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   Chapter 352 A Jerk

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David had just heard the conversation between the two people, so he knew that Jessica didn't like Jerry. After a greeting, he came straight to the point and said, "do you also think Jerry is unreliable?"

"I think he has been taking advantage of your daughter." That was how she was like. If she had something to say, she would speak it out. Now that David had asked, she would naturally speak out her thoughts.

This time, Jerry really made her feel uncomfortable. Such a calculating and bottomless person was definitely not a good person.

"Although I haven't seen him before, I can be told from some things what kind of person he is." David felt depressed at the thought of Jerry.

Although Jerry always looked like a promising young man in front of him, the information he had investigated and the information he had learned from Jonas were almost the same as that of Jessica.

"It's a pity that my silly daughter trusts him." David said with a sigh, as if he was older and older. Because of Stacy, David had aged a lot these days.

"Uncle, she will know who is good to her one day." At this moment, she felt that she was too stupid to say anything to comfort him.

"I know, I just worry that she will suffer losses in this period of time."

David said. After thinking for a while, Jessica fell silent. But then David expressed his hope again. He hoped that Jessica could help him persuade his daughter, or perhaps let her see the true face of Jerry as soon as possible.

The two of them had been stopped many times, but David's attitude had not been changed, which made Jerry more and more uneasy.

However, he had done several schemes against Jonas, which made Jerry more worried about everything. He thought that he had to marry Stacy to make everything an established fact.

By that time, David would not stop himself anymore.

"How about you steal your household register and we get married directly? Dear, I really don't want to wait any longer. I want to marry you immediately and let you be my most beautiful bride."

Jerry said emotionally. Hearing this, Stacy felt a little sad but moved. It was undoubtedly a very sad thing that love was not recognized by her father and friends, and her love was also questioned again and again.

It was their plan to get married, but it had been delayed for so long. Stacy only thought for a while and agreed to that.

"Okay, Jerry, wait for me. I will work hard for our future." Stacy had made up her mind.

Jerry was satisfied with Stacy's answer, but he pretended to be very distressed. "Don't worry. I will try my best to make your father accept me."

"Okay." Stacy nodded. She felt very happy at this time. Even if they were not blessed by anyone, as long as the two were together, everything would be fine. Moreover, they had a child now.

Her father just couldn't accept the fact that she was going to

n he left, his face was gloomy. He wanted revenge. He would give back all the humiliation he had suffered today in the future.

At this time, it was not for Stacy, but for his dignity as a man.

Instead of going back to the small villa arranged for him by his father, Jerry went straight to the Gu's mansion to look for Alston. Because of the incident last time, he had tried not to go back to the Gu's mansion during this period of time.

Looking at Jerry's pale face, Alston wondered if he had been frustrated outside.

"Dad, I want a position." Jerry came straight to the point. He had been back to the Gu clan for a period of time, but there was no position for him. In the eyes of outsiders, he was just a bastard.

Therefore, Jerry decided to do something to change the situation. The best way was to let him have a foothold in Soaring Group.

He needed a position.

"I'll think about it." Alston didn't expect that Jerry would say such a thing when he came back home, so he hesitated and gave such a conservative answer.

"Father, I just don't want to be idle all day long. I want to have my own vision, even from the bottom of the staff, I don't need a high position." Said Jerry, clenching his fists. He could take a step back now.

One day, he would climb up step by step. In Alston's heart, he had been worried that there would be no suitable position for Jerry and that it would be difficult to arrange it. Now hearing his humble words, he appreciated him very much.

No matter who he was, he started from the grassroots level, and it was not easy to arrange him like this. His working attitude made him feel very happy. After all, he was just a sensitive and sensible child.

Although Alston thought so, he still told Jerry that he needed time to think about it. Soaring Group was a company that had taken shape for a long time. Even if any employee joined, he needed time to think about it.

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