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   Chapter 370 Permit

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After sitting at home for the whole afternoon, Melinda became more and more uneasy. The relaxation of these days all disappeared. At noon, Queena was very worried about her poor appetite.

However, Melinda didn't want to make people worry about her. Queena was worried about her and wanted to take her to have an examination.

A smart servant at home had called Jonas and told him about Melinda's situation. When Melinda was hesitating whether she should tell Queena about it, Jonas returned home with an anxious face.

When Melinda saw Jonas, she felt as if she had seen her savior. Seeing her like this, Queena felt helpless. With a serious face, Jonas walked to Melinda's side and held her hand habitually.

"What's wrong? Auntie said you didn't eat much today," asked Jonas worriedly. The table hadn't been cleaned yet. He looked up and happened to see the barely eaten lunch.

He frowned more tightly.

Melinda pulled Jonas's sleeve and said, "I have something to tell you."

Melinda's heavy heart was exposed in front of Jonas. He was thinking about what had bothered her at home recently.

But Queena and the others didn't seem to be family affairs.

"Mom, I'll take Linda upstairs to have a rest," said Jonas, holding Melinda's hand and walking upstairs. Melinda's body was getting heavier and heavier. It was difficult to walk, so she had to support the stairs.

Jonas wanted to hold or carry Melinda upstairs, but after looking at her body, he finally walked behind her to protect her.

"What's wrong?" As soon as they arrived at the bedroom, Jonas couldn't wait to ask. There was no hiding the sadness on Melinda's face at this time. She briefly told him about the call from the director today.

"I want to go to the company and personally participate in the selection of the roles," said Melinda. She felt guilty when she thought of the fact that she had neglected it for so long.

Her attitude was irresponsible to her fans.

In fact, what the fans feared the most was that the novel would be made into TV plays. There were a thousand hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people, and the fans also had different ideas about the main character.

If she didn't choose the protagonists carefully, it would ruin the images in the book in the heart of the fans.

"You are too weak to go back and forth." Hearing this, Jonas immediately felt that this idea was not feasible. Melinda's body was getting heavier and heavier, and she needed someone to accompany her wherever she went.

Let her go to the company and take part in the hard selection? He couldn't agree that anyway.

"I will do what I can. I won't make things difficult for myself," Melinda said firmly. She was worried that Jonas would say no, so she hesitated.

But she couldn't make fun of herself and the baby. She also hoped that Jonas could find a better and perfect solution.

important as the child to me. I hope you can understand me.

Jon, you are the best. Just promise me. You don't want me to be depressed before giving birth, do you? In this way, the baby won't be cute.

"They all said that a mother's mood would affect the baby. What if he misunderstood the world when I gave birth to him with a sad face?"

Melinda tried every means to persuade him. Jonas's eyes were full of helplessness. Finally, he was brainwashed by her and thought what she said was reasonable.

Melinda had been talking about the future of the baby since she was about to give birth. It seemed that if he didn't agree this time, the baby's life would be destroyed in this way.

"Okay, I can promise you, but you have to obey my arrangement." Finally, Jonas made a compromise. Hearing the word "arrangement", Melinda frowned and had a bad feeling.

As expected, the fact was just as she thought. Jonas asked Melinda to bring the bodyguards arranged by Ted before she was allowed to go out. Thinking that she was only going to choose protagonists, she felt it was not good to make a scene like this.

She tried to reason with Jonas again, but her words were nipped in the bud.

"It's just my bottom line. If you don't accept it, don't go out," said Jonas coldly. He still felt that it was not enough. How he wished he could send Melinda to the hospital to recuperate the fetus now.

However, Melinda couldn't understand his worries.

"It's a deal. You can't go back on your word then." Melinda knew that Jonas was worried too much, so she thought it would be good as long as she could stop it. As for other things, she would talk about it later.

Moreover, the safety of the child was also very important.

Melinda didn't want to make herself regret. This arrangement seemed to be reasonable, so the two people who seemed to have a big quarrel just now began to get close to each other again.

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