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   Chapter 391 Visit By Jessica

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Vern refused at first, but when he heard Jonas talked about Melinda and their child, he finally agreed. He didn't need to worry about moving. Jonas had prepared everything in detail.

Looking at this, Vern sighed in his heart. It was also a good luck for Melinda to meet Jonas.

Otherwise, he didn't know what his silly daughter would do.

But now, she met a man who treated her sincerely and spoiled her. As her father, he could rest assured.

So, Vern moved to the neighborhood of the Gu's mansion. Afraid that it was inconvenient for him to go out, Jonas wanted to find a driver for him, but Vern said that he only needed a bike.

In their era, as long as they had a bike, there was no place that they couldn't go. Vern missed it very much.

When Jonas knew it, he asked someone to make a bike in Vern's heart, which was completely exclusive to him.

His attitude towards this matter made his father-in-law even happier.

Now everything calmed down. The whole family was recording the growth of the baby. Because it was premature, the growth was slower than that of the normal baby.

Melinda was still in her recovering, but she had been concerned about the filming since the moment she left the hospital. Victor knew her intention, so he reported the shooting situation to Melinda without waiting for her to ask every day.

All in all, everything went well in the crew. Some time ago, they went to the neighboring province for shooting. Recently, they just came back, and because of the abundant funds, their shooting progress was not so fast. The key point was to let the actors get the best rest and show their best sides in the TV play.

On this day, Queena and Melinda were playing with the baby, and the phone rang. Seeing that it was a call from Victor, Melinda answered it almost in a second.

"You are picking up the phone faster and faster." Victor thought it would take a long time for Melinda to answer the phone and was about to review a document, so he couldn't help teasing her.

"How is the crew now?" This was almost what Melinda had to say every day. Victor patiently told her more about the work of the crew.

What he said was basically good news. He chose to deal with some bad things by himself. If he said it was troublesome, it was really a small trouble.

"Just change to another actress. This role only has five scenes in total, and it won't take much time to make up for it,"

said Melinda. She thought that Victor didn't need to ask her about this kind of thing. He just needed to handle it well.

Listening to the conversation between Melinda and Victor, Queena felt bad. After all, Melinda was her daughter-in-law. If she was so close to another man, there would be bad gossip again.

Moreover, the Gu family had helped to invest in the company where Victor was now.

Melinda kept in touch with Victor every day, basically making oral reports on the shooting, which confused Queena.

She thought it was better for the two to stay away from each oth

a was in hospital. At that time, she wanted to visit her, but was refused by Melinda, saying that she was fine.

It turned out that the reason why Melinda was hospitalized was that she had a childbirth. During this period of time, her mind was basically focused on the shooting of TV series and the relationship between Felix and her.

Felix was a stylish but not romantic man. He often did something that made Jessica speechless. But that was why he was so close to her heart.

So after getting the situation about Melinda, Jessica felt a little annoyed. She thought that she was a typical woman who would forget her friends when she was in love.

She didn't know what had happened to Melinda. All she knew was that she was in hospital.

It was a rare night without a scene, so Jessica asked for a leave from the crew to visit Melinda. The assistant director didn't know whether he should agree or not, so he asked for the permission of Jonas directly.

In the past, Jonas had a lot of issues with Jessica, but he had changed his attitude towards her several times. Knowing that she was a rare friend of Melinda, he agreed.

Jonas didn't tell Melinda that Jessica would come, which was a surprise for her.

Even if Jessica had asked for leave, she didn't leave until nearly eight o'clock in the crew. She wasn't familiar with the Gu's mansion. It was Felix who drove her there. He didn't leave until she arrived at the gate because she was worried about the paparazzi nearby.

After all, Melinda and Jonas were also often reported on the news.

Jessica's arrival surprised Melinda a lot. She had brought a lot of things here. Some of them were for the child, and Melinda admired her for carrying so many things alone.

"I know you don't lack these things, but I just want to show my blessing. You should take it well," Jessica said to Melinda. Then she began to tease her for a while. She thought the baby was very cute and couldn't help but look forward to having a baby in the future.

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