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   Chapter 316 Mental Problem

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During the breakfast, the atmosphere became a little dull and Melinda had a bad appetite. Seeing this, Jonas felt worried.

He really wanted to take her to the hospital, but he had to be there for something very important to deal with in the company today.

"Have you contacted the hospital?" Alston put down the chopsticks in his hand and asked Queena. His eyebrows wrinkled tightly, as if they had never stretched out.

He always cared about too much, letting himself live in a state of tension at every moment. So he stood together with Queena, was a couple but were brother and sister. He looked a little old, but it was fortunate that he had a good appearance.

Queena enjoyed her breakfast in a leisurely manner. After a long time when Alston was about to explode, she replied slowly: "I made a temporary decision last night. I haven't made an appointment yet."

There was a hospital in the Soaring Group. Queena thought they would be there soon.

But he didn't think so. When the Gu family went to have a check, they needed the best doctor to wait there. At most, there were only some doctors on duty.

It was not the case for those experts.

"Gavin, make a arrange." He ordered the Butler, leaving no time for him to react.

Sitting quietly next to Jonas, Melinda ate what he was trying to get into her bowl.

"I'll come to you when I'm done with my work in the company, okay?" Jonas lowered his head and whispered to her. His voice was very magnetic and gentle, like the black record of the past, every word felt like a story.


She was a sensible woman. Only when Jonas was there could she feel safe. If he could accompany her to face these things, it would be the best.

She was very clear that she was not pregnant with depression, but now her condition was really like depression.

She was confused. After the breakfast, Gavin arranged a car for them, and a servant followed them.

Queena and Melinda sat in the back seat of the car. After they entered the car, Mo Lian began to be in a daze again. As the car went away from the Gu's mansion, she even began to get nervous, She was really worried. The car stopped suddenly and said what had happened there. It was a pity that the victims were children.

"Honey, take it easy. We just need to have a check-up." She comforted her with soothing words, but Queena felt more certain that she was ill.

"Having a baby is a tough task for all women. As long as you get through it, you'll be fine."

She said to Melinda that she had experienced the same thing. She was also nervous when she was pregnant with Jonas. At that time, as if to frighten herself, she watched numerous news about the pregnant woman's accidents and the process of giving birth to the baby.

The thought that it took a long time for her to give birth to the baby through her uterine cervix to be

ctor's office.

Though dressed in pinkish purple clothes, Melinda didn't look much better, the specialist was relieved to find that she was gentle and polite.

"I might need to have a private talk with Mrs. Gu to learn about her condition. Later, I need your cooperation to confirm my thoughts."

The expert said. And Queena cooperated him very well. The director happened to invite Queena to come to his office to have a cup of tea and chat with him.

With the expert's inquiry, she was a little panic at the beginning and every word she said was a little hesitant.

However, when the experts asked her about pregnancy, she was very normal and did not seem to be prenatal depression at all.

The expert was confused at first, and then speculated that he might get in the wrong direction.

When Queena came back, Melinda sat by her side tiredly, with a faint smile on her face. The expert was very kind to her, He just asked a few simple questions about her.

"Mrs. Gu, I suppose that Mrs. Gu don't have prenatal depression." The expert made the final diagnosis and told Queena his analysis. Queena heard it in a vague way, but she still got the key point.

"If she didn't have prenatal depression, what caused it? Was she frightened or something else? "

"I don't think so. Mrs. Gu, you are so thoughtful. I suggest that you should consult a psychologist." The expert said, these were beyond his ability.

Although it was related to mentality, he wasn't professional in that.

"Okay, I'll take her there." Queena said seriously. She felt that Melinda was in a more serious situation than she had expected, and realized that she was in the wrong direction. Those comfort might not work, and might aggravate the sadness in her heart.

Queena blamed herself but she could do nothing as things had happened.

Queena went to the counselor recommended by Dr. He without saying anything.

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