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   Chapter 379 Being Rejected

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9978

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Felix was a poor good actor in the entertainment circle. He hadn't made a representative work for so many years and had always been not famous.

During this period of time, he finally got a role that was deeply rooted in the heart of people and made people remember him, which made him very popular.

As a result, many of her previous works were found out by his fans. In the past, nobody paid attention to him, but now everything about him was exposed except for his home address.

The entertainment circle was always cruel. Felix had seen too many people. What impressed him the most was that when he was not famous at all, he lost a small role because of a famous star.

A small role might not be worth anything in other people's eyes, but in Felix's eyes, it is very important.

At that time, he had to fight for any role and any part of the play by himself.

That was so important to him, but it was because that female singer was too famous and lost her temper on the film set. He became the innocent scapegoat, so he lost his role.

So over the years, what he wanted to see most was that there was bad news about that person. But to his disappointment, there had been no dark news about that person all the time.

There was just a rumor not long ago, and it had been clarified before it was stirred up.

It could be said that he and that female singer had been in a bad relationship many years ago. The other party might not know who he was, but he had a deep memory of this person.

Felix also thought that his acting career might be so ordinary and better than the extras, but he didn't expect that the modern science fiction drama he had acted a few days ago would be popular.

It was a hot topic on major websites. The style of the play was bold, but Felix didn't think too much. He thought the role was good and novel, so he studied it for a long time.

He was so serious about every play that he finally got his own popularity.

He had acted the role very successfully. With an outstanding performance and a handsome overall image, it was hard to tell that he was a man of more than 30 years old.

Because of his age and experience, he was different from others, mature and steady. His charm was exactly what young girls liked most nowadays.

He was immediately chased by those young girls, changing his previous tepid popularity.

The company also began to pay attention to some of his activities. They would carefully consider what kind of program he would take part in. Unlike before, when someone invited him, they would agree.

He was so tired even without fame before.

After reading all the information about Felix, Melinda thought she could think about it. First of all, he had a good appearance and some experiences, which made her feel that this person could understand the character better.

She rubbed her eyes tiredly, then put the thick material on the table and said to Victor not far away, "I think this person can have a try.

The pressure was because he didn't like this actress.

Thinking of this, Melinda felt a little embarrassed. Her play was too strange.

"Yes. She is a newcomer. Do you know her? She is a good singer, Jessica Shen." When Melinda said that, she couldn't help smiling.

She was satisfied with the heroine and the hero. There was nothing better than this.

But she didn't notice that Felix's face darkened when he heard the name.

If there was nothing wrong with his memory, there was only one singer called Jessica Shen.

"Sorry, I can't take this play."

Felix refused Melinda's invitation without hesitation. Not only Melinda, but also his agent was shocked.

But Felix's temper was just like that. After he said he wouldn't take it, he didn't even want to talk to her. He stood up and left directly. The agent came to her senses, looked at Melinda and said apologetically, "Sorry, Felix may have encountered something. I will have a good talk with him."

The agent complained in her heart, 'Why is Felix out of his mind? Even if he doesn't like this play, he can't leave like this.'

He should know that Melinda was the one who was protected by Jonas. If Jonas knew that his wife was treated like this, Felix, who had just become popular, would wait for a rest.

After the two left, Melinda was still in a daze. At the beginning, they had a good talk, and the other party also had the idea of signing the contract. Why did he suddenly refuse?

She didn't know why there was something wrong. The hero in her heart was gone. Melinda recalled what happened just now, it seemed to start from the talking of the heroine.

She thought Felix didn't like Alice, but it seemed that he had a problem with Jessica.

Shouldn't a singer in the musical circle have no social interaction with him?

Melinda told this matter to Jessica. At last, Jessica comforted her. "How about I talk about it with him? After all, I'm going to cooperate with him in the future," she offered.

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