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   Chapter 367 Being Schemed

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9639

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Alice knew that there were many experienced people here who knew the rules, so she didn't worry much. She left the lounge after seeing that everything was ready.

The corridor outside the lounge was very dark, and the looming cigarette butt in Alice's fingers was obvious.

Compared to the desolation outside, the lounge was very lively. Several girls, who were scantily dressed, surrounded Jerry, with a seducing expression on their faces.

"Well, don't just sit there any longer. Let's start working," one of them clapped her hands and said. The others also calmed down when they thought of their purpose of coming here today.

Many girls surrounded Jerry, making all kinds of alluring postures beside him, and asked him to cooperate. Not far away, someone had filmed all of this scene.

The photographer didn't forget to direct these people to do something, and then make them look more intimate with each other. In the drunken state, Jerry knew nothing about it.

When everything was over, the group of people left. The woman who took the photo was satisfied and took the camera in her hand to look for Emily outside.

Emily was still smoking, and the ground was covered with a lot of cigarette ash. Smoking was forbidden in this place, but no one stopped her.

"Here you are. Have a look." The woman put the camera on a shelf casually, and Alice put the cigarette case on it. Then she picked up the camera and began to observe. The smile at the corners of her mouth became more and more evil.

"That's it. I'll transfer the money to you later," Alice said and left with the camera.

Jerry was left in the lounge. Alice immediately sent these photos to Stacy. She was looking forward to what would happen to Jerry, who relied on his wife to get his current status.

Stacy had been nourishing her fetus at home these days. She noticed that there was something wrong with Jerry, but she had no choice but to ask her father for help.

She had a light sleep at night, and she couldn't sleep well after pregnancy, especially at night when she felt the baby was very noisy.

In a daze, she heard her phone ringing. She didn't want to answer it, but it kept ringing, which made her a little irritable.

She touched the side and wanted to let Jerry turn off the phone, but she felt a chill.

Stacy opened her eyes in an instant and turned on the bedside lamp. There was no sign of Jerry, which made him feel strange.

She picked up her phone and looked for him outside the bedroom, but he was nowhere to be found. Stacy became much angrier.

When she was about to call Jerry, her phone rang again. Someone sent her more than ten messages in the evening. Stacy was unhappy and wanted to scold someone at this time.

However, when she saw the content of the message, she was silent.

The man she was looking for was lying next to several women, being indulge

he would make a scene at the door if she didn't show up.

He had a way to make Alice in trouble. Emily knew Jerry well and knew he could do that. She finally answered the phone and told him to meet at the old place.

The old place was naturally the club last night. Compared with the lively scene last night, it was a little quiet this morning. But there were still some people coming in and out. It could be seen that the business here was very good.

Jerry kept an eye on what had happened last night, so he didn't try the things here easily. As for Alice, she was wearing a wine red suit, looking very capable.

The color was old-fashioned, but when she wore it, it felt like she was walking on a T stage with a handbag and a stiletto.

Seeing this, Jerry increasingly felt that this was Emily.

"Well, what do you want from me?" Alice walked to Jerry's side and casually threw her bag aside. The bartender was already familiar with her, so he directly served her a glass of daily wine.

"Are you Emily or not? You did what happened last night, didn't you?" Jerry opened his mouth and questioned. His vicious eyes were like a viper staring at Emily, making her feel sick all over.

But at the same time, Alice felt a sense of fear. She realized that she was too arrogant. She thought that Jerry didn't dare to do anything to her, but she forgot that Jerry had no bottom line. If he really wanted to do something, no one could stop him.

Even though she had a high position, she was now awkward. The smile at the corners of Jerry's mouth became more and more arrogant. He repeated, "Tell me, are you Emily?"

If she was really that woman, since he had the ability to make her die once, and he would have a way to make her die a second time.

Jerry thought to himself. Alice hadn't opened her mouth for a long time. When they were in such a stalemate, someone suddenly broke in and broke the silence.

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