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   Chapter 377 Youth

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Although Jonas might not agree, she still wanted to have a try. How could she know whether she could do it or not if she didn't have a try?

There was something on her mind, so Melinda was a little absent-minded when discussing the matter. Noticing that there was something wrong with her, Victor told the group of people that the meeting was over.

Those people left one after another with curious eyes.

Looking at Melinda, Victor couldn't help asking, "What are you thinking about?"

"I want to be the director of this book," Melinda said it subconsciously. When she looked up and saw it was Victor asking, she felt a little embarrassed and lowered her head.

In fact, she had been wondering if she had the chance to ask Jonas to agree with her request, which caused her distraction.

Hearing this, Victor was a little surprised. Then he thought of the character of Melinda and didn't feel strange. She was just like this, serious about her own work.

"Do you also think I'm joking?" Melinda smoothed her hair in front of her and said with self-mockery. She didn't major in this field, and she had never learned it. If others knew it, they would think that she was messing around with the money of Jonas again.

But these people didn't know that she was more serious than ever at this time.

"No," Victor said with a smile. His smile was warm and inclusive, which warmed Melinda's heart.

"I don't know why I have this idea, but at that moment, I really want to have a try," Melinda said. She didn't think it was a whim.

In fact, that instant thought was the voice in the bottom of her heart.

Entering the entertainment circle was something she had never thought about before. But as time went by, Melinda felt that this circle was not as bright as others thought, but not as dark as others imagined.

She thought that if it was in the past, Jonas would definitely support her. But now, when she thought of this, she looked helplessly at her high belly.

Noticing Melinda's hesitation and embarrassment, Victor spoke out his opinion as a friend, "If you really want to, just talk to him. He doesn't seem to be unreasonable."

On the contrary, there was no bottom line when he loved and spoiled her. Of course, Victor would only say this silently in his heart.

'If Jonas doesn't agree, I'll beg him. I'll always beg him. This man will be softhearted sometimes, ' Melinda thought.

With this thought in mind, she gradually became firm. Then she picked up her bag behind her, stood up and said to Victor, "I have something to do, so I have to go now."

Victor shrugged and joked, "Go for it!"

In fact, Victor had a rough idea whether or not Melinda could be the director. Perhaps, only Melinda herself would be so nervous.

As soon as Melinda came out, the bodyguards and the servant who had been

gan to reflect on whether it was because he had always been too easy-going that Melinda had no scruples at all.

How could she be suitable to be a director?

"I knew you would say that." With a self-mockery smile, Melinda lowered her head in disappointment.

She had guessed that Jonas would not agree, but she still didn't give up and came to him to talk about it.

Melinda's tone made Jonas feel guilty, as if he had done something terrible.

But in fact, it was just because he cared too much about her safety.

"Jon, you asked me not to challenge your bottom line, but have you ever asked me why I did that?" Melinda raised her head and looked at Jonas. The seriousness in her eyes made Jonas feel even guiltier.

He seemed to be a little chauvinist. She had always got his permission to do anything she wanted.

"I just want to try this job. I have tried too little in my life, and I really want to make this book well. This book is very special to me,"

said Melinda in a trembling voice, "This book is my youth. I don't want my youth to be ruined."

Her real youth was very bitter. Melinda really didn't want to see the youth in the TV play to be a mess.

There was only one name in Melinda's youth, which was Jonas.

Hearing this, Jonas was completely silent. Although he knew that this book was very important to Melinda and he had read it, he didn't expect that it had such a meaning.

Because the hero and heroine in the book were very sweet.

It was not like them at all, but when Melinda spoke at this time, he seemed to understand something.

This was the youth of Melinda's dream, but youth was a regret, so in the book, she gave herself a perfect life.

"You can do whatever you want." Jonas couldn't say that he agreed. Now he felt that the word "agree" was full of irony, as if he was not a couple with Melinda, but superior and subordinate.

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