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   Chapter 312 The Plan Fell Through

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Queena rarely had a good face towards Jerry, although this face was very similar to his son's.

But his personality was always the opposite.

"Stacy, this is Dad's wife. And this is my sister." He not only greeted Queena in person, but also took Stacy with him. The more affectionate they were in front of Queena, the more displeased she was.

"Hi, Auntie Yao." Stacy greeted politely and then looked at Yulia. she still showed basic respect, "Yulia."

Yulia was flattered by Stacy's warm words. Yulia had assumed that a person like her would be arrogant and narrow-minded, but now Stacy was so nice to her.

The better Stacy behaved, the more Jerry felt honored.

He behaved so natural and elegant, and at this moment, Queena appeared to be petty.

Looking at Stacy, Queena wanted to speak but stopped on a second thought. He wanted to make this girl's eyes bright and not to be seduced by the bad man in front of her.

But at this time, it could be seen that they were in love. Such a person was the most irrational. It was just a waste of words to say to her.

"Miss Wang." Queena greeted her. Queena didn't deliberately get close to her because of her identity.

If she did, she would tell everyone that Soaring Group was not a patch on the Wang clan.

Recently, many people were sick of the recent actions of Alston. They thought that Soaring Group was dying and he had to depend on the Wang clan.

But Alston didn't care about it.

Everyone was embarrassed in front of each other. In the end, they didn't waste time in that fake communication. Queena left with Yulia.

Because of the appearance of Jerry, their original plan had been destroyed.

Queena faced Yulia, but it was obvious that she was not so enthusiastic.

In the past, she might meet some people with Yulia, but now she was not in the mood. Queena found a quiet place and sat down.

She didn't say anything. Yulia of course, followed her.

"Auntie Yao, do you need that I to bring something for you?" They can take everything they want on the table. In order to wear a nice dress, Yulia didn't eat anything today.

But now she was a little hungry. Queena had no appetite because of Jerry's matter.

In other words, her mood was totally ruined.

"You can find something to eat by yourself. You don't have to follow me. If you have the chance, just do it as I told you. Got it?" Queena said in earnest. She wouldn't give up so easily as long as there was a slightest chance.

After she nodded, she left.

The party was wonderful. She had seen a lot of flowers when she came in just now, and it was a pity for her to be with Queena.

After all, she was able to meet a good man.

But it would put her into a passive position.

Looking at Queena's receding figure, Yulia was like a b

chef made people feel very happy.

While looking after Stacy, Jerry didn't forget to see the sound of Queena. He knew that Queena had begun to break up their relationship.

He must marry Stacy as soon as possible.

The party finally disappointed Queena. In the end, Stacy and Jerry, who attracted many people's attention. they were knew that he was the son of Gu family.

Their eyes changed when they saw Queena. It was said he was a son of Gu family, but obviously he was a bastard.

When they came back, Queena had been wearing a cold face toward Yulia, who realized that she had forgotten what she had done today, and she was secretly regretting, afraid that she would not be allowed to attend those parties again.

She had tried hard to build a good image as a Miss Gu in this family, but now it might be lost forever.

At the thought of this, Yulia got into a panic.

"Auntie Yao, I'm sorry for what happened today..." Lowering her head, she apologized sincerely, her hands clenching the bag.

Queena looked at Yulia in front of her and just felt that he was blind. A leopard cannot change its spots, which is said to be a person like Yulia.

In order to hook up with men, she really didn't care about the time, place and occasion.

"What? You hook up with a young master? Do you want your brother to prepare dowry for you?" Queena gave vent to her anger. She was angry that he dared to mention this thing.

"Auntie Yao, I was just..." Yulia tried hard to find an excuse, but Queena didn't want to hear and turned her head directly.

Standing aside, Yulia was so upset and upset that she almost lost her mind.

At the same time, Jerry felt that the atmosphere between him and Stacy was just right, and the time was also suitable. He wanted to propose to Stacy, and after that, it would be useless for Jonas and Queena to ruin it.

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