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   Chapter 356 Vern disappeared

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But no matter what he said, there was only indifference and even disgust on Queena's face.

Melinda couldn't bear to see Alston keep talking alone, so she pretended to cater to him and said that it was indeed a good thing for Jerry to be with Stacy.

But Melinda couldn't say anything else. In fact, she also knew that since Jerry had the help of the Wang family, it would be difficult for Jonas to take any action in the company.

At this time, she was a little regretful that she couldn't help Jonas in the slightest. The only person who was willing to help her was Nelson, but in these matters, Nelson had shown no intention of interfering.

The more Alston said, the more excited he became. Queena was getting more and more annoyed. She reached out her hand to hold Melinda, showing a disgusted expression to him, and then said directly to Melinda, "Let's go to the drawing room. These words are really disgusting."

The smile on Alston's face froze for a moment, and Melinda was a little embarrassed. She said to Alston, "Dad, you must be tired after a whole day's social engagement. Go to bed early."

When Melinda said this, Queena cast a glance at her. She immediately lowered her head and touched her nose. It was really hard to stay in the Gu family now.

Alston leaned against the sofa dejectedly. He had thought that if he told Queena about this, she could understand his behavior. No matter what he did, he did it for the Gu family and for the Soaring Group.

However, Queena didn't buy it at all.

After arriving at the drawing room, seeing that Queena couldn't calm down to paint, Melinda decided to comfort her and tell her that Jonas was not afraid of these. She wanted her to be relieved and don't make herself sad.

Although Queena knew everything, she just couldn't get over the barrier in her heart. At last, she asked Melinda to go back to rest, and she wanted to be alone.

"Mommy, don't think too much." After hesitating for a while, Melinda decided to give Queena a private space to calm down.

She had such an experience as Queena. Even if the person accompanying her said nothing and was quiet, the existence of this person was the biggest interruption.

Although Melinda left, she still told the servant to keep an eye on the situation inside. When she returned to the bedroom, she thought of the bad things she had suffered these days and felt a headache.

When Jonas returned home, he found that the house was not as lively as usual. As soon as he entered the living room, he saw his father leaning on the sofa.

He looked a little painful. One of his hands was on the sofa, and the other was on his lower abdomen. His face was a little flushing.

Jonas thought of that Alston attended the wedding of Jerry today. He must have drunk a lot. There should be someone taking care of him at home. His mother must be still angry.

He put his briefcase aside, went to the guest room on the first floor and found a quilt to cover Alston. This might be the only tenderness he had for his father.

Hearing the sound of the car coming back, Melinda wanted to go downst


Jonas searched for a long time, but he didn't find Vern. At last, Ted decided to investigate it from the beginning to confirm when and where he disappeared.

In this way, the reverse investigation finally found a clue.

Vern disappeared three days before Jerry's wedding. Several strong men broke into the Mo's Home and took Vern away without demur.

It could be seen from the surveillance video that they drove a van without a license and the road video during this period began to be intermittent, as if the surveillance video was broken.

"It has been planned for a long time. But why am I so familiar with this method?" Watching the video, Ted rubbed his chin and thought, 'It seems that I have been dealing with such a person all the time. But it's difficult to remember who he is for a moment.'

"There's no need to look for him. He's in the hands of Jerry," said Jonas, closing his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were full of malice. 'Well done! I didn't make trouble for him, but he rushed up to me and looked for death.'

Hearing this, Ted suddenly realized where he was familiar with. Wasn't this the thing that the hypocrite Jerry like to do the most?

"Then what should we do now?"

"I'm going to look for Jerry. You can end this," Jonas said and went downstairs to the human resources department with his mobile phone. Seeing the vigorous and resolute style of the CEO, Ted admired him again.

He just hoped that everything would go well this time. He really wanted to kill Jerry.

In the director's office of the human resources department, Jerry was video chatting with Stacy on his mobile phone. It seemed that the newly married couple was very sweet and could not live without each other for a moment.

Seeing that Jonas walked into the office with an unfriendly face, Jerry was very calm, as if he had expected it.

"Honey, have a rest. I'll get you justice soon," Jerry said to Stacy and then hung up the video. He turned around in his office chair and looked straight at Jonas. "Brother, what can I do for you?"

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