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   Chapter 11 He Is Here!

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The expression on Sophia's face was exactly the same as she expected. How could it be so smooth? Sophia had already been prepared. She didn't believe that according to the hypocritical character of Stellar. How could she easily get the position!

"Education doesn't mean capability. If we don't give it a try, how can we know a person's strength! I don't think you all start with your work in hand from the very beginning! What's more, an enterprise like mine needs a new force like me. " Sophia solemn.

"You look so young! How can you be so shameless to brag!"

"You don't dare to tell about your education background. It seems that you don't have a good education! You are eloquent. "

"Yes! What a cute little mouth! "

All these harsh words came to Sophia's ears. Although she was well prepared, she was a little depressed when she heard these words. But she kept decent smiles on her face.

"Sophia. These are your seniors. You have to listen to them. You are young after all. Do you think it is so easy to manage a company? You have to learn from your father. You should always see the problem from the company's perspective. " At this time, Stellar stood up and said softly.

Although her voice was small, it carried a lot of weight. Some smart people began to follow her words.

"Right. The company cannot be easily handed over to a little girl. What a mess? Mr. Casper. I hope you can seriously consider it! "

"Yes! Mr. Casper, it's not easy for our company to get through this. How could we hand this matter over to such a young girl? "

Caspar was sitting in his seat in silence all the time. No one could figure out what he was thinking about.

But from beginning to end, he didn't say a word for Sophia. Not only that, he didn't even stop the senior executives from questioning Sophia.

Sitting there, Jenny played with the signature pen in her hand and looked ironically at the people who were talking about Sophia.

Sophia could feel the scornful look from Jenny. Sophia clenched her fists tightly. Although she had to sell her body and soul for the JH Group, Caspar would never put her in an important position in his heart.

"Okay!" Caspar finally broke the silence.

He raised his head to take a deep look at Sophia who was standing straight, and stood up to look at the people discussing just now.

Sophia looked into her father's eyes with stubborn look, and she clearly saw the impatience in Caspar's eyes. Sophia's heart skipped a beat.

The guests stopped talking at once and looked at Caspar with different expressions, trying to get some information from his expression.

Jenny pouted in discontent. It felt so good to witness Sophia being attacked by so many people. Jenny couldn't understand why her father had to stop!

"Sophia, sit down first!" Caspar said as he waved his hand.

"Sophia, you must be tired standing for such a long time!" Said Stellar No one would believe how evil she was to Sophia in her gentle tone and kind smile.

Sophia saw Stellar holding her hand made her feel more disgusting, but Sophia had a kind smile on her face, to avoid leaving the image of an elder disrespectful in the eyes of the crowd.

When everyone was quiet, Caspar cleared his throat and said to the wheat in front of him, "first of all, thank you for taking this place from the company's perspective. It's not because she is my daughter. Don't let her feel simple. I also consider your concerns just now. I also think that Sophia is not very mature, so... "

"Bang!" Just when Caspar was about to express his opinions, the door of the conference room was opened by force. The loud noise made by the door attracted the attention of everyone, who looked at the door.

Sophia had guessed the answer from the beginning of the speech. If the JH Group's senior leaders didn't get along well with her, perhaps this was a good thing for her not to work in the JH Group!

However, the loud noise attracted her attention.

Two rows of men in black suit walked in from the door, neatly arranged in two rows, with a passage in the middle. Once the group of men in black arrived, the entire office was filled with a depressing atmosphere, and even the breathing of everyone became cautious.

Standing in the middle of the meeting room, Caspar knitted his eyebrows. He thought, 'such a group of big companies don't even inform the company's leaders. What a bunch of craps?'.

"Who are you? What do you want? !" Caspar raised his voice deliberately to show how angry he was.

Stellar stood up and looked at them, confused.

"Mr. Casper, you have a large pomp. Have you forgotten what day it is today? !" As soon as Caspar finished speaking, he was stopped by someone.

Sophia froze when she heard the

voice. She was very familiar with this voice because the owner of this voice was a real big hooligan.

