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   Chapter 358 Let Him Go

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"I don't know about it. I'll ask Jerry to release him now."

David felt a little embarrassed, and then said to Jonas Hearing this, he knew that his attitude was a little inappropriate, and gradually calmed down.

"Thank you for your help."

Jonas said. Then he saw David contact with Jerry. He answered David's phone in a second.

"Dad." The way Jerry called his father was very natural, even more familiar than calling Alston. David had turned on the speaker, so Jonas can hear Jerry. At this time, a mocking smile appeared on his face.

"Ask someone to let go of Melinda's father." David talked with him as if David were giving orders his subordinates, but Jerry didn't care at all.

He knew from the beginning that David was just using him. Thinking that David and Alston were both using him to get the other party's property, Jerry sneered. One day, everything of the two would belong to him alone.

"Dad, what are you talking about? I don't understand." Jerry said casually. He didn't admit that he had kidnapped Melinda's father at all. David looked at Jonas, seeming to ask silently if he had made a mistake.

At this time, Jonas was glad that he knew what kind of person Jerry was, so he had recorded the conversation between him and Jerry from the beginning.

At that time, he had thought that if it couldn't be solved in private, they would have to resort to legal channels, which was the most direct evidence.

At the moment the recording was played, David looked a little embarrassed, while Jerry was a little angry on the other end. He didn't expect that Jonas would guard against him like this.

"Let him go as soon as possible. It's not Mrs. Gu's fault. It's Stacy's fault." Said David. He didn't want to blame Jerry who had done this just because of his daughter.

Since what Jerry had said was recorded, he didn't know what to say. Jerry thought to himself, 'how despicable Jonas is! How could he force me to let go of him in this way?'.

"I know, father. It's just that Stacy is wronged." Said Jerry. He still felt that Stacy was wronged, and hoped that his words would make David hang in the balance.

However, David was very clear headed. It was not the right time to break up, so he said, "send him back as soon as possible, okay?"


Said Jerry unhappily, and then hung up the phone. After handling the matter well, David had an explanation to Jonas.

"Thank you, Mr. Wang." Jonas said. Since David had given an order, Jerry wouldn't go against it. And Melinda just needed to wait for her father to come back.

Jerry was efficient. Vern was sent back home soon. Someone had been waiting for him at home. Seeing him back, he immediately called Melinda.

Vern looked fine and unharmed. The main reason why Jerry took him aw

aid in a somewhat complicated tone. His daughter was sensitive. If they didn't talk it well this time, she would be sad.

"It's okay. I have a driver." Of course, she knew what her father meant, so she just said that she was fine.

Vern was anxious. He thought it was not good for his daughter to be too smart, but since she had seen through what he was going to say, there was no need to worry too much.

"Now you are married to Jonas. What do peoples think when you go back our home every day? Those neighbors are gossiping about me." Vern said. Thinking of the gossip of his neighbors, his face darkened.

"It's good that you know how life is. Others will say that you are just jealous." Melinda said indifferently, which made Vern speechless.

But after hesitating for a while, she felt relieved. Without her father's urging, she consciously proposed to leave.

The driver was stopped by something on the way today. Seeing that it was still early, she asked the aunt to take a walk with her.

Outside the community, the light was dim. The aunt had been holding her hand all the time. There were no passers-by on the road at this time. Melinda had been looking around. Suddenly, her eyes widened in shock.

Just now, a woman passed by her. Both her figure and face were so similar to that Emily!

Melinda turned her head to confirm, but she didn't see the figure of the wman just now. She stood there dully, and the aunt looked at Melinda suspiciously, thinking that she couldn't walk anymore.

"Young Mistress, how about we wait for the driver here?" Said the aunt. Still in a trance, Melinda looked at her and nodded blankly.

Melinda was in such a condition until she came back home. She was sure that her eyesight was good. Just now, she was so familiar with Emily that she could recognize her even if it was just a side face.

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