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   Chapter 369 Act The Heroine

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When the two of them returned home, Stacy had a smile on her face, but Jerry's face was very gloomy. He thought of his recent grievance.

At the thought of the anger he had suffered in front of David because of Stacy and the fact that he had been framed up and Stacy was going to make trouble, he was even angrier.

After Stacy fell asleep, Jerry couldn't help but go to the living room. He took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. He hadn't smoked for a long time since Stacy was pregnant.

He also drank as less as possible. It was a rare thing for Jerry to do this for someone else.

But Stacy's performance made him very dissatisfied.

He felt that his temper had reached a critical point and was about to explode, but unfortunately, he had not achieved all his goals yet, so he had to endure it.

There were more and more cigarette butts in the ashtray, and Jerry was enveloped in smoke.

He had to speed up his pace and get the company of Alston as soon as possible. After he got the real power, he didn't have to be controlled by Stacy and didn't need to care about these trifles of engagement.

While Jerry was plotting in his mind, Stacy was sleeping in the bedroom. Thought of Jerry's attitude towards her and her child, his anxious explanation, and those sweet words, Stacy believed once again that Jerry still loved her and her child.

In the hospital, after leaving, Melinda and Jonas began to look for a doctor. The chief physician had been checking the condition of Melinda and the child all the time. Jonas had informed them in advance, so Melinda didn't need to waste time in the line.

Compared with the last examination, Melinda's belly was much bigger. The doctor couldn't help teasing her. The pregnant woman's belly was like a balloon.

The result of the examination came out very soon. Both of them were very healthy, and Melinda would not lack any elements as before. Hearing this, Melinda was finally relieved. She touched the baby in her belly, and the smile at the corners of her mouth became much gentler.

Seeing this, Jonas felt that there was a motherly glory in Melinda's temperament. As a mother, she was strong. Although Melinda was soft, she would become strong when it came to the child.

The baby was getting bigger and bigger, and it was close to the expected date of childbirth. The doctor told Melinda that it was best for her to recuperate at home recently, and she needed to exercise when she had time, so that she could feel relaxed during the childbirth.

Melinda was full of expectation for the baby in her belly. Although the Gu family had the ability to know the gender of the baby, no one mentioned it so far, which made her very happy.

She had thought that Queena would care about the gender of the baby, but she didn't expect that she said nothing from beginning to end, and she was very considerate to her and the baby.

"I'm more and more looking forward to the birth of the baby," Melinda said gently. Her eyes were full of tenderness, but she was a little nervous, because she knew that she would encounter all kinds of conditions during the deliver

red to Melinda that she had finished her novel for such a long time. Generally, the web recommendation editor would say that, but this time, there was no news about it. It suddenly became more popular, and various reasons could not help but appear in her mind.

The director was also thinking about how to make it sound better, but in the end, he found that both of them had the same meaning.

"Here is the thing. Mrs. Gu, do you know Alice?" the director said, and the frown between Melinda's eyebrows twitched. Wasn't Alice the same person as Emily?

What else did Emily do? She couldn't help but feel nervous again, and her breath was not as smooth as before.

"What's wrong? Does it have anything to do with her?" Melinda said nervously. She was really afraid that something bad would happen to her again.

"Here is the thing. Recently, the news that she has been kept by a rich man has aroused a lot of attention. Then she wants to take part in the shooting of this play."

As soon as the director said that, Melinda immediately understood the relationship between the two. Alice had aroused a lot of attention because of her resemblance to Emily, so there was naturally someone investigating.

Netizens liked this kind of news most.

It occurred to Melinda that Alice had contacted her not long ago and said that she wouldn't make trouble for her again, so she didn't mention that she wanted to act in her novel.

"I see. Don't decide this role for the time being," Melinda said to the director. Then she hung up the phone.

At this time, her mood was very complicated, or it could be said that she did not know what to do for a moment.

Alice still wanted to go back to the entertainment circle and stand on top of it. In her opinion, the novel of Melinda was the best opportunity. She knew that Colson would promise her almost everything, so she begged him to let her act the heroine of the play.

Colson didn't want to see any unhappiness on Alice's face. In addition, the recent exposed news made her suffer a lot, so he agreed without saying anything more.

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