But she still couldn't believe it. He had promised her that he would let go of the JH Group. Sophia looked eagerly out of the door to see if it was as she guessed.

With black hair and expensive casual clothes, Victor was so handsome that people couldn't help but marvel at his elegance. He was surrounded by an icy aura.

As he strode into the meeting room, a faint smile appeared on his cold and arrogant face when he saw the inquisitive eyes of Sophia.

Sophia and Jenny sat close. When Jenny thought that Victor was smiling at her, she was so nervous that she couldn't help but fix her eyes on Victor's face.

Sophia was deeply shocked by Victor's temperament at the moment she saw him, but when she saw his playful eyes, she felt a deep sense of humiliation.

Why did he appear here at this time? Sophia's hair stand on end. Every time she was with Victor, nothing good would happen!

Since Stellar had been in this circle for a long time, she quickly recognized that the man was Victor. She immediately regained her composure.

"Mr. Victor, you are such a rare visitor! Please sit down! " Stellar gracefully stepped forward and pulled the chair in the last row.

"Excuse me, Mr. Casper!" Noticing that Victor didn't respond, John walked up to Caspar calmly.

After that, Victor went straight to the Caspar's seat and sat down calmly. Victor did it so expertly that he didn't feel any embarrassment.

Stellar smiled awkwardly. She quietly withdrew her hand from the chair and returned to Caspar in front of her. She had no idea what the young president of the YS Group was up to?!

"Mr. Victor, what do you mean?" Caspar suppressed his anger and asked in a low voice.

"Mr. Casper, you are too busy. Today is the day for the YS Group to purchase the JH Group. What do you think I'm going to do? !" Victor said calmly, without even raising his head. He knocked on the table with his middle finger, motionless.

People were gossiping about what had happened. Just now, Caspar had said in front of everyone that the JH Group would not be taken over or made any mistake. Now, Victor's arrival embarrassed him? No matter how composed Casper was, he still looked terrible!

Noticing that Caspar's facial veins stood out, and Stellar knew that he had a bad temper, she quickly grabbed his sleeve and said to him. "Caspar, only Sophia could explain!"

Sophia was worried when Victor entered the room, but she had figured it out before sitting down. The reason why she came to Victor was to get back the photos of her mother. And the reason why she came to the JH Group and work later was that she couldn't help taking revenge. So the JH Group's life and death had nothing to do with her!

It was then that Jenny realized how serious the matter was. She reluctantly took her gaze off from Victor. Then she turned around and stared at Sophia, as if she wanted to gaze at a hole in Sophia's body.

"Didn't you say that the JH Group was fine yesterday? What's going on now? Give me a reasonable explanation! " Everyone was shocked by Jenny's words. They all looked at Sophia with confused eyes.

"I didn't expect that the YS Group's president would break his promise. But it's not surprising. After all, he's not the only one who broke his promise." All of a sudden, she looked towards Caspar.

When Victor heard this, he raised his eyebrows. He looked at Sophia in front of him with curious eyes. And she didn't forget to mock his father. It seemed that his information was right. Sophia and her family couldn't bear each other.

Standing behind Victor, John looked at Sophia with a meaningful look in his eyes. This woman was interesting.

When Caspar heard this, he was too angry to say a word.

"You..." Jenny wanted to give Sophia a slap. But since Victor was here, she had to pretend to be a lady.

"Sophia, we are a family. Don't get angry with your father now. Besides, you have seen what happened just now. It's not all your father's fault." "It's my honor to work here today. If you don't mind it, I can give you all the money I need.".

Victor remained silent since he sat down. Drinking the coffee that John gave him just now, he didn't even try to defend himself.

Sophia stared at Victor sitting there idly. She was annoyed and frowned. It seemed that the man forgot that he was the real culprit.

Putting down his coffee, Victor slowly got up and walked to Sophia's side, looking down at her from the top to the bottom.

As soon as Jenny caught sight of Victor, she quickly adjusted her clothes. She was confident that she was far more beautiful than Sophia. Perhaps Victor would take a fancy to her.

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