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   Chapter 297 Fail In Great Success

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9502

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"Can you help me now?" Emily looked at Jerry and said. Although her tone was mild, she was very proud of Jerry's scruple.

However, Emily did not notice the vicious look in Jerry's eyes. He was a man who would do anything to achieve his goal. Emily's threat really made him want to get rid of this person.

But it was not the right time.

"I can't break my plan now," Jerry finally compromised. He wanted Emily to know that he had his own plan, and there was not much difference between their goals.

If she really wanted to take revenge, she wouldn't ruin it.

"I know, so I won't make you too embarrassed. If necessary, you can just help me out," said Emily. Now the most important thing for her was to gain a firm foothold and find a patron, because the person who had bailed her out before might not be reliable.

But everything would be different with the help of Jerry.

"Okay. But if you let Stacy know about this, we will all be screwed." A hint of anger appeared in Jerry's eyes. He thought, 'Emily is really a tough woman to deal with. No wonder she took advantage of Jonas for so many times.'

"I know what I am doing." Emily was angry about being completely warned by Jerry, and said it stubbornly. In order to reach the goal, Emily did not continue to make things difficult for Jerry. There was nothing to talk about between the two, and when Stacy called Jerry, he left.

Ted's investigation done at a very fast speed. Not long after, a message was sent to Jonas. It turned out that Jerry indeed be with Stacy, and Stacy relied on him a lot.

David loved his daughter very much. If his daughter liked Jerry, he would of course help him.

With the help of David's position in A City, Jerry really could bring a lot of benefits to Soaring Group.

He seemed to understand why his father did this.

But, didn't Jerry know that maybe Alston was taking advantage of the relationship between him and David?

Or, it could be said that this value was deliberately released by Jerry in order to let Alston see.

All of a sudden, Jonas felt himself trapped in another trap and could not get out.

Sitting quietly beside, Melinda was nervous to see his reactions, sometimes he frowned and sometimes relaxed brows.

"Jonas, what are you thinking about?" Seeing that Jonas finally came out of his meditation, Melinda could not help but ask.

Was it difficult for him to understand? Why did he have to think for such a long time?

Today, wearing a pink housecoat, Melinda was clinging to Jonas as if she were a little pig.

The moment Jonas saw Melinda, all of his worries disappeared.

"It's just that I haven't figured out some things yet," Jonas said lightly, but it was sure that Jerry came with a purpose, and the simple and crude thing was to take revenge.

At the thought of his father's words that

n said so. Hearing that, Jonas didn't speak for a while. The market was not as usual now, so he had to be cautious about making any investment. What was more, there were many swindles. He didn't think he made any mistake.

But in the eyes of Alston, it was the biggest mistake.

"It's your hesitation that makes you fail in great success!" Alston said. The door of the study was pushed in suddenly at this time.

Queena came back as soon as she heard the servant say that Jonas was back, and happened to hear the last words of Alston.

"Don't try to persuade him, Jonas. He knows everything." Queena did know something about Alston. She knew him well. It was impossible for him not to investigate these things.

But what could he do if he knew? He only cared about the interests.

"Alston, now I am looking forward to seeing how you are used by your good son and finally defeated." It was the most malicious blessing for Alston.

Before the fight began, Queena began to curse him that he lost to Jerry.

Jonas looked at his father and was very disappointed. In the end, he listened to Queena's words, and he had said everything. It was up to his father whether he would accept it or not.

The mother and the son left the study, only to find that Melinda was also here. She was smiling when she saw Jonas.

"Why are you here?" Jonas rubbed her head habitually, but he didn't know that Melinda had made an appointment with Queena in the beginning, so they knew the news at the same time.

"Jonas, let's go back to the Gu family." Melinda raised her head, looked at Jonas, and said it out loud. She could clearly feel the subtle change of Jonas' expression, but she was not afraid at all.

Jonas clenched her hands, and finally said slowly, "As long as Jerry doesn't leave, we won't come back."

It seemed that he was talking to both Melinda and the others in Gu's mansion.

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