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   Chapter 386 Drive Out

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9960

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Thinking of the reason why everything happened, Jonas handed over the hospital's affairs to Queena and returned home quickly.

But it was too late. The door of his study was wide open, and the safe was also smashed open, which was not as clean as usual.

Jonas was stunned. The documents in his study were very important, many of which were confidential documents of the company.

The Gu's mansion was in a mess. Jonas left everything to Ted to deal with. Then he went to the hospital and found Alston.

Alston and Jonas hadn't sat down and talked peacefully for a long time.

But for the first time, it was so heavy.

"The study was turned over?" Alston said in disbelief. After all, the study was at home. If his home was not safe, where else could be safe.

"Yes, father, I hope you can investigate it as soon as possible, so as to give an explanation to Linda and the child," said Jonas. He rarely showed respect to his father, but he hoped that he would stop thinking about the so-called family affection.

This time, the accident of Linda and the baby was caused by Yulia. Although the surveillance video of the study was destroyed, Jonas had every reason to believe that it was the two of them.

For so many years at home, Yulia didn't know what kind of person Alston was. She only destroyed the surveillance video that everyone knew, and didn't notice what was going on in the dark.

"I can't listen to you on this matter. Don't worry. I will investigate it as soon as possible."

Alston still didn't want to believe his daughter, who usually didn't care about anything, would do such a thing.

But there was no need for Jonas to say these words for a sister who was not favored.

What on earth was the truth?

But when his people investigated and approached the truth, he suddenly realized how much he had been wrong.

It seemed that Yulia, who seemed to be calm and indifferent to the world, had already been hooked up with Jerry because of her boyfriend. The two thought that they were the biological children of Alston and wanted to join hands to steal his property.

Although Jonas had been working in the company for many years, he didn't have many shares. The property was all in Alston's hands.

These had always been the goal of the two of them. At the beginning, Yulia would be afraid, but after a few times, she actually liked this feeling. Moreover, she had always been accompanied by her boyfriend, so she was not afraid at all to do these things.

Alston was completely shocked by the news. He seemed to have aged ten years. In a night, he had a lot of grey hair at his temples.

He used to be happy when his grandson came, but now he was heartbroken by her children who coveted his family property.

Jonas was also surprised to get this result. Although he knew that it must have something to do with Jerry, he didn't expect that the two had cooperated for so long.

It was hard to see that Yulia was such a woman who coul

ickly arranged everything.

However, Jerry and Yulia were not at home at all, so Alston asked his men to throw the things of the two of them on the road ten meters away from the Gu's mansion.

The same thing happened to the Soaring Group. In an instant, Jerry was taken back all his power and all Yulia's cards were all frozen.

Alston was cruel and resolute. When the two of them realized what had happened, it was too late to make any change.

Alston directly asked the Soaring Group's public relations department to hold a press conference. He would cut off the father and son relationship with Jerry without a reason. It made Jerry look like a rat crossing the street.

He had once told Jerry how much honor he could receive now, and that he could also make him more embarrassed than before.

As soon as the news came out, David was the first one to be alerted. The reason why David let Stacy be with Jerry was that he saw the value of Jerry.

Now, Jerry was worthless and even brought some bad words. Although Alston didn't say anything, it was said that Jerry had done something that made people angry.

It was said that he had pissed Nelson off and made him into the hospital. But the truth was that Nelson didn't want to deal with his family's troubles recently, so he stayed in the hospital with Melinda.

"Jerry always does some dirty things. You'd better not contact with him in the future. You'd better divorce him as soon as possible." David called back Stacy at the first time and said these words to her. Now no matter how Stacy reacted, David would never let her go back to look for Jerry to avoid being involved.

After contacting with Yulia, Jerry realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately wanted to ask Stacy for help. However, when he returned home, he found that Stacy was no longer there and he had no home.

"What's going on?" On the way back to the Gu's mansion, when Yulia saw the burning things on the roadside, she went crazy.

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