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   Chapter 372 Fawn On Him

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"How can you be sure that Jonas would do that?" At first, Melinda wanted to have a sip of milk, which was one of her habits these days, but it was ordered by Alice.

She didn't think she was that careless since it was the milk that the once Emily ordered for her.

The servant knew Melinda best. She opened her canvas bag, took out a vacuum bottle and poured a small glass of honey water for Melinda.

"Because I know him too," Alice said with a confident smile on her face. Although she had doubted whether she had a wrong understanding of Jonas for so many years.

But she found that most of the time, he was still the one that was familiar to her.

Hearing this, Melinda's face darkened. She thought Alice's words were a provocation.

But her expression was so sincere that Melinda didn't know what to say.

This novel was a cooperation with her company. In fact, many things were handled by Victor. Melinda believed in Victor, but she still wanted to check it by herself.

As she became more and more famous, the chances of making the novels into movies or TV plays also increased. At present, there were two novels in progress, and what Alice chose was the one that cooperated with the company.

Melinda didn't expect that there was such a mistake. There was only a rumor on the Internet that Alice was going to participate in the TV series of her novel, but she didn't say exactly which one it was.

The director didn't know the situation and misunderstood. He was worried that he couldn't refuse Colson's request at all.

"If you want to take part in this play, does it go against your goal? It's basically the responsibility of the company. Jonas won't interfere," Melinda said. Alice nodded her head.

"I believe in my own judgment. This role is an opportunity,"

Alice said confidently. Melinda thought that she had really changed a lot, and she was determined to get this role, which made Melinda a little flustered.

However, everything of Alice now was given by Colson. Melinda wanted to ask Alice about the rumor of her being a mistress, but she finally felt that she could not say anything about it.

What's more, she also thought of that. Wasn't that the way Emily used to be?

"Well, it seems that you are still unwilling to give up," Melinda said helplessly. But recently, she had a better choice for the heroine in her heart.

However, this sentence did not come out from Melinda's mouth, and Alice was still so determined to get this role. She even felt that this matter was settled.

"Don't you wish us a pleasant cooperation?" Alice said with a confident smile, which made Melinda a little dazed.

In the past, Emily was so arrogant, but then she was in a mess. But now she seemed to come back with a new identity, the identity of Alice.

Now she no longer relied on Jonas, but on Colson, who supported her.

"No, I still can't," Melinda said with

t on Melinda's face, but she still smiled. In fact, she felt that she had never seen the director before.

The director began to talk about this matter since he came. He praised how good the theme of the story was, which would definitely cause a new storm.

All kinds of praises made Melinda feel embarrassed.

Seeing that only he was talking, the director also realized that there was something wrong. He smiled awkwardly and then cut to the chase. "Since Mrs. Gu is here, why don't you decide the casting?"

said the director. The expression on Victor's face changed at first. He had been in charge of the casting, but the director gave the power so easily without discussion.

Although he said that he wanted to let Melinda decide, it was undoubtedly humiliating him.

All the director wanted to do now was to flatter Melinda in order to fawn on Jonas.

Victor felt uncomfortable, but he didn't show it in the end. After all, he appreciated Melinda very much and she was his friend. Moreover, he knew that she was not that kind of wayward person.

He didn't say anything, and the director had no scruples. At first, Melinda wanted to refuse, but in the end, she was a little worried and agreed.

She had to take care of her own novel.

The three of them began to talk about the shooting. The director was the most talkative one, and Victor didn't say anything, while Melinda only responded to him occasionally. Then she also felt that something was wrong between Victor and the director.

They didn't talk much today. Since Melinda was pregnant, she couldn't work all the time, so she proposed to leave soon. It was the servant who reminded her.

These were the instructions given by Jonas.

"I'll be here these days. We'll talk about the details later," Melinda said. In fact, this sentence was mainly told to Victor. As for the director, Melinda also noticed something.

"You're pregnant. Don't run around."

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