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   Chapter 7 Going To The YS Group (Part Two)

Sinful Duty By Xiao Hongmao Characters: 5969

Updated: 2020-02-18 00:23

When Jenny stretched her head out to take a look at the luxurious and magnificent building of the YS Group, she got delighted at once. "Wait for me here, okay?"

After straightening her hair out one last time, Jenny got out of the car, slamming the door shut. With a deep breath in, she walked towards the building with her shoulders back and her head held high.

Sophia sneered at Jenny's back. She then stepped on the gas and left the building of the YS Group.

…… As soon as Jenny entered the building, a receptionist in uniform stopped her. "Excuse me, who are you looking for?"

Hearing that, Jenny straightened up and tried to look important. "I'm here to see John."

"May I know your name? Do you have an appointment?"

"Appointment? Why do I need an appointment when John was the one who asked me to come here in the first place? You take me to see him directly."

"I'm sorry, but... Without an appointment..."

"Look!" Jenny held up her phone in front of the receptionist, a hint of irritation in her voice. "I'm not lying. John called me to come here. How about I call him right now and let him pick me up in person? I can assure you that if you dare offend such a good friend of his, you'll be lucky if you still have your job tomorrow!"

"O..okay, Miss! I apologize for the misunderstanding. Please have a seat for a moment. I'll send someone to take you to Mr. John's office." With a low bow, the receptionist motioned for Jenny to have a seat on the sofa while she waited.


Victor was taking a nap in his office when John Cheng suddenly entered.

"Jenny is here," John Cheng announced.

Hearing this, Victor opened his eyes and slowly sat up. "Jenny as in the woman's sister?" he asked with a frown.

As far as John Cheng knew, the woman that Victor was talking about was Sophia.

"Yes. She is waiting in the hall, but she said she was looking for me," John Cheng replied. He walked up to Victor and showed him the screen on his iPad. On it displayed real-time surveillance video of the lobby.

"I have nothing else to do anyway. Why don't you go and see what game Caspar is trying to play," Victor said with a coy smile.

Downstairs, in the hall...

The receptionist walked to Jenny again and said apologetically, "Please follow me. I'll lead you to Mr. John's office."

Jenny nodded with satisfaction, a cocky smile playing on her lips.

The receptionist couldn't help but glance at Jenny for a few more times. He just received a call from John and asked him to take the woman to his office. 'It's a good thing I've been polite to her when I still had the chance! It seems as if she really is close with Mr. John.'

In truth, it was actually the first time for Jenny to come to the YS Group.

Although Jenny had heard so much about the YS Group, she had never actually been here before. She thought that her family's company was already fabulous as it was. But, when compared side by side with

the YS Group, the JH Group looked like a joke! 'It's too bad that there's a rumor that Victor's gay, ' Jenny thought to herself. 'But if I could marry such a man, I couldn't care less about his sexual preference!'

Jenny sighed in her heart. Soon, she was at John Cheng's office.

No one was there, much to her surprise. The receptionist asked Jenny to sit there and wait for John Cheng. After bringing her a cup of coffee, the receptionist closed the door and left.

Jenny looked around the office of the CEO's assistant, and couldn't help praising John Cheng. No wonder that people all said that John Cheng had a high position in the YS Group. The office looked so lavish!

Suddenly, the office door creaked open.

Jenny turned around and saw a young man in suit standing in front of the door. He looked neat and handsome.

"Are you John?"

With a faint smile, John Cheng sat down on the chair in front of his desk. "You've come to see me, yet you don't know who I am?"

"Well..." Hearing his question, Jenny paused for a second before she realized what John meant. She walked over to him with a faint smile on her face. The woman who dressed up specially was a real beauty. She had a good figure, and a pretty face which constant had an adorable innocent look. Jenny knew how to use her beauty like a whip. It was no surprise that she was used to flirting, and had encountered a lot of men like John.

"Let me introduce myself first. My name is Jenny Jian from the JH Group. I'm glad to meet the YS Group's special assistant," Jenny moved closer to John and smile at him.

Then John looked away and asked, "Miss Jenny, what can I do for you?"

"Well... How about inviting me to dinner tonight?" Jenny said, playfully twirling her hair.

"I'm sorry, but the YS Group is planning to purchase the JH Group. I'm afraid that going out with you at such a crucial time will stir some unnecessary gossip. If you want to persuade me to give up the acquisition, I suggest that you'd better give up. I know for a fact that the YS Group won't give up the JH Group."

Hearing what John said, Jenny was stunned. She hadn't expected that he would be so straightforward. Flustered, she explained in a hurry, "No, I'm actually..."


The telephone on John's desk suddenly rang, interrupting Jenny's words.

John took a glance at the number and answered it right away. Embarrassed, Jenny fidgeted around and tugged on her clothes.

When John hung up the phone, Jenny smiled, still intent on trying to explain herself. But John spoke quickly before she could say anything. "Tell Mr. Casper that if he wants to keep the JH Group, Sophia must meet with Mr. Victor."

"Sophia... Sophia?" Hearing that, Jenny could not help but open her mouth wide in shock. She was sure that she had heard it right. However, she could not help but ask, "Are you sure he's asking for Sophia? She... Why does Mr. Victor want to see her? Do they know each other?"

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