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   Chapter 10 Go To The JH Group

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After the phone call, Caspar was about to go out with his briefcase. Dressed in a straight suit and an expensive tie, he looked quite different from the days before.

Stellar had put on a decent dress as if she was going to attend a party of some socialite divas. She always took great care of her delicate make-up and expensive jewelry. After dressing up, she looked as young as twenty years old.

"Dad, I have something to tell you." Sophia pressed her lips and said in a very serious tone.

Caspar looked back to the hall. Sophia was different, but he couldn't tell the reason.

"What's up?" After all, Sophia just helped the JH Group get through the difficulties. And from this thing, it could be seen that Victor must have something to do with his daughter.

"I will go to work with you tomorrow!" Sophia said in a simple but firm tone, and there was an expression on her face that she didn't seem to be joking with him.

She was stating a fact, not asking for Caspar's consent.

Caspar was shocked by this Sophia. He had never seen such a dominating atmosphere before.

Besides, he had an agreement with Sophia before. It wasn't too much to ask for.

Standing next to them, Stellar also heard what Sophia said. She was very worried about them. If Caspar really agreed with Sophia, then Jenny's status might be threatened.

'No, absolutely not. The JH Group was built by me and Caspar together. I can't allow others to have a finger in our pie. Especially... Especially that woman's daughter.'

"Caspar, the party is about to start. I'm going to be late!" Stellar interrupted when Caspar was about to say something.

"Sophia. I should hold a board meeting and discuss it. Although this company is under your father's name, it still needs to be discussed with others. You don't want your father to be in a dilemma, do you?" Before there was any chance for Caspar to say anything, Stellar had poured out a lot of words, standing on the side of consideration for Caspar.

It was obvious that Caspar got what Stellar meant. He felt lucky that he didn't respond so quickly.

"Sophia. We can talk about it when we come back." Stellar had been urging him all the time. At that moment, Caspar was just coming down the stairs.

Sophia's feelings surged in her heart when she looked at their smiling faces, and she couldn't help but sneer. It seemed to her that her father still didn't trust her.

"Dad, how could you not take Jenny along with you for the dinner party held by the director's wife?" Generally speaking, Jenny was very willing to attend such kind of events, having the chance to contact some celebrities.

However, Sophia hadn't seen Jenny by now. It could be said that there was only one reason...

Thinking of this, Sophia's lips rose slightly. Humph! Unfortunately, the daughter of the shrewd mother of Stellar was a disappointing woman.

When Stellar heard this, her face changed. After being locked up at home for several days in the morning, Jenny finally couldn't help going out to breathe some fresh air. Since Stellar loved her daughter, Jenny sneaked out of the home when Caspar was not noticing.

Stellar couldn't let Caspar know her intention and Caspar's bottom line was that she could not be provoked.

"Ah! Jenny had been reading in her room these days since she admitted her mistake! What a naughty girl! She always likes reading. I won't take her with me this time!'! Let's hurry up. You have to go to the company for a meeting after sending me off! " Stellar raised her wrist's famous watch again and continued.

But Caspar seemed to believe for that. He seemed to believe what Stellar said. Then he left with his wife.

Sophia saw that they slowly disappeared from her sight. She clenched her fists.

…… The YS Group building.

Victor was sitting leisurely on his boss chair, as if he was thinking about something with a smile at the corners of his mouth from time to time.

"Clang! Clang..." At this time, the people in the CEO Office rang.

It was only John who knocked at the door instead of an internal call. Victor didn't know what was going on. Although John was just an assistant, the special treatment that Victor gave him was not trivial.

"Come in!" After saying that, Victor straightened his body and regained his usual cold face. His eyes were sharp, and the air around his lips was full of coldness, which prevented others from entering.

"About the JH Group?" John asked directly.

Just now John saw Sophia leave in a hurry, so he couldn't see her expression clearly. He was afraid that things would change, so he'd better come and ask Victor in person.

"Just do it as before. But I'll go to the JH Group with you tomorrow. " Victor asked flatly.

