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   Chapter 315 May Be Depressed

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At the moment when Melinda's eyes fell on Jerry, Jonas smelt something wrong. With an excuse, he wiped the corner of her mouth, and whispered in her ear, "What's wrong?"

What Melinda was doing now really scared Jonas.

It was not a good time to talk about this now. Melinda just smiled at Jonas, indicating that they could talk about it later.

The dinner was a little boring. Looking at Melinda, Queena was worried. When they finished eating, Queena said directly to Melinda, "Mellie, go out for a walk with me later."

The moment Melinda heard of going out for a walk, she thought of the horrible experience of this period, and she began to fear. She resisted these things from the bottom of her heart.

Jonas noticed that there was something wrong with Melinda, and said to Queena, "You have to prepare for going out. My wife is so beautiful, and she has to dress up a little ugly, so she can't be watched by others."

As soon as he finished saying that, he pulled Melinda towards the bedroom of the two people, where she told everything that had happened these days in detail to Jonas.

Feeling angry and pitiful, Jonas held Melinda in his arms and sighed helplessly.

"You should have told me these things earlier."

Jonas didn't expect that Emily would have the nerve to provoke Melinda after she almost died. Thinking of that Melinda was angry with him because of Emily last time, Jonas felt that it was not worth it.

"I didn't think too much at that time. However, such thing would happen wherever I went these days. Jon, are those people suffering because of me?"

Melinda felt sad for those people. Since she was kind and self-condemned, Jonas felt sorry for her.

"It's not your fault. These are just accidents. Our baby will be fine. Don't worry," comforted Jonas. In fact, he was also scared.

If these methods were used on Melinda and the baby, Jonas thought he would really go crazy.

"How about Mommy?" Melinda asked anxiously. Queena had done enough. There was really no need to bother her.

"Do you dare not go out?"

At this moment, Jonas finally understood why Melinda didn't dare to go out and why she was so afraid. When he said this, it made him feel a little sorry.


In front of Jonas, Melinda didn't need to pretend, and she frankly acknowledged her fear.

"Don't be afraid, and don't be afraid of Emily, I will help you solve all these," said Jonas, telling Melinda to wait for him in the room, and he was going to see Queena alone.

Seeing his intention, Melinda grabbed the corner of his clothes in a hurry, and frowned, making Jonas want to put the best things in the world in front of her.

"Are you going to see Mommy now?"

Melinda asked. She was wearing a creamy white dress, which made her skin look fairer and her hair look pitch black.

Her eyes looked so innocent that no one could hel

angry when she saw Jonas spoke in such a careless tone. "But what about Melinda? How do you explain that?"

"It is early. It's easy to find that she is not depressed," said Jonas. It was actually easy to explain the situation to her, but he couldn't.

"Whether she is suffering from depression or not, we will give her a check-up," Queena said alone, thinking it was necessary to have a check-up on Melinda.

Every pregnant woman had to be checked up once they felt uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Jonas was scared by his mother's seriousness. He had come to ask her to forget it, but why it seemed to be getting more and more serious.

"Mommy, don't make it worse. What if Linda get depression because of you?"

Jonas frowned and said helplessly. Linda had been frightened a lot in the past two days. It was harmful to her spirit.

Queena thought it was reasonable, but still felt there was something wrong. Then she stubbornly said, "This is for her good, and Linda will accept it."

Jonas couldn't persuade Queena, and he was almost persuaded by her. In the end, he returned to the bedroom and wanted to say it to Melinda, so that she was at least prepared.

However, when he returned to the bedroom, he found that Melinda had already fallen asleep with his pillow in her arms. The dark circles under her eyebrows made him feel that she hadn't had a good sleep at all.

All his thousands of words turned into a touch of pity in his heart. Jonas felt a little guilty and powerless, so he stood at the bedside and looked at Melinda blankly for a long time. Finally, he replaced the position of a pillow, and fell asleep with his beloved wife in his arms.

The next morning, when everyone was having breakfast, Queena proposed directly to take Melinda to the hospital, and her reaction was almost the same as she guessed.

Although she was a little scared, she agreed for the sake of the child.

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