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   Chapter 378 Deciding The Heroine

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9706

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Until now, Melinda was still in a trance. She didn't expect that Jonas would agree to her request so easily.

At that time, she even began to think whether she was too selfish and didn't care about how worried Jonas was. She found many reasons to comfort herself, but in the end, Jonas asked Ted to deal with it immediately.

It didn't take long for the staff of the crew to know that the director had been changed to Melinda.

Melinda had no fame, no systematic study, and no experience in this respect. However, she just became the director.

Worried that Melinda couldn't handle it alone, Jonas asked Ted to get two assistant directors to help her. One of them was professional and could teach Melinda some systematic knowledge.

The other one was rich in experience and varied in style, which could better teach Melinda how to deal with these things in practice.

The director's work was not simple. They had a lot of things to do. Sometimes in the crew, they were like a mother.

But Melinda was a little different, because of her identity, there was no need to worry about the sponsorship. The scriptwriter was herself, and the working place was in this company.

Even so, it was inevitable for Melinda to be busy. She was very concerned about this matter, and was willing to study hard. She almost devoted herself to the work of the director.

Although Jonas didn't feel well and felt that Melinda had less and less time to accompany him, these thoughts would disappear in an instant when he saw the smile on her face.

After Melinda became the director, Victor was not surprised at all and even laughed at her that Melinda was his superior now.

"We have to settle the casting as soon as possible. It's already a waste of time in the casting." This was exactly what Melinda told Victor after she got the power. Although the director flattered her before, it was unknown that he had received the benefit of that company or not.

He had always spoken for a female star and said how that woman was suitable. Therefore, Melinda had not decided who played the leading role of the play.

But Melinda had also considered the person recommended by the director, but she really didn't like that actress at all. She had a plastic surgery on her face, and she was so pretentious.

If such a person joined the group, Melinda thought it would only be endless trouble.

"Well, although there are many rich and powerful sponsor, we can't waste time like this." Victor nodded in agreement with a mischievous tone. This was probably the most invested crew this year.

If other crew got the money, they would probably have made an appointment to shoot. Unlike them, they were still in the selection stage.

Hearing this, Melinda felt a little helpless. Then she told Victor that she had a candidate for the heroine in her heart.

"Who is it?" Although Victor appreciated Melinda very mu

age of the hero was very special, and none of these people she thought highly of.

"The director is a freshman. The heroine is also a freshman in the acting circle. We doesn't have to care about whether the hero is famous or not. What we want is the right one," said Melinda. The crowd didn't know how to refute her.

Originally, they all thought that cast would be very luxurious with such an investment, but they didn't expect that it would end up like this.

The basic job of these staff was to collect information and find a suitable actor, and these materials needed to be reviewed by Melinda.

There were a lot of complicated documents, but it was not troublesome for Melinda to read them carefully.

"Let me recommend a person to you. He is not a newcomer. He has been in the business circle for many years, but his career has been very smooth."

"His career has been very smooth", which meant he was not famous. As an experienced actor, it could be said that it was difficult for him to stand out in his life.

But Melinda didn't care about it at all and asked Victor to recommend him.

The reason why Victor noticed this man was that he had a good role recently and had made some progress in his acting career.

The man he recommended was a good actor, Felix Song. Although Melinda couldn't tell who he was, she could feel familiar from the photo.

Perhaps, this was the good, experienced actor.

"The shape fits the hero well. Send me his information. I'll check it now," Melinda said to Victor. She had to wear radiation proof clothes every day to avoid radiation.

So when Melinda looked at the documents, she had to print them out. In order to protect her eyes, Jonas had asked them to print the words bigger.

In this way, a thick pile of printed information was frightening.

The materials arranged by Victor were very perfect. After finding a comfortable posture, Melinda began to read them.

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