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   Chapter 381 Raise Child

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But Melinda had a deep feeling that when people lived in the world, troubles could not disappear, even children had trouble, let alone them.

Now everything seemed to be getting on track, but Melinda had another worry. She was five months pregnant, and there were some work that she couldn't participate in when she gave birth.

A TV play shooting cycle was not one or two days. Moreover, in order to show the best effect, Melinda thought that all the plots did not need to be shot in a hurry.

As long as it was the best.

As a director, it was easy for her to choose a role. She just needed to look through the materials and let people come to the company to talk if they were suitable.

Victor couldn't help asking what was going on when he saw that Melinda was upset even after the main characters of the play had been decided.

In fact, he was also worried about Melinda since she came to work every day.

Moreover, pregnant women were really sentimental. At this time, everyone was happy, but Melinda was worried.

"I'm afraid I don't have the energy to follow up." Melinda expressed her concern. The novel was a child of her. Turning it into a TV play at this time was like raising a child. It would be a pity for Melinda to miss any growth step.

She was worried that her child would meet a stepmother.

The more Melinda thought about it, the more upset she became. Her thoughts even diverged. The more she thought about it, the more terrible it became.

Hearing this, Victor looked at Melinda's belly and immediately understood her. It was indeed difficult for Melinda to do these things.

It had been Melinda who insisted.

Victor had been following up, so he knew more about what Melinda had done for this. Seeing that she was still worried about this matter, he could not help saying, "Don't worry. I will help you to make this TV play well, and never let the readers down,"

said Victor. He wanted to comfort Melinda by patting her head, but he also realized the identity of the two people. This was really unreasonable, so he held back.

"These people are all chosen by you. You should be confident in yourself," Victor comforted her, trying to distract her sad attention.

Even if it was a staff member in this play, Melinda had to check in person. She would reference a lot of materials in the design of any scene.

It could be said that she was really very careful. At present, there were very few directors in the circle who could do such a thing.

What was more, as an outsider, Melinda could only tell others with the simplest action that she could.

She knew that because she became a director, many staff thought this play was a children's play. They insisted on it just because they valued the value behind it.

"Yes, I trust them." In fact, she was still a little worried. She had seen Felix's acting skills, so she didn't need to worry too much. She just didn't know

Melinda spoke out the name of any man.

"Well, he has been helping me all the time. He knows these things and my thoughts best," said Melinda. Jonas's eyebrows wrinkled again.

'Shouldn't I be the one who knows her best? Why did she mention another man at this time?'

But when Jonas thought that Melinda was about to let go of these things, he didn't think he could say anything more. But what Melinda did next made him lose his temper again.

After accompanying Melinda for a while, Jonas went to wash his face and brush his teeth. When he came back, Melinda was holding her phone and quickly moving her fingers on the screen, replying the message very quickly.

Thinking of that he would occasionally send messages to Melinda, but received the reply very slowly, Jonas's unhappy mood rose again.

As a steady and quiet person, Jonas suddenly made a big noise.

However, Melinda didn't shift her attention at all. She was still texting back, sometimes smiling, sometimes frowning.

She would even speak when she couldn't reply in time. When Jonas heard that it was also about the TV play, and it was Victor, he could no longer restrain his temper.

"Melinda Mo!" His tone was a little serious. Hearing this, Melinda was so scared that her phone fell to the side. She was about to pick it up, but when she met the eyes of Jonas, she silently withdrew her hand.

"What's wrong?" Melinda asked innocently, and Jonas was furious. He breathed a sigh of relief and tried to calm himself down.

Then he said sadly, "Now even if you are with me, you have to hold your cell phone and send messages to them all the time?"

Jonas said, but there was still anger in his tone. Hearing this, Melinda fell silent. She thought of what Jonas had done and her reaction.

"I'm sorry." She was a person who was able to compromise and be flexible. She immediately realized her mistake and actively apologized, "I promise I won't do it again."

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