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   Chapter 380 Agree To Cooperate

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After hearing what had happened from Melinda, Jessica thought that maybe Felix had a problem with her and was thinking about whether she had seen him before.

Would there be any misunderstanding when they got along with each other? Or did he just not like her for no reason.

If it was the former reason, it would be fine, but if it was the latter, Jessica really felt powerless.

She was quite famous in the entertainment circle, of course Felix was not as popular as her. So when Jessica asked her agent for his phone number, the agent was shocked.

"Do you know him?" the agent asked curiously. She was quite familiar with Jessica's circle of friends, but she didn't know Felix.

"He might be the hero of Linda's play," Jessica explained. She decided not to tell her agent about it. Otherwise, it would be troublesome.

"Your boyfriend in the play? Wait for me to ask his phone number for you," said the agent. She knew quite a lot of people in the circle. She didn't ask for Felix's phone number directly, but found the number of Felix's agent.

At this time, Felix's agent was telling him that what he did in Victor's company today would have a bad impact, and she also told him that he was just on the rise and needed to maintain his good image.

She didn't want him to do something that would turn into a scandal.

Felix listened to her words, but he couldn't get over it. It could be said that Jessica was the first one who hit him in this circle.

At that time, he just thought that as long as he worked hard, he would definitely be famous.

"I'm afraid Jessica can't follow my acting. She's a singer, not an actress." Felix found an excuse for himself. If the two main characters were not good at acting, it could be said that Jessica was a singer or something.

After all, she had many fans, but he was different. He would definitely be scolded.

The agent thought it made sense, but she also thought it was a rare opportunity. It was a pity to lose it.

It could be said that Jessica and Melinda were the stunts of this play, and as long as Felix performed well, he could definitely got a lot of fans.

But sometimes, opportunities and risks coexist.

She was still regretting that this was a good opportunity. Her mobile phone rang at an inappropriate time. When she knew the identity and purpose of the other party, the agent immediately felt that she didn't need to regret.

"Jessica wants to see you," the agent said to Felix, full of expectation in her eyes. Hearing this, Felix's face suddenly changed, which could be said to be very dark.

"I refuse," Felix said without hesitation. He didn't want to have any contact with this woman for the rest of his life. She was only good at putting on airs. Why would he go there? To be mocked by her?

Felix had to admit that Jessica wa

est actor," said Felix. When he said these words, it meant that he began to think about it.

Upon hearing this, Jessica heaved a sigh of relief.

"But you are the most suitable person in Mellie's heart, and I also think you are very suitable. Mellie is my good friend. Because of your refusal, she is still sad. Of course I have to help her,"

Jessica said. Hearing this, Felix was surprised again. It seemed to be totally different from what he thought.

There was no sign that she was putting on airs at all. On the contrary, she was very easy-going, and she was very good to her friends, and even very sunny. Her smile seemed to be very infectious.

At that moment, Felix seemed to understand why there were so many fans supporting Jessica.

It was just because this person was worth it.

Felix finally agreed. The leading actor and actress were finally decided, and the official Weibo finally released the first post about the cast for such a long time.

However, this Weibo post was like a huge thunder, making a group of people shocked.

It could be said that these two people's positions were completely different. After getting famous for many years, Jessica was like a noble woman, and Felix suddenly became famous, like a nouveau riche.

The director, with a grudge, arranged a group of keyboard men to lead the bad comments.

However, no matter it was the hero, heroine or the official Weibo, there was no movement.

Melinda was even very happy that she had finally solved a problem. The two protagonists were decided, followed by the supporting roles.

Although she had been worried about the main characters during this period of time, she didn't leave the supporting roles behind. It was just that Melinda focused on this side, and Victor had prepared for the rest.

After all the preparations were done, Melinda breathed a long sigh of relief.

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