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   Chapter 9 Go To Find Victor

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The sunshine passed through the thin window gauze into the room and fell on the man lying on the chair of the owner, gentle but not dazzling. The man closed his eyes, and the outline of his side face was perfect, like a sculpture by the God. His delicate hair was scattered casually at the corners of his eyebrows, the straight nose, and the thin lips were slightly raised. It was obvious that the man was not less white than the woman

Sophia seemed to be given an illusion of seeing an angel.

No, how could he be an angel? He was a shameless hooligan!

This thought made Sophia's hateful feelings stir in her eyes, which had always been indifferent.

"Come here." Suddenly, a low and husky male voice got into her ears. Sophia was shocked and looked at Victor subconsciously.

Victor had already sat up straight, and looked at her with his sharp eyes. Although he was sitting and she was standing, Sophia felt that Victor's power was so overwhelming that she could hardly breathe.

Sophia tried to pretend that she didn't hear him, and spoke, "I'm here for you. About the thing of the JH Group..." When Sophia was trying to find a proper word, a sense of shame rose in her eyes!

She remembered that when they were in the hotel that night, he looked at her in that way! He forced her to have sex with him regardless of her struggle and even said his name haughtily!

How could she compromise with such a person!

"What? Are you afraid that I will eat you up? Come to me if you want to save the JH Group. " The smile in Victor's eyes faded into mockery.

Sophia's mouth twitch. There was no way back for her to regret.

She stepped forward a few more steps to hide the hatred in her eyes, and her eyes became firm. "I did what you said. Mr. Victor, you must keep your words."

"That depends on what you do."

Frowning, Sophia asked, "what do you mean?"

A sly smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Victor lowered his head and stared at her collar. His eyes were deep and unfathomable.

"Shame on you!" Sophia covered her collar with her hand, her eyes blazing with anger. "I heard that Mr. Victor likes men. When did your temperament change?"

A strange smile tugged at the corner of Victor's eye. "Oh? Then let me tell you again what I like. "

Sophia was shocked. She felt something bad. Again? Did he want to?

"We are in the office, how dare you She then burst into tears But before Sophia could finish her sentence, her lips were pressed by the domineering Victor.

There was a hint of tenderness in Victor's eyes.

Sophia was totally imprisoned in Victor's arms and couldn't struggle. She had to endure his violence, but her movements cooperated slowly, as if she had been practiced. The chill in Victor's lips, mixed with the smell of tobacco, made Sophia's feeling inexplicably reassured

"Close your eyes!" Victor stared at Sophia and said commandingly.

Closing her eyes obediently, Sophia heard the giggle of Victor. She suddenly opened her eyes and raised her hand to slap the man in the face.

'This bastard dared to command me. Most importantly, I cooperated him!'

"You are the first woman who dare to hit me!" Victor shook her hand and tried to figure out what was going on.

"Shame on you!" Sophia was forced to lie on the sofa, Sophia felt of anger made her face redder.

"If you move a little bit, the JH Group's matter will be over!" Victor gasped, trying to suppress the sound in his voice. He stared at the softness that appeared out of Sophia's struggle, and his breath became more rapid.

Sophia remembered her intention of coming here. She wanted to keep the JH Group and get back her mother's photos. The JH Group was the painstaking efforts of her so-called father.

Sophia closed her eyes reluctantly, but her nails were embedded in Victor's clothes. It could be seen how angry she was.

Seeing this, a cold smile appeared on Victor's face. He lifted her up and carried her to the lounge inside the CEO's office.

There was a moment of silence outside the CEO's office. No one had ever seen a woman who could stay in his office for such a long time! Curious as they was, no one dared to discuss it, unless he didn't want to survive in the city.

Sophia made her clothes, but the red kiss mark on her neck couldn't be covered by her shirt at all. According to the test result, all people in the YS Group knew what Victor had done to her.

Sitting on the sofa and watching Sophia's movements, Victor laughed, "do you still doubt my sexual orientation now?"

Sophia's feelings overwhelmed her. She raised her head and looked at the man sitting on the chair, her eyes full of disgust. She didn't want to talk to this man any more.

