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   Chapter 314 Wanton

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The last thing that David did interrupted Jerry's plan. Jerry had been waiting at the hotel for a whole day, and finally David came.

And there was a disdainful sneer in David's voice.

He did it secretly. If it was found out by someone, it could only be Jonas. Jerry would secretly write down Jonas's trouble in his mind.

He must teach Jonas a lesson and let him know he was not a man to be trifled with.

After thinking for a while, Jerry found that it was not appropriate to do something with his own situation, so he found Emily who hadn't appeared for a long time.

Emily had been hiding herself these days, so he couldn't see her. Fans on Weibo who usually commented her in the beginning now were completely silent.

It could be said that she had been extremely popular for the time being. At this moment, she had been gradually forgotten by people. When people mentioned her again, all they remembered were only those dirty news.

"What brings you here today?"

When Emily saw the caller ID on the screen was Jerry, she was a little shocked. Since the last contact, the two of them seemed to have no cooperation.

She only came to meet Melinda for once but ended up with defeat. In the end, she was warned by Queena.

What scared Emily most was what Jonas did. He really wanted her to die. She still remembered the feeling of being drowned.

She was one step away from death.

"Do you remember our cooperation?" Jerry said insidiously. Thinking of what happened to Emily last time, he guessed that it was probably because of what happened last time, so she did not act until now.

What a coward woman.

"What's your plan?"

Hearing this, Emily's eyes brightened and became excited. Although she was afraid of Jonas, the hatred in her heart was deeper.

It was said that people who had experienced death would not be afraid of death. At this time, Emily probably was in this status. After a while, she was less and less afraid of death.

No one knew what would happen the next second. All she wanted to do was to do something crazy.

"No." Jerry just wanted to deal with Jonas, but he didn't do the specific plan. He believed that Emily was good at it.

Emily now just needed a support, and he would be satisfied as long as he gave her a promise.

But now, things had really changed between them. He used to count on Emily as his backer, and he asked her to get the money. But now, things were different.

This feeling was inexplicably pleasant to Jerry.

"Then why did you call me?" Emily was displeased when she heard this. She had thought that there was a good plan, but it turned out that there was nothing.

She really couldn't wait to see Melinda suffer. What she had gone through must be a thousand times or even a hundred times harder for Melinda to suffer.

'Jonas, you risked your life protecting her, but I want to destroy her.'

The madness in Emily's eyes destroyed the world. If someone passed by at this moment, he would definitely think that

ot the kind of person who liked to join in the mess, so she did not care about it.

"It seems that she had a miscarriage. She is crying so sadly."

All of a sudden, a person passed by the side of Melinda covered his mouth and whispered. The people around him nodded busily.

Hearing the two sensitive words "pregnant woman" and "miscarriage", Melinda was dazzled again. The two of them would not be so cruel and merciless to threaten her in such a way of hurting others.

However, Melinda underestimated the ruthlessness of Jerry and Emily. This time, the pregnant woman was arranged by Emily. She was a young girl who was playing around the world. She was accidentally pregnant but had no money for an abortion. Not knowing who was the baby's father, she was taken advantage of by Emily.

Since she was rich now, she could do whatever she wanted.

In the evening, when Melinda came back home, she was in a trance.

Seeing this, Nelson could not help but feel a little worried. He looked at Jonas, as if asking him what was going on. Poor Jonas, though accompanied her every day, had no idea what happened to her.

Queena looked at Melinda inquisitively, seeming to want to see something from her face.

It was Alston who was out of character. Seeing that Melinda was absent-minded, he asked directly, "Melinda, is there something wrong with you recently?"

She seemed to be absent-minded and expressionless, and the people who didn't know the truth might think the daughter-in-law of the Gu family was a fool.

Suddenly, hearing such a caring question of Alston, Melinda finally had some consciousness and began to think about how to answer it.

But her eyes fell subconsciously on Jerry.

The look in her eyes was somewhat meaningful, but Jerry stayed calm and acted as if he knew nothing about it.

"Nothing." In order not to let others worry about her, Melinda finally licked her lips and said softly. As Grandpa said, since she had returned, she must make herself stronger.

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