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   Chapter 392 Back To The Crew

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"It's good that you can come." Seeing that Jessica was playing with the child, Melinda thought that if Jessica had her own child in the future, she would definitely be a good mother.

In fact, Jessica really wanted to hug the baby, but when she saw the baby's small body, she was afraid that she might hurt him, so she gave up and bent over to play with the baby.

The baby was very cute. The more he smiled, the more excited Jessica became. In her opinion, it wasn't her who was teasing the baby, but the baby was coaxing her. She and Melinda were talking about the story of the crew.

The baby was getting tired and fell asleep soon.

Jessica quietly left the baby. Instead, she walked to the side of the bed where Melinda leaned against and had a rest. Next to her was a fruit tray.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you had suffered so many things." Jessica still felt guilty. As her friend, she didn't know anything about it and didn't come to visit her. It had been a long time before she knew it.

"Did you do anything wrong to me?" Melinda teased Jessica. Jessica looked at her and told her all her guilt. At last, she lowered her head shyly.

"Aren't you still helping me? It will be the best help for me if you act well in the play," Melinda said with a smile. Her words were plain and warm. Hearing that, Jessica burst into laughter.

That was also the reason why Jessica liked Melinda. She was always a nice person to get along with.

"I'm fine now. Don't worry. You can just focus on your work in the following days," Melinda comforted her. She was at home now, accompanied by her child and taken care of by servants. There was almost nothing to worry about in the crew with Jonas there.

"It's all Stacy's fault." At the thought of her good friend, Jessica felt helpless. She didn't expect that Stacy would meet such a bad man as Jerry.

"Stacy has broken up with Jerry, and it's not her fault," Melinda said. Thinking of the conversation with Stacy that day, she thought Stacy was not a bad guy in nature.

The reason why she did that was that she was blinded by Jerry.

"I know. She told me." Jessica thought of the day when Stacy called her and told her that she would divorce Jerry. At that time, she didn't believe her, so she didn't ask her in detail.

Thinking of that the two of them hadn't contacted each other since then, Jessica was in a dilemma again. She felt that she had really ignored too many of her friends these days.

"Stacy is not a bad guy, and she had come to apologize to me." How arrogant Stacy was. It was enough for her to give up everything and apologize to Melinda at that time.

"Well, in fact, Stacy is very kind," Jessica said. She thought that she had known Stacy since childhood and knew what kind of person Stacy was along the way.

Maybe David didn't know her so well.

"Well, let's not talk about these things. You can tell me something else, such as the work of the crew," said Melinda, trying

ch energy it would take every day, but even if she was tired, she had to hold on, because such a full life made her feel very happy.

However, what Melinda did was objected by Queena. Queena wanted to advise Melinda to stay at home and recuperate. After all, health is a lifetime thing.

However, in Melinda's eyes, this play was the most important now. It could be said that this novel supported her in the hardest period of her life.

If Melinda hadn't entered this industry on a whim, she really didn't know what she meant in the world.

So even if Melinda knew that she would make Queena unhappy, she insisted.

With the help of the scriptwriter, Melinda, the shooting progress of the crew was much faster than before, and the quality also followed up.

Seeing that she couldn't persuade Melinda, Queena had no choice, but she was worried about her safety, so she asked Jonas not to go back to the company to deal with his own business after Melinda went back to the set. He had to spare time to accompany Melinda every day.

In this way, the two of them appeared on time every day, even more often than the extras. The people in the crew only felt that the air was filled with the smell of love every day.

The hero and heroine's display of affection made them feel bad, but they didn't expect another couple to come. They were a little familiar with Jonas these days, and the most impressive thing was his solemn expression.

But now, Melinda was here. Everything was different. The man had been smiling and his eyes were softer.

But in his eyes, there was never anyone else besides Melinda.

In this way, Melinda started to be busy in the daytime and coax her child at night. Queena worried that Melinda was too tired and wanted her child to follow her at night, but Melinda felt that the child was still too young and needed breast feeding.

More importantly, she didn't want her child to be alienated from her because she was busy with other things.

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