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   Chapter 387 Not His Child

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9741

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Alston not only threw away all their things, but also hired servants to destroy them specially, leaving nothing.

All of a sudden, the two of them only had their clothes on their bodies and nothing else.

When Jerry and Yulia went to the bank to withdraw money, they found that their bank accounts had been frozen. Jerry always kept an eye on what he was doing, so he felt unreal even if Alston gave him a lot of things.

Jerry felt that these things were not his. What he wanted was that these things were engraved with his own name, which was why he did this.

After returning to the Gu clan, not only did Jerry accept the money given to him by Alston, but he also privately opened a private account and saved a lot of money into it.

Therefore, when Jerry knew that everything was gone, he was not as restless as Yulia, but when he knew that he couldn't withdraw money from this account, he finally felt desperate.

The two of them had completely lost everything. Yulia looked at Jerry in a daze and kept asking what to do.

Over the years, she had lived a simple and happy life in the Gu's mansion. Now she didn't know what to do. Compared to her, Jerry was quite familiar with such a life.

It was in the same situation that he returned to the Gu family!

"Don't be afraid. Don't forget that we have more than that." Jerry squinted at Yulia and said. He felt that women were really troublesome. They were so scared now.

Why didn't she think about the consequences when she did these things? But it was because she was not careful enough that Melinda found it out and changed the plan.

"Where are we going now?" Yulia asked. It was cold outside and the wind was piercing. As the young miss of the Gu family, she never expected that she would wander on the street one day.

But what made Yulia even more desperate was that there were actually media quietly following the two of them and taking a picture of the two of them, with very miserable words attached.

When Melinda saw the news, she was really in a complicated mood.

"How about you give them some money? They can't survive without anything." It was inevitable for Melinda to feel sorry for them, especially for Yulia. She used to be a delicate rich miss, and she must have never encountered such a situation.

Hearing this, Jonas frowned. Why couldn't his wife change her soft heart?

"They deserve it. And there are three grottoes of cunning rabbits. Don't believe these appearances," Jonas said. The cunning rabbit naturally referred to Jerry. In fact, he had been waiting for him to give himself away.

Besides, he had taken away a lot of confidential documents. Now that there was still no movement, Jerry must be plotting something.

There was nothing to sympathize with such a person, and only Melinda would be stupid to think that the two people were very pitiful.

Hearing this, Melinda immediately closed her

he child.

As a smart girl, Melinda had a bad feeling in an instant. She looked at Queena and asked directly, "Mommy, is there something wrong with the baby?"

At that time, Melinda almost felt that the baby had left her, but when she woke up, she got the news that the mother and son were safe. She thanked God for not taking back her child.

But she hadn't seen him for a long time, so she was always uneasy. The state of Queena made her worried that everything for such a long time would be just an illusion.

"The baby is fine. Don't think too much," said Queena. She also realized that her state made Melinda suspicious, but when she thought of the baby, who was so young and didn't know where he was, she felt a pain in her heart.

"Mommy, tell me the truth." Melinda's eyes were fixed on Queena, so bright that no one dared to look at her. At this time, two nurses passed by the door, talking about the arrest of Yulia.

Melinda was sure that they were hiding something from her.

Queena sighed helplessly and told all the things to Melinda. When she knew the child was taken away by Yulia, she could no longer calm down. She lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Because of the pain in her body, Melinda fell to the ground unsteadily. Tears streamed down from her eyes. "Where is Jonas? Mommy, ask him to take me to see Yulia. I want to ask where she has taken my child. Can she aim at me and let him go?"

In the basement, Yulia was in a stalemate with a group of people. Standing in the front, with disappointment in his eyes, Alston asked sternly, "Yulia Gu, where is the child hidden by you?"

"The child? What are you talking about, father? I've been driven out by you. I have nothing." Yulia didn't admit what she had done and began to complain.

Seeing that she was unwilling to tell the truth at this time, Alston felt even more disappointed, thinking that his love for her had fed dogs for so many years.

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