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   Chapter 286 Deal With Documents

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10093

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After receiving the phone call from Emily, Melinda was in a bad mood. When she went back home at night, she even didn't want to talk to Jonas.

It could be said that Jonas returned to the start line, and the change in the morning made him feel that he could get her to open up.

But the ending was always not as people thought.

Both Jonas and Nelson felt it strange. It could be a moment before the two had an argument. But in a day, the situation would be like that of enemies loving each other?

Jonas wanted to ask what had happened to Melinda, but he knew well that he couldn't get anything out of her character, so he stopped asking and asked Ted to investigate it.

Today, Melinda went to a lot of places and saw a lot of people. Finally, he found that she received a strange phone number which was checked in arbitrarily. It was impossible to find out who was calling.

At the same time, Jonas received a call from Carlos, saying that he had been out on a task and came back today. A colleague in the police station said that Emily was bailed out. This person had a strong background.

"My colleague won't say who it is. You can ask your men to investigate. The crooked ways of yours are better to beat us," Carlos said unconcernedly. He always admired Jonas for his crooked ways of doing things.

He liked to engage in the police profession, but there was no education about whether it was right or wrong. In his opinion, as long as one thing could not do harm to the interests of good people, the fastest way was the best. He didn't care if it was in the dark.

"Well, I see. Did they put you in a difficult position?" Jonas still remembered to take care of his bro. After all, Jonas was the one who want to put Emily in jail, and what the person did was obviously against him.

"No. Who am I? They dare not trouble me,"

Carlos said calmly. The people who could make friends with Jonas were either a little bit rich or a little bit powerful. As long as he didn't accidentally offend an important person, it was not a big deal.

It didn't matter if he offended someone. Most of the time, he could deal with it properly and then he could escape.

Hearing that there was nothing wrong, Jonas didn't talk anymore and directly arranged Ted to investigate Emily's bail.

Compared with Carlos's method, Ted's was much more simple and crude. First, he asked their men to go to the police station. If they couldn't get the result, they would hack into their network.

When Ted saw the person who released Emily on bail, he was eager to know how his boss would deal with this matter.

The one who bailed Emily out was a tycoon in entertainment circle, and he enjoyed a high status. Besides, he was the general manager of YL entertainment company, and he was able to attract a lot of celebrities.

He did not know when Emily hooked up with this man. Now the matter became troublesome.

"Boss, I heard that the man named Colin Zhang has a bad temper. It's not easy to get along with him." Te

ay. What about the quality? Do you think it's good?"

Victor said as he read the document. Then his eyes widened, and he wanted to take back his words.

"Inspiration has come," Melinda said proudly. In fact, she had to thank Jonas for all this. If it weren't for him, she couldn't have made it like this even if she had to take a week to do it.

"All right, you can get off work early today. In consideration to your good performance in the work, you have one more day's leave this week," Victor said. He believed that no one else in the company would find fault with this program at that time.

"I accept it that I can get off work earlier. As for the vocation, you can cancel my one day work," Melinda said as her heart ached. She had taken too many days off. She didn't know when she could fix her shift.

As a person who got used to taking a rest every week, she was tormented.

Melinda got off work early and went home. Thinking of the help that Jonas had given her today, she went to the market and bought a lot of food materials. Today, she went back to their own villa to prepare a meal.

The dishes she knew were mostly home-made. Three or four dishes were enough for two people, but she prepared eight dishes, a bowl of soup and many desserts tonight. She had prepared them with all her heart.

Queena and Nelson knew that Melinda was going to give a surprise to Jonas. They were looking forward to seeing him coming back, but it was a surprise that Jonas didn't know. He was delayed by his work this afternoon because he had to deal with things for Melinda.

At this time, he worked overtime all night at the company. He just made a call to his family and said that he might not be able to come back, so he hung up in a hurry. Queena didn't have time to give a hint.

After waiting for a long time in the villa and receiving the news that Jonas would not come back, Melinda was suddenly discouraged and tasted the dishes one by one, and then all the dishes were into the trash can.

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