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   Chapter 359 Come Back To Life

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9717

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Melinda never believed that there were two identical things in the world, especially people. Even twins couldn't be so similar.

Especially that man, she felt so familiar with him.

When Jonas came back home, he thought that Melinda must have gone through something. He asked the servant and found nothing unusual happened today.

"Jon, I met Emily today! Right on the way home!" When the two of them returned to their own room, Melinda finally could not help saying, if it were others, they would definitely think that she was talking nonsense.

"You must be mistaken,"

said Jonas with a frown. Melinda didn't seem to be the kind of person who would talk nonsense. The case had been a mess for so long. If Emily hadn't died, everything would have been a joke, wouldn't it?

"Emily has been thrown into the sea by Jerry. She can't be alive." Although Jonas tried to comfort Melinda, he couldn't help but whisper in his heart. It had been a long time since Melinda mentioned Emily.

It must be that the woman looked exactly like Emily. Did Jerry take action again?

"But she's really like Emily. No, she must be Emily! I can't be wrong." When Melinda thought of that figure again, she was so familiar with it that her heart beat faster.

"You have been too tired these days. Go to bed," said Jonas. Seeing the confident look on Melinda's face, he also had some doubts.

Was there any other hidden reason behind this? In theory, Jerry was a ruthless person and would never leave Emily alive.

After Melinda fell asleep, Jonas still felt worried. He quietly left the bedroom and went to the balcony to call Ted to do the investigation.

"Boss, are you telling me a ghost story at night? Isn't Emily dead?" Ted covered his chest with his hands and said exaggeratedly. He felt that his boss was crazy and asked him to investigate Emily.

How to investigate a dead person?

"I remember her body hasn't been found yet, which means it is still unknown whether she's alive or not," Jonas said. Hearing his words, Ted also realized that this order was not on a whim, but something might have happened.

"Boss, don't worry. I will investigate it carefully," Ted said. Although the task was a little difficult and this matter had been passed for a long time, it was still convenient to investigate since the criminals were still in prison.

That night, Jonas didn't sleep well. He had thought that someone who had been far away from him would appear again. The feeling was really complicated.

What worried him more was that the situation was very dangerous now. What could he do to protect Linda with the trouble of Emily?

Melinda didn't sleep well either. Perhaps it was because she saw a person like Emily tonight. She hadn't had a nightmare for a long time, and she began to have nightmares this night.

"No, let me go."

With a scream, Melinda woke up in an instant. Her foreh

hen she went to Vern's house. Although it was a side face, she was sure that it was Emily.

"Pregnant women are not good at hiding anything. You must tell me if anything happens. If you don't want to tell mommy, just tell Jon. Just take him as a trash can and spit out anything to him,"

Queena said again. Melinda didn't look like a person without anything on her mind.

Hearing what Queena said, Melinda was worried that she might misunderstand her. After hesitating for a while, she said, "Mommy, do you think people can come back to life after death?"

Melinda swallowed and asked. It seemed strange to say something, but only when she went through it herself could she feel the real feeling.

"What are you talking about? If a person dies, he or she will completely disappear from this world. How can he or she be revived?"

Hearing this, Queena said helplessly. She didn't expect that this was what had worried Melinda recently. Then she thought that Melinda must have read some mysterious novels and articles recently, so she had such an idea.

"But I saw Emily," Melinda said seriously, looking at Queena in confusion. Queena was also shocked, and then felt the same as Jonas. She thought that Melinda had been too tired recently and had an illusion.

"You must be too tired these days. You go back and forth every day. You will be fine after a good rest," said Queena. Knowing that Queena didn't believe her, Melinda felt even more depressed.

Why didn't everyone believe it? They all felt that she had an illusion.

"Mellie, don't think too much. You just need to take good care of yourself and the baby. No matter what happens, just leave it to Jonas," said Queena. She didn't want Melinda to care too much about these things.

"Mommy, I'm not thinking too much. I really saw her. It must be Emily," Melinda said firmly. She might have mistaken anyone else, but she couldn't mistake someone for Emily!

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