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   Chapter 368 Shame

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Alice seemed to see the hope of her own life when she saw the man. The woman who behaved like a queen just now immediately approached the man with a sweet voice, "Daddy."

The man was Colson. He happened to have something to do with his friend in the club today. Then he heard that Alice came here to meet a man.

He couldn't wait to look for her, but he found that there was something wrong with the atmosphere here.

"Mr. Zhang." The moment Jerry saw Colson, his expression became unnatural. He couldn't afford to offend him, so he had to be careful.

Jerry once again regretted that he didn't have any real power. What was the use of a director of the human affairs department? In the eyes of these big shots, he was still so humble.

These people were willing to associate with people who had the same decision-making power as them.

"Who are you?" Colson looked at Jerry with disdain. Although he was old, he had a good memory. If he had met someone who was young and promising, he would definitely remember him. But he really didn't remember Jerry.

Alice looked at them with a mocking smile on her face. Colson was her greatest backer now, and Jerry wouldn't dare to do anything to her.

"Daddy, this man always asks me if I'm Emily. It's really annoying," Emily said and rubbed her body against Colson's. They didn't look like a father and a daughter at all, but the people in the club were not surprised at all.

On the other hand, when Jerry saw the coquettish Alice, he felt depressed, but could not say anything.

Alice was taken away by Colson under his watch. Jerry was at a loss and stood still.

At the same time, the more Stacy thought about it at home, the more aggrieved she felt. She couldn't be with a man like Jerry because of a child.

She wanted to abort the baby and stop thinking about it.

Before Stacy knew Jerry, she was a straightforward person, so she could become friends with Jessica. Therefore, at this time, after making a decision, she decisively went to the hospital.

When Stacy opened the door and saw that Jerry was no longer outside, her heart sank.

At first, Stacy was a little hesitant, but now she made up her mind. She took the car key and drove directly to the nearest hospital.

If one looked carefully, one would find that her hands were trembling, and there were even tears in the corners of her eyes.

Stacy also didn't want to leave the baby in her belly, but Jerry's attitude and behavior made her feel scared. She thought of what many people around her had said, and didn't want the baby to become the last concern.

When Stacy arrived at the hospital, she was almost in a calm mood. To her surprise, when she walked into the hall of the hospital, she saw Melinda and Jonas not far away.

Melinda's baby was a little older than hers, and she was even more frig


"What are you thinking about? You wanted to marry him. How can you just abandon the child?" Jessica couldn't help blaming her, but her eyes were full of worry.

It was not until last night that Stacy realized that her friend, Jessica, always cared about her from a clear point of view.

Seeing that Jessica was here, Melinda took the initiative to stand aside. Seeing that she was comforting Stacy, she gradually calmed down.

After a while, Jerry arrived in a hurry. Seeing that Stacy was fine, he breathed a sigh of relief, "Stacy, I'm sorry. It was my fault yesterday, but we shouldn't hurt our child, okay? Let's go home and talk about it, okay?" Jerry said in a soft voice, almost putting down all his dignity. Stacy, who had just calmed down, exploded again when she saw Jerry.

"I'm going to have an abortion today." Pointing at her belly, Stacy said angrily and aggrievedly.

At the sight of Jerry, Melinda and Jonas turned around and left. Jessica wanted to say something, but finally sighed and watched the two quarreling.

"Stacy, I beg you to keep the baby. I can explain to you what happened yesterday. I promise that I only love you. I didn't do anything outside. It was just an accident yesterday. I was framed..." Jerry nagged, almost begging Stacy to keep the baby.

There were a lot of sweet words. Many people gathered around. Jerry put his dignity in the dust, and Stacy finally softened her heart.

"Take good care of her." Jessica still felt that Jerry was unreliable. Jerry promised her sincerely, and then Stacy and Jerry returned home.

Although they seemed to be harmonious with each other on the surface, Jerry was already full of anger. Especially when he thought that Jonas knew that the two of them were at odds with each other, he became more agitated.

All the feelings between him and Stacy were dissipated because of these shaming things.

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