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   Chapter 296 Jerry's Fiancee

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9667

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Melinda had been waiting for news at home in the past two days. She had gotten many information from the private detective, but none of them was about Jerry.

"You mean, this matter has nothing to do with Emily?" Melinda asked calmly. It seemed that she didn't care much about this matter, but the private detective had already felt that she had been asking questions from time to time.

So she knew that in fact, Melinda cared a lot about this.

"I have done my survey. They have no contact at all." The private detective answered. He was a famous detective in A City.

It was said that his news was fast and true. Melinda was a straightforward person. He liked to make friends with those people, so he was patient.

Hearing this, Melinda was lost in thought. 'Since it was not Emily, what on earth was I investigating?'

"But I have another piece of news that might be useful to you." The private detective said with a tinge of guilt in his heart for finding out nothing useful to her.

Hearing that, Melinda's eyes turned bright all of a sudden. She could not wait to ask, "what news?"

"When I searched Jerry's social network, I found that his fiancee is Stacy Wang, the daughter of David Wang." The private detective said. He had been shocked for quite a while when he had heard the news.

The bastard of Gu family had got a fiancee who came from a rich family.

"David Wang?"

She didn't know who he was, but judging from the detective' tone, she was told that he was a high-ranking person.

"Hey, don't look down upon him. He is the master of investment in A City." The private detective probably guessed that Melinda was not sensitive to those people, so she did not know who he was, so explained to her.

Hearing this, Melinda took a deep breath. Sure enough, they did have great status.

So, did Alston's series of actions have anything to do with Jerry's fiancee.

"Thank you. I think this news is really important." Melinda quickly ended the call.

She took a look at the time on the wall. Thinking that it was almost time for Jonas to go home, she didn't call to urge him, beginning to analyze the news.

She didn't know much about business, so she wanted to know the details of it from Jonas.

"You are back." The door was opened from the outside. She walked up to Jonas hurriedly. Such a warm attitude pleased him.

He looked at her doubtfully, seeing that she pulled his hand and sat down on the sofa with some excitement.

"What's wrong with you today?"

It was weird. Melinda had been worried a lot these days, and she seldom acted like now. Jonas guessed if something good had happened.

But he couldn't figure out the reason in the end.

"Jonas, I have something to tell you." Melinda was worried that she might not be able to explain how she got the news, so she decided to make a good start.

Hearing this, Jonas's eyes became ser


"I didn't expect that you would get close to Stacy." Emily did not care about Jerry's attitude at all. If she had such a strong backer at this time, her attitude would only be more prominent.

"What do you want from me?" Jerry said impatiently. Stacy always clung to him recently, and he would spend some time ti explain to her if he leave her for a long time.

It was not easy for him to meet Emily today.

"We are partners, aren't we?" Asked Emily. It was clear that she wanted to cooperate with him.

Hearing this, Jerry sneered and then said, "I remember that I have told you not to cooperate with you a long time ago."

And as you said, let bygones be bygones. " At that time, Emily was worried that the matter would be exposed and wanted to blame Jerry for everything. Indeed, she had said these words, but now she was being humiliated.

"Aren't you going to help me?" She raised her eyebrows and asked. It seemed that she was surprised that Jerry refused to help her. Jerry looked at her coldly. He didn't respond, and his attitude was the best answer.

Emily clenched her bag. She had already guessed that Jerry would treat her in this way, so she would not come to see him without any preparation.

"You still want to revenge now. I can help you. Losing a partner like me will definitely be your loss, and..." Looking at Jerry, Emily suddenly smiled brightly. "If you don't cooperate with me and help me, I will tell Stacy what happened between us."

Hearing this, Jerry's eyes widened in an instant. Stacy cared about whether a boy who want to become her boyfriend is a virgin. In order to get her love, he had spent a lot of time, especially since he had always lied to her that he was a virgin.

If Stacy knew what happened between him and Emily, he was definitely failure.

Looking at the reaction of Jerry, Emily knew that she had clutched his weakness accurately, so she was very happy.

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