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   Chapter 374 Choice

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"I just want to ask you something about the protagonist of the novel. I really like that role," Alice said coquettishly, leaning in Colson's arms.

She knew that Colson must have done something, but it was not easy to deal with Melinda, so she felt a little helpless.

But now, she could only make use of Colson.

Although Colson gave her a lot, she didn't have enough sense of security. What she needed was a sense of security that she could stand at a high place and have a high position.

Although she knew better than anyone that the higher she stood, the more painful she fell.

"Hasn't this matter been settled yet?" Colson said in surprise. He had already told the director and released the news. This was just how the entertainment circle worked.

Hearing this, Alice had no choice but to repeat the current situation. Colson finally knew that there was a woman called Melinda in this matter.

Melinda was not the kind of person who could be sent away casually.

"Honey, you are the best to me. Please help me," Alice said coquettishly, clinging to Colson.

She knew that this was her last chance and her last capital.

Since the first time Colson saw Alice, he knew that he could do everything for her, so even if it was a little difficult, he didn't want to disappoint Alice.

"Okay, I know. Don't worry." Colson didn't look old, while Alice looked at the man holding her.

She had mixed feelings in her heart. This was a man who was very good to her. It could be said that she felt all the pampering from him, the feeling of being treated as a little princess.

This was different from the feeling of being loved by her fans before. The man in front of her was really good to her like a father and an elder brother.

Alice really didn't mind being with such a person. If she knew him before she met Jonas and Jerry, she would feel that it was her greatest happiness.

But now it was too late. Her heart was filled with hatred. These love was no longer suitable for her. In her eyes, there was only the value of these people, nothing else.

"I know you are the best to me," Alice said coquettishly.

Colson couldn't stand it anymore, so he didn't make things difficult for himself anymore. He held Alice in his arms and quickly walked towards the lounge.

After a long time, Alice left the office in a mess. The secretaries in the office knew what had happened, but they didn't dare to say anything.

Alice had done so much for a role, which Melinda could not understand but was very important to her.

Colson, who was "full" now, was obviously in a good mood, and paid more attention to what Alice had mentioned. First, he asked his secretary to investigate it in person, and th

Melinda said.

In fact, during the selection, she knew about Alice again. She thought the heroine in the book was not suitable for her, but if she was willing to act the supporting role, it was okay.

Colson was a little surprised. He didn't expect that Melinda still needed to think about it. He didn't understand what she was thinking about, but at this time he finally knew why his assistant couldn't handle it this time.

He had already come to meet her in person, but he still got such an answer, not to mention the assistant.

"I know you don't lack the money. You have the Soaring Group behind you, but you have to know that if you agree, it's a surely profitable deal," Colson said, thinking that Melinda didn't understand the stakes.

However, Melinda nodded with a smile and said, "I know, but I think you can understand. I'm not only a businessman, but also an author. I hope all my works can give the best work to all the readers and fans."

Colson finally understood what was on Melinda's mind, and felt a little unhappy, because she seemed to say that Alice's acting skill was not good.

But it was obviously unrealistic to say that at this time.

"I think I can have a talk with Miss Alice first." Realizing that he had misunderstood her, Melinda explained. Colson didn't know what she was up to, but he still contacted Alice and told her what had happened here.

After a while, Alice also came to the company. Everyone in the company felt that something was going to happen, especially Victor, who was very worried about Melinda.

But from beginning to end, Melinda didn't say anything. She just said that she could do it herself.

When the two met again, the atmosphere was still a little embarrassing, especially for Alice. But at this time, Melinda put on a businesslike look.

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