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   Chapter 390 Buying A House

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Looking at Melinda and the baby on the bed, Stacy felt a little complicated. Thinking that the baby was premature, Melinda must have suffered a lot, so she said sorry naturally.

"In fact, you don't have to apologize to me." Looking at Stacy, who used to be high spirited and vigorous, now looked a little depressed, Melinda felt sorry for her.

After all, it was all because of Jerry, Stacy had sacrificed everything in exchange for a fraud.

"That's what I should do. If I hadn't been blinded and held the candle to the devil, these things wouldn't have happened. Fortunately, both you and the child are fine." Stacy couldn't help but take a look at the baby on the bed, who was pink and lovely.

Thinking of that she had once been deluded by Jerry to kill the child, she felt a sense of crime.

However, the Soaring Group was now in turmoil, and the Wang family was not much better. Jerry was the son-in-law of the Wang family, which was naturally involved in such a situation.

Although few people could control the stock market, David was caught off guard at this time. He was busy in the company.

"Let bygones be bygones." Her smile was still as gentle and approachable as before.

In the past, Stacy thought that Melinda was just pretending, but now she felt that her smile was so beautiful, and even made people comfortable.

Her restless heart, which was filled with guilt, quieted down at this moment.

"Well, let's not talk about the past. Is this a boy?" Jessica had told Melinda that Stacy had a similar character with her before. Melinda hadn't felt it before, but now she felt that Stacy was optimistic.

"Well, his name is Morris." Speaking of the baby, her eyes seemed to be shining. Stacy was also pregnant, but the baby was very likely not to be kept.

Therefore, when she looked at the child now, there were different feelings in her heart.

When the two talked about the child, they suddenly forgot all the gaps in the past. They chatted happily like a pair of old friends.Morris' eyes were big and bright. Every time, Melinda and Stacy seemed to be able to see the ocean of stars in his eyes.

He was quiet when he stayed with Melinda. Listening to the two people talking, he closed his eyes and fell asleep, which surprised Stacy.

Stacy stayed in the hospital with Melinda for a long time before she left. But Melinda didn't ask Stacy what she wanted to do about the baby in her belly. She thought it was other people's business, so she'd better not ask.

Especially such a heartbreaking thing.

Jerry had done many evil things in his life, but he met Stacy. If he didn't have so much ambition, he could run the company well in the Gu family and help Jonas, maybe he could also be happy.

However, he had bad habits. He wanted to get more and more and ended up in prison.

David plan to have a place in Soaring Group by taking advantage of Jerry

In the evening, when Jonas came, Melinda told him that she was going home. His first reaction was to refuse.

"The baby is too young. Let's stay in the hospital for a while." Said Jonas. He knew that Melinda didn't like hospitals, but he had no choice.

"He will grow up slowly. Besides, this is a hospital, not any other place. We'd better go home. Isn't there the aunt taking care of us at home? She is experienced. Maybe she can take care of him better than those nurses?"

Said Melinda. She thought what she said was reasonable. Looking at the stubborn look of Melinda, Jonas knew clearly that he could not persuade her.

Unable to dissuade her, Jonas had to go through the discharge formalities as she said. When the doctor saw that Melinda was about to leave the hospital, he didn't say anything, and even had a faint smile on his face.

He looked very happy.

At this moment, Melinda immediately took action. Knowing that she could leave, she packed up her things and wanted to go home that night. At last, she was stopped by Jonas, who asked her not to do anything at night.

The next day, Melinda came back home. Everything at home looked the same as before, but she knew that there was still something different.

The baby was not used to the new place and cried on the first night. She felt sorry for him and comforted him all the time.

Queena went straight to Jonas and asked him to buy a house near home and arrange it for Vern. She said that it was tired for him to walk around like this.

Moreover, it would be too troublesome for them to walk around with each other in the future. These words were only said by Queena in private, and she didn't expect that they would be heard by Melinda.

Jonas did it quickly. Besides, he had several pieces of land near the Gu's mansion. Jonas filled the name of Vern in the land and gave the property ownership certificate to Vern.

His action moved her.

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