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   Chapter 4 Unforeseen Threat (Part One)

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Sophia looked at her father in disbelief, feeling incredibly disappointed in him. 'He really loves his company, doesn't he?' she thought to herself bitterly. Even at this point, Sophia could believe that her own father would try to sell her out to an old pervert like Wade. Just the thought of it made her stomach turn!

"I don't care if you lose the JH Group," Sophia said coldly. Hearing this, Caspar slowly walked over to her, his eyes glowing with hate.

"I don't even want to stay in this family anymore!" she continued. "So what if the YS Group buys you out? That has nothing to do with me!"


Caspar's hand struck Sophia's face loud and hard! The blow made Sophia stumble onto the ground. Her handbag fell with her, and its contents were scattered all over the floor.

Sophia lifted up her hand to her cheek. It was burning with pain. She could also taste a bit of blood as she licked her lips.

What a vicious man!

The way Caspar acted freaked Stellar out. Taking a step back, Stellar suddenly noticed a small card that came out of Sophia's bag...

"Is that a business card of Victor from the YS Group?" Stellar pointed at the business card on the floor, blinking in surprise.

All of a sudden, Caspar's eyes lit up. He hurriedly turned around and bent down to pick it up. With a shaky hand, he read the name written on it. "Y-yes! It's him!" Perhaps it was because of the excitement or maybe it was something else... but whatever the reason, Caspar's voice was trembling. "Sophia... you... Why do you have this? Do you know him? When were you able to meet him?"

It was not easy to get through to Victor personally. Generally, normal people would have to get in touch first with Victor's assistant, and even then there was no certainty that they would be able to speak with Victor himself. There were only a handful of people who could contact Victor directly and apparently Sophia was one of them.

At this moment, Caspar's thoughts started to race. 'If someone from the JH Group had the chance to have a relationship with Victor, this could be our saving grace! We would even prosper greater than we ever did before! This is far more efficient than having to please Wade.'

Sophia slowly picked up her things scattered on the ground and put them back to her bag. Then, she slowly stood up. Just seconds ago, the couple had hard and angry looks on their faces. Now, they were beaming at her expectantly. "I just happened to pick this up. I don't really know him," Sophia said as she straightened her dress out.

Suddenly, a woman's keen and disdainful voice came from the door. "Oh, please! How could she know Victor? She's not even that good-looking!"

It was nobody else but Jenny, who successfully stole Peter from Sophia.

Hearing Jenny's voice, Sophia could not help but let out a tired sigh. A cold smile made its way to the corners of Sophia's lips. 'So this bitch who just screwed around with my boyfriend is now suddenly bac

k home to make my life even more miserable... That's just perfect!'

"Jenny, where have you been? Why didn't you come back home until now?" Stellar asked, obviously worried about her biological daughter.

"Mom, relax. There's no need to get mad. I just spent a night at my friend's house. I'm now at home and safe, aren't I?" Jenny said in a sweet voice, as she walked up to her mother and held her arm.

Hearing this, Stellar's face immediately softened. From the day Jenny was born, Stellar doted on Jenny, and even spoiled her so much that she deeply believed in whatever Jenny said.

Meanwhile, Caspar was still deeply absorbed in the card Sophia had. There was one time that he saw Victor's card in a prominent businessman's hand, and it looked exactly like the one that came out of Sophia's bag. There wasn't an ounce of doubt in his heart, for he knew that there wouldn't be a single soul who would dare to make counterfeits of Victor's name card.

"You said that Sophia doesn't know Victor. But how could you be so sure about that?" Caspar turned to look at Jenny and asked seriously.

Jenny swallowed hard. She did not expect Caspar to question her like that, and she felt a bit guilty. Furrowing her brows, Jenny pointed an accusing finger at Sophia. "Does she even know what kind of person Victor is? How could she possibly get a business card from a man like that? Don't be ridiculous! If she knows Victor, I will... I will..."

Jenny stammered, failing to continue her sentence. Stellar quickly tugged at Jenny's clothes, signaling her to just stop.

Caspar's face darkened. "Well? What will you do? Don't think I'm just going to let you slip by, Jenny. You didn't come back last night. I haven't settled accounts with you!"

Hearing this, Jenny glanced at Sophia resentfully. Sophia lift her eyebrows. There was a sly glimmer in her eyes as her mouth twitched upwards. "Please don't be so hard on Jenny," Sophia said with her head raised. "She's not a little girl anymore. Since she has a boyfriend, it's normal for her not to come back home sometimes."

'If Caspar and Stellar knew that their daughter had an affair with Peter, they would be pissed off!' Sophia thought to herself wryly.

As expected, Caspar and Stellar looked at Jenny with shock and anger. Their eyes widened in disbelief. "Wha... What?!"

"Jenny, when did you get a boyfriend?!" Stellar fumed.

"I... I don't have a boyfriend. Mom, don't listen to anything Sophia says. She just wants you to start hating me!" Jenny defended, trying to get their attention back to Sophia.

However, Sophia wasn't so keen on giving up just yet. With a smirk, she raised a delicate eyebrow at Jenny. "Are you absolutely sure you don't have a boyfriend?" Sophia asked slowly.

Jenny gritted her teeth and stared at Sophia. Jenny couldn't help but curse in her heart. 'What the hell is this bitch trying to do?!' If her parents knew that she was with a man, they would skin her alive!

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