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   Chapter 282 Losing The Balance In A Bus

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Carlos' men escorted those men away, and one of his men took Emily to the police station, too.

Jonas hugged Melinda tightly and didn't want to let her go. Only in this way could he feel at ease.

Every time something happened to Melinda, the kind of fear would almost defeat him, but he had to be tenacious, because Melinda needed him.

"Linda." He stroked her swollen cheek affectionately, and didn't dare to touch her too hard for fear that she would feel pain.

At the same time, Melinda was also trembling. It could be seen how serious the wound on her face was.

"Linda, it's okay. Let's go home now." Hugging her in his arms, Jonas walked to his car.

The wind at the seaside was very cold. Jonas used his body to shield Melinda, as if by using this way, he had declared that he would shield her from rain and protect her.

But he forgot that he was the reason why she was hurt every time.

In order not to make the whole family worry about her, Jonas took her back to his apartment and called for a family doctor to treat her wound.

Even though he seldom came to the apartment, he still asked someone to clean it at regular times. It was not a big problem to live in it now.

After the mess tonight, she was very tired, but in her sleep, her eyebrows were still tightly wrinkled.

"How long will it take for the wound to heal?" Jonas asked a family doctor. The doctor frowned with hesitation. Finally, he said it would take at least three or five days. According to her physical condition, she had to take the medicine. In these days, she'd better not eat anything.

Though it was terrible and swollen, there was no blood at all. As for the blood at the corner of the mouth, it was caused by the teeth knocked on the jaw. In addition to taking medicine, there were also many other ways to reduce the swelling. Jonas had been busy taking care of her the whole night.

The next morning, when she woke up, she saw somebody lying on her stomach by the bed. He opened his eyes and smiled at the sight of her.

"Linda, are you feeling better?" "What's going on?" he asked, and then looked carefully at the wound on her face. As soon as he got close to her, she could feel his unique breath. Trembling, she moved backwards.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Jonas smiled and touched her head, "I'll make breakfast for you."

He hadn't slept for the whole night and had been very busy in the past few days. He felt dizzy when he got up. It took him a while to stand up and then walked towards the kitchen.

Watching the leaving figure of Jonas, Melinda had mixed feelings.

After several incidents, she was completely scared. Emily was like a mad dog, biting her whenever she was caught. One reason was simple. It was because of Jonas.

She was caught in a trance. Looking at the clothes on the night table, she knew it must be prepared by Jonas. So she went to the bathroom to change the clothes. Looking at her swollen cheek

go now." On her way to the subway station, she happened to pass by a bus station. Seeing the bus, she went on.

Seeing this, Jonas followed up with her regardless of everything.

"What are you doing?" Astonished, Melinda looked at Jonas, who was catching up with her. Her hand with coins became stiff. Finally, she took out another coin from her bag and inserted it for Jonas.

'If you don't have any cash, why do you take the bus? Don't you want to drive your sports car?'

"I want go with you." Jonas said indifferently, but held her hand firmly. There were many people in the bus, and she hold the handrail above her head to maintain basically balance.

It was the first time for him to take such kind of car. The crowded feeling made him feel uncomfortable.

Her initial intention was not to be too close to Jonas. She was worried that there would be another madman like Emily in the prison. Although Emily was in prison now, she had a great influence on her, which could be said to be far-reaching.

"Linda, please come to me." Although they were holding each other's hand, there was a person in the middle. Jonas frowned and said to Melinda.

He was extremely uncomfortable to have any contact with strangers. Due to his cold face, there was even a small place of him in the crowded bus, with him as the center.

She didn't care a scrap about the Jonas' words. She stood there, her fingers starting to feel sore. The driver's driving skill was not really stable, as he pressed the brake and stopped the bus at any time. All the people in the car seemed to have lost the balance.

Seeing this, Jonas had no choice but to walk to the direction of Melinda when the car stopped. He stood behind Melinda, and she only came his shoulder. When the driver braked hard, she threw herself into his arms.

"Hold me, honey." Jonas lowered his head and whispered to her. His soft and magnetic voice was like an electric current, making her legs weak.

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