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   Chapter 363 Alice's Promise

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Stacy had no choice but to ask David for help. After the press conference, worried that there would be other news, Jonas didn't go back to the company, but went straight home.

As expected, Melinda in the room alone, the phone was playing the audio of the press conference held by Emily.

She was a little absent-minded, and even when Jonas came back, she didn't feel it.

As he approached her step by step, he saw the disappointment, anger and sadness on her face, and his heart clenched.

He stepped forward and held her in his arms, shouting softly, "Linda."

Just a quick glance before, she thought it was Emily. But from the news to the press conference, although Alice repeatedly denied that she was not Emily.

But Melinda was sure that it was Emily.

What bothered Melinda most was the meeting between Jonas and her. Now she really had a complicated mood. She didn't know who she should believe and what the truth was.

She really wanted to go to a place where there was no one else. She just wanted to be alone for a period of time.

It was not until she heard another cry that she came back to her senses. When she realized that she was held by him, her whole body stiffened.

If she had changed a little, which was noticed by Jonas, not to mention that he was so close to her.

"Linda, I can explain it to you." He knew her too well, so he didn't tell her before he was sure that it was Emily.

He didn't expect that Alice would suddenly come to him, and he didn't have time to tell Melinda which caused such a misunderstanding.

After telling everything that had happened during this period of time to Melinda, Jonas comforted her at last, "it's true that Alice is Emily. But don't worry. She won't come to us. She has already investigated and knows that it's Jerry who has hurt her."

"She will go to take revenge on Jerry." In order to set her mind at rest, Jonas repeated his words. However, after hearing what he said, Melinda still felt uneasy. Emily was not the kind of person who would give up easily.

Although she knew that it wasn't because of her, would her love for Jonas still be the same or deeper?

Countless guesses flashed through her mind. Thinking of what Emily had done, Melinda became anxious.

"Emily won't come to me. What if she goes to my father? She has done such a thing before." She felt sad at the thought of her father's suffering.

Hearing this, Jonas knew that he had still ignored something. He felt guilty, but he still made up for it in time. "I'll ask Ted to send a few people to protect dad all day long. You can rest at home to nourish the fetus, understand?"

Said Jonas. He was worried that Melinda would make blind and disorderly conjectures, but how could he guess the pregnant woman's mind? Even so, Melinda still had many misgivings.

There were many worri

make her tone normal.

"Emily Bai." She said the name word by word, as if she had used up all her strength. The person who had thought that she would disappear in this world forever, now appeared again. She felt that fate was really a joke.

"Yes, it's me. But I hope you can call me Alice Zhang now." Emily said with a smile, but there was no friendliness in her plain and official tone.

"Let's get to know each other again. Alice Zhang, the general manager of the Puppet entertainment company, and we will meet next time." Seeing that Melinda didn't say anything, Emily said again.

Hearing her identity, Amelia only felt ironic.

"Cut the crap. What do you want from me today?" Her tone was full of impatience. Melinda was very patient in front of many people in her life, except for Emily.

In other words, all her anger and hatred in her life were given to Emily.

"Why are you so nervous? I called you today to make a promise that I won't be entangled with the past. I'm no longer Emily, I'm Alice, and I'm determined to destroy Jerry's life."

Emily said maliciously, but Melinda didn't believe a word of her words anymore. She would never forget how painful she had paid for her stupid trust before.

"I want Jerry to atone for what he has done." Emily said. Hearing this, Melinda felt annoyed. As expected, the negative emotions brought by Emily were always the only. Melinda didn't want to listen to these meaningless words anymore, so she hung up the phone directly.

Although Alice said sincerely, Melinda still felt that what she said was not credible at all. She did not believe that a person would change after he died once.

However, Alice's phone call still affected her mood, or in other words, she could not help but start to think about those things that did not exist now.

Would it happen in the near future? Melinda frowned and didn't feel relieved.

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