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   Chapter 371 A Dream-seeker

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"I want to see Alice." Melinda looked at Jonas and said seriously. This time, she still couldn't get over it.

But Jonas had told Melinda clearly that the role this time might be played by Alice, so that she could be mentally prepared.

In fact, Jonas also felt a little guilty about what had happened this time. He had been too busy recently, so he had forgotten it.

He didn't expect that the news would be so bad this time.

"Let me make an appointment for you." After being silent for a long time, Jonas said slowly. In fact, he had thought about it for a long time. He knew what kind of person Melinda was. Since they were going to meet each other, he'd better make an appointment by himself. In this way, Melinda's safety would be more guaranteed.


Melinda agreed obediently. She thought it might be good to have Jonas as the bridge, and her purpose of meeting Alice was simple. She just wanted to discuss this role with her.

What's more, she wanted to know why she took so much effort to get this role.

Ted was very efficient. Jonas just called him, and soon he arranged the security guards to protect Melinda.

Although these people were selected by Ted, they still had to pass the test by Jonas.

The men he chose were not as tall and strong as what Melinda had known. They looked gentler.

However, these people satisfied Jonas very much. Then he asked a group of people to wear ordinary clothes and scattered around Melinda, and the task of taking care of Melinda was handed over to the servant.

Melinda was satisfied with Jonas's considerate arrangement, and he arranged the meeting very quickly. He contacted Alice that day and said that Melinda wanted to see her.

Alice was surprised. Thinking of the recent news, she became indifferent again. Or she should have known that she had already experienced Melinda's requirements of the heroine of the play.

"I'll drive you to the coffee shop downstairs of the company tomorrow afternoon. Call me if you need anything, okay?"

However, Jonas was still worried about Melinda's health. He thought it would be better to be closer to her. Coincidentally, Alice had no objection to this arrangement.

It could even be said that she took the initiative to say that she wanted to meet Melinda in a place near Jonas's company. If Jonas didn't stop warning, Alice would guarantee that she wouldn't do anything to Melinda.

"Okay." Jonas had agreed to so many requests, so Melinda was more obedient.

Her obedience made Jonas sigh again. It seemed that Melinda had been controlled by him, but in fact, only he knew the truth.

On this day, Melinda's mood was finally relieved a lot, but she was also full of tension and expectation for the second day. Finally, under the guidance of Jonas, she felt much better.

Seeing that Jonas was alread

miliar, but she had changed too much in dealing with things.

In the past, how could Emily be so polite? If Emily won her, she would definitely show off.

"This role is not suitable for you," Melinda said. In fact, she also wanted to know why Alice had to be entangled with this role in this way.

Although there were not many IP plays in the entertainment circle, there were also not less. According to Alice's status, it was not difficult for her to get a better role. But why did she just tangle with her TV play.

No matter when she was Emily or now Alice.

"How can you know if I don't give it a try?" Alice said. In the past, she wanted the main character of this book only to oppose Melinda, but now she felt that the rebirth of the heroine in the book was somewhat similar to her.

So she wanted to have a try.

But this was not the most important reason.

"Don't you have a good position now? Why are you still acting?" Melinda still couldn't understand what Alice was thinking, but she didn't want to say anything since Alice did not want to say it out.

"It's very simple. I have to rely on this role to return to this circle with this identity. Your novel is a very good chance for me, and Jonas will definitely spend a lot of money in it. So in any way, it is definitely the best choice."

Alice spoke out her purpose. Hearing her words, Melinda instantly felt her ambition. The former Emily had become a rat across the street and had no chance to be in the entertainment circle anymore, but now it was different.

She had a new identity, and with this identity, she could complete what she had never been able to do.

Hearing this, Melinda felt sorry for Alice. She thought she was a pure dream-seeker now.

However, even so, Melinda would not persuade herself to hand over the heroine of the novel easily to her and make it become her stepping stone.

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