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   Chapter 355 Wedding

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"You attend the wedding of an illegitimate child. Aren't you afraid of being laughed at? The Gu family can't afford to lose this face." Queena wished she could point at Alston's nose and curse him. It could be said that Alston was the only person who could make Queena lose all her elegance.

"Don't call him illegitimate child all day long. It will be a joke if others hear it. As the Mistress of the Gu family, show some proper manners."

Hearing this, Alston's face darkened. Queena's words not only mocked Jerry, but also him.

He felt that his dignity as a man was provoked by Queena.

The Gu family was used to hearing the quarrel between the two people.

In order to attend Jerry's wedding, Alston wore a black handmade suit and a striped tie. Although it was simple, it was enough to show his value in the wedding.

Even though he was in his middle age, he was full of charm after dressing up. It could be seen that when he was young, he was also a handsome young man who attracted many young girls, and the appearance of Jonas and Jerry was more inherited from him.

"Manner? What is manner? Gentle and decent? Do you want me to encourage my man to have another illegitimate child to harm my child and grandson?" Queena was so angry that her chest was heaving violently. Thinking of what Jerry had done, she was even angrier.

In fact, she didn't care about herself, but she didn't want her child to be wronged.

"Jonas, do you also blame your father?" Looking at the family quarreling about these things every day, Melinda felt very uncomfortable. She wanted to dissuade them, but she did not know what to do.

At this time, Melinda always felt like an outsider and had no right to say anything.

"What?" Perplexed, Jonas looked at Melinda in confusion. He didn't know why she suddenly asked about it, but he didn't say anything.

In fact, only those who were in it could understand the feeling.

Jonas didn't know what he felt, but he just watched coldly.

"Jon, in fact, you can try to think about it from your father's point of view. Or, the existence of Jerry is already a fact. There is no need for us to investigate who made the mistake again."

Melinda hoped that Jonas could be broad-minded and not get to the bottom of it, which would only make him feel heavier.

He might as well try to see things through. Jonas knew what Melinda meant. He looked up and saw that his father had a lot of grey hair on his head. He felt sad.

In fact, his father was old. He just wanted to do something for the Soaring Group in this way. Even if this method was not accepted by many people, it was undeniable that he did bring a lot of benefits.

The Soaring Group's stock market rose sharply today, and many partners who had been negotiating for a long time would actively seek cooperation at this time.

This was the benefit of the marriage with the Wang family. Moreover, this might only be the beginning, and there might be coun

ight only think that it was a guarantee to protect Stacy, but only Jerry and David knew that he meant that Jerry would get all the property of Alston and give it to David.

Alston had always thought that he would be the winner if they cooperated, but he didn't know that he was the one who was set up.

Stacy held Jerry's hand and walked to the middle of the stage. At that moment, Jessica stood behind her silently, guarding her friend.

The audience generously sent out their applause, and everything went as smoothly as it had been during the rehearsal. Under the host's host, Jessica took out the wedding rings of the two people, watching them exchange the rings, watching them kissing, and only a faint blessing remained in her heart.

"Jessica, you must take the bouquet," Stacy said to her friend when she was about to throw the bouquet.

But Jessica didn't try to get the bouquet. She just stood aside and watched them. Everyone was busy, but she felt a little sad.

She didn't know why David changed his attitude so easily, but she felt as if she had seen through something. This society was always realistic, and the reality was cruel.

Alston was very happy today. He finally fulfilled his goal after reuniting with Jerry. He inevitably drank too much at the banquet, and couldn't help smiling when he returned home.

In the living room, Queena and Melinda were sitting on the sofa. Melinda were surprised to see such a smile on Alston's face. It could be said that she had never seen such a smile on his face.

Smelling the alcohol on his body, Queena frowned, while Alston happily shared everything that happened at the wedding with her today.

"You don't know, everyone thinks that this is a strong alliance, and our Soaring Group's territory will be bigger and bigger in the future. My wish is finally half completed,"

Alston said. He wanted to tell her all the details of the wedding, but he just hoped that Queena could understand him.

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