If Sophia heard this, she might get mad at the moment. She had devoted so much time and e

nergy to make it worthy. The thought of Sophia's angry look softened Victor's cold face.

"Yes! Okay, do I need to inform Miss Sophia? " John saw Victor's look, John couldn't help but thought of Sophia, and asked causally.

"No need! Go back! " If that woman knew about it, things would not funny.

When John looked at Victor, Victor was wearing a serious expression.

John opened his mouth, but said nothing. He then quietly closed the door of the CEO's office.

"Are you serious? Did you see a hickey on her neck when Sophia left? "

"I saw it with my own eyes. She bumped into me when she ran away!"

"Oh my God! It's said that our CEO likes men, isn't it? "

"Ahem!" John just coughed a little outside the tea room.

The girls who were interested in gossips in the tea room began to retreat.

"You stay!" John stopped the woman who was walking in the back.

"Assistant John!"

She was stopped by John who had just said confidently that she had seen with her own eyes. However, she had to shrink herself timidly and had no way to make herself clear just now.

"Are you telling the truth? Tell me the truth... " John fixed his eyes firmly on the person standing in front of him, for fear that he might have misheard one word.

"Yes! Miss Sophia was in a bad mood when she walked out of the CEO's room. Besides, she bumped into me. I saw her neck full of bruises... Hickeys. "

Her voice was as low as a mosquito's.

Hearing what she said, John spoke calmly, "you're talking about Mr. Victor behind his back when you're working. There's no need for you to work here anymore. You don't need to come tomorrow!"

"John, please don't..." The woman didn't expect to be fired so easily.

"You should know the rules and regulations of the company have been kind enough to you!" John said, waving his hand.

That woman knew clearly that the man who was fired last time was just a rumor about the CEO's love for man in the company. No company dared to hire him, not to mention get any salary.

John returned to his office with a glass of water, lost in thought.

…… In the JH Group.

Sophia had gotten up early today. She wore a slim black suit. The black blouse revealed her beautiful curves, and the knee length skirt set off her tall, revealing her silky legs that made people fantasize. The light delicate make-up made her unique charm in the female market.

"Humph! It's just a business trip and she doesn't need to dress up so formally? Not a blind date! "Humph!" Jenny said sourly.

When Jenny heard that Sophia had to come to the company this morning, Stellar got up and dragged Jenny to the company too.

"Why did you simply go to work? Dad said I had a very important position. It seems that someone has never gone to work!" Sophia stressed 'important' when she spoke.

As expected, Jenny's face turned pale as soon as she heard what Sophia said. It looked even worse than walking on dog poos in the morning.

"It's none of your business!".

"Your father said he had a meeting to discuss it. Sophia. Don't be so anxious? Alas! Young people are not that calm after all. " Stellar said the last sentence with an emphasis on her tone, as if she was afraid that Caspar couldn't hear if he was walking in the front.

Sophia bit her lips and didn't say anything. She was too naive to compare Stellar. From now on, Sophia had to play it by ear.

"Good morning! You have been working so hard lately! " After they arrived at the conference room, Caspar said first sitting on the host seat.

"Based on company's operation situation, today is the day for the YS Group to purchase the JH Group. But I have something to tell you here that it won't happen! The JH Group operates normally! " When Caspar was speaking, he was obviously excited.

"Great! That's great! "

"Yeah, I heard that the YS Group is very strict with the rules. If we were purchased, we would..."

"Okay! Everyone, listen to me. I have an important thing to announce next! " Caspar interrupted them.

"The company has been changed. A large number of employees have left the company, so I recommend my daughter Sophia to be the executive CEO of the company." Caspar stood up and introduced Sophia to everyone.

It was not until then the executives of the company realized that this was the legendary illegitimate daughter!

These executives' performance had nothing to do with Casper's words. Some stayed silent, while others discussed secretly.

Stellar looked calm and there was nothing unusual about her. Whereas, Jenny's mood was rather obvious. She had kept glancing at Sophia from time to time, as if she wanted to swallow Sophia alive.

"Mr. Casper, where does your daughter graduate from? Have she ever assumed such an important mission? "

These words aroused a heated discussion among the people.

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