"Miss Sophia, please don't worry. I will give you a satisfactory reply on the case of the JH Group." Victor walked up to Sophia and stroked her h

air. He looked satisfied.

Sophia's cold expression on Victor indicated that he was a demon who could eat up others in silence.

"I hope you can keep your promise," After finishing these words, Sophia closed the door and walked out.

A sinister smile crept on the corner of Victor's mouth. He stared at Sophia's back until it was out of sight.

Facing the strange eyes of the YS Group again, there was no time for Sophia to think about the details. She rushed out of the YS Group building.

"Did you see that? On her neck seemed to be Hickey? "

"It seems so! Our CEO seemed to be very happy just now! Are they two... "

"Hush! Don't ask too much about our CEO. Go to work now! "

But everyone was saying that it was too far to be heard by Sophia. Victor meant to make everyone know that Sophia was his woman.

…… Jian family.

Sophia had hardly entered the room when she heard the voice of Stellar.

"Are you really going to make Sophia go to the company? She knows nothing. It's useless for her to work here! "

Hearing this, Sophia got back to her feet. She wanted to know what attitude Caspar had. He once offered her to work in the company and let her take an important position for him in order to save the JH Group. Now she just wanted to see if he kept his words!

"Of course she will. If she can really protect the JH Group, that would be a credit." Caspar replied

It comforted Sophia to hear this. Even though her father didn't treat her well, men still had promises.

"But Jenny has never been to the company before." The discontent voice of Stellar was heard again.

Huh! When the company was in trouble, Jenny was fooling around with Peter! Standing outside the door, Sophia was unsatisfied, but she hadn't made any progress. She wanted to know how much Caspar favored Jenny!

"I know what you are thinking. I asked her to work in the company just to comfort her. Later, I will find a reason at random to drive her out of the JH Group. Don't worry about this. I know what to do." It was so easy for Caspar to make such a decision.

Hearing the laughter from the inner room, Sophia felt bitter. After all, no matter what she did for the family, it was reasonable in their eyes. Since it was useless to stay here, let them continue to exploit the rest of her value?

The idea of running away from home came back to Sophia.

"How is it going? What did Victor say? Did he agree to let go of the JH Group? " Sophia tried to make herself sound normal. As soon as she stepped into the door, Stellar couldn't wait to ask her.


Caspar, who got the Sophia's reply, also heaved a sigh of relief.

"That's great! Thanks to God, the JH Group was finally saved! Now I can go to play cards at ease. " Stellar put her palms together.

No one in the family cared about Sophia, and they never asked her what had happened to her.

At the same time, her so-called father also went to the company for a meeting with an excited look on his face.

"Should you return it to me?" Sophia stared at Stellar who was full of joy, like a survivor from a disaster and said coldly.

Stellar looked at Sophia with a disdainful look. She took out a photo from her handbag and put it in Sophia's hand. Then she glanced at Caspar, who didn't notice her, and said in a low voice, "Oh, it's just a photo. Who cares? Take it!"

Sophia took the picture and held it in her hand. She turned around and went upstairs indifferently. Back in the room, she stared blankly at the ceiling. At this moment, the tears that had been held back for a long time fell down along her face and dropped on the bed sheet.

"Mom, I miss you so much. I don't want to stay here!" Sobbed Sophia, touching her mother's picture with her own hand.

The mother in the photo was smiling happily, as if she was looking at her lover.

"Mom, dad doesn't like me at all. I can't feel any warmth here. I want to leave here. " Crying made Sophia feel like her mother was still alive.

"Today, I even... I had offered to that man that I would sell my body to protect father's company, but father had never asked me anything about it, mother... " At the thought of what had happened in Sophia's office, all of these felt that she was a dirty woman.

Sophia lived with her mother since she was a child. It had suffered a lot, but it was the hardships that made Sophia determined her mind more.

The leaves rustled as the wind blew. It was like a comfort from Sophia's mother coming from afar.

Sophia had to make this decision. In this family, her father was emotionless, her selfish sister, and her powerful stepmother. All these suppressed Sophia's breath. She could only escape from this place and have her freedom. In this way, she would not be controlled by anyone else.

Sophia wiped her tears, tidied up her clothes, and opened the door to go out.

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