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   Chapter 360 Love Relationship

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No matter what Melinda said, Queena felt that she was under too much pressure recently. It was absolutely true that Emily was dead.

She would never forget the fact that Emily died and that Jonas was framed by Jerry.

If Emily didn't die, then all this would be a joke.

The marriage between Jerry and Stacy made the Soaring Group and the Wang Group have an invincible pace in the business world recently, and Alston took this opportunity to hold the company's anniversary.

The threshold of the Soaring Group was high, and after cooperating with the Wang Group, the threshold was naturally much higher. When Alston drew up the guest list, he had eliminated many of the old guests.

As the CEO, of course, Jonas had to assist. But when he was making the invitation list, he suddenly pointed out that he wanted to invite a person who had nothing to do with the Soaring Group.

"The general manager of the Puppet entertainment company?"

When Alston heard the name, he was still a little confused. This was a person who had no cooperative relationship with him. Moreover, wasn't the Puppet entertainment company from that circle?

It could be said that the Gu family had no good impression of people in the entertainment circle.

"Well, you go to invite Alice Zhang, the general manager of the Puppet entertainment company," said Jonas to the person in charge of the guest list. Although the person in charge was confused, he did as he was told.

The invitation was only sent to the Puppet entertainment company. On the anniversary day, many famous entrepreneurs led by David attended, but Alice, who was invited by Jonas, didn't show up.

"She refused?"

Jonas asked Ted to ask the person in charge what was going on. The message Ted got was that Alice refused his invitation.

The more she acted like this, the more suspicious he was.

"But Colson Zhang, the chairman of the Puppet entertainment company, came here today." Ted had inquired about the information in many ways.

"Let's meet him." Jonas's words brought Ted back to reality. He led him to Colson and told him the information about him along the way.

Although they had investigated the Puppet entertainment company when they knew that Emily had become Alice Zhang, they naturally paid attention to the chairman of the Puppet entertainment company.

"Mr. Gu, this is Mr. Zhang of the Puppet entertainment company." Ted introduced Jonas to Colson. The two of them chatted with each other politely.

"I invited the general manager of your group this time, but I didn't see her today. It's a pity." When Jonas mentioned Alice, Colson looked as usual.

And he even said dotingly, "Alice has something to deal with today. She'll come next time." Colson explained with a smile. Feeling that there was something fishy, Jonas clinked glasses with Colson and pretended to be confused, "I don't know the relationship between Mr. Zh

as had installed a monitor in the Mo's Home. If Melinda was worried, she could see it from the monitor.

As long as she knew that Vern was fine.

She was pregnant now, and her body was getting heavier and heavier. It was difficult for her to go out.

"Your belly is getting bigger and bigger these days. Don't run around. I will arrange everything for our father." Knowing that Melinda was still worried about her father, Jonas had to comfort her before going out every day. To be honest, looking at Melinda's suddenly bulging belly like a ball, he also felt scared.

Now, he would tremble with fear when he touched her, let alone hugging her.

Looking at her round belly, Melinda was helpless, but she put her fingers on the top and felt the baby kicking her playfully. A happy smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

She grabbed Jonas's hand and put it on her belly, letting him feel the baby's greeting with her in this way.

"Baby told me to let mom rest at home. He doesn't want to go out," said Jonas dotingly, pinching Melinda's nose.

Melinda knew that she had been too willful these days, so she agreed obediently.

She also knew that it was not a good time for her to run around now. She'd better have a good rest on the bed. The Gu's mansion used to be very lively, but today everyone seemed to have social engagements and was not at home.

All of a sudden, there were only Melinda and Yulia left at home.

Before Melinda gave birth to the baby, she had to walk more. Although she couldn't go outside, she would still walk at home when she had energy.

It was a little difficult for Melinda to walk upstairs, so she usually went back only to the stairway. But today when she arrived at the stairway, she heard a strange sound.

She was curious and walked downstairs slowly with the help of the stairs. She was heavy and used to walking slowly, so there was almost no sound when stepping on the carpet.

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