couldn't help but get shocked when she saw Sophia's cold eyes. But as a veteran, she had never been afraid of such a girl!

Sophia snorted. It was the last time she wanted to see Stellar. She didn't want to see her hypocritical face any more.

"Sophia... You... If you dare to talk to your father like this, you will not be home tonight! " Jenny stood straight, grabbed Stellar's arm and scolded Sophia loudly.

But Jenny's trembling tone could not cover up her fear and tension.

"Without the JH Group's Jian family. How long do you think you can live there? !" Sophia sneered and looked at Jenny.

The color drained from Stellar's pretty face, and her hands turned cold. She felt unprecedentedly weak

Right, Stellar had already been used to the rich life of her family, but she had already lost her source of life without the JH Group, so she was unwilling to live an ordinary life.

Caspar bit his lips tightly. It was the result of half of his life's painstaking efforts. How could he be willing to give up?! Casper felt a little regretful now. If he had known that Sophia could have the relationship with the CEO of the YS Group, he would have been a little better to Sophia.

Unfortunately, there was no regret in the world. Sophia look at him now was even stranger than looking at strangers.

If Sophia still held a grudge against him, it meant that she still had feelings for him. But now her eyes were full of indifference, as if the person standing here had nothing to do with her.

"Dad, mom, don't worry. I'll go and ask Victor to take the JH Group back to us! Drive this woman out of S city. She can't make a living there. " When Jenny thought of that man, who looked like a God, she felt a sudden pain in her heart and offered to help voluntarily.

'Since that person is interested in Sophia's appearance, isn't it easier for me to get a better look than Sophia and slim person.' Jenny thought it for granted.

"Come on! Oh, my God! Don't screw it up... " "It's none of your business!".

He was the president of the YS Group! How could he see a woman casually. Besides, Victor paid no attention to Jenny. Even John, who met Jenny once, didn't notice her.

It was not that Stellar was not confident about Jenny's beauty. She just thought that the people in the YS Group were too mysterious. It was not something that Jenny could mess with. Maybe Jenny would get into trouble because of it.

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