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   Chapter 217 Making A Big Mistake

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Soon, the conversation went to the wrong direction. As a social expert, Kent's roommate was also good at socializing as Greyson. Both of them tried to active the atmosphere.

Looking at the scene in front of him, Kent felt strange but familiar. In a moment, he felt as if he had returned to the university.

At that time, he was still a naive young man. He liked Melinda, and he would try every way he could to court her and made a lot of jokes.

However, he had never confessed his love to her seriously, because every time he saw Melinda, she always followed Jonas.

"Let's drink!" Kent poured a glass of wine for himself and shouted to his old friends in the university. They were so excited that they were blowing bottles.

Melinda also poured herself a glass of juice, but she was caught by someone with sharp eyes, so she was named. "How can you drink juice, Melinda? It's a pleasure to drink today."

"Sorry, I'm not feeling well recently. I can't drink wine." Melinda paused and then explained with a smile.

She said those words calmly, like a stream of clear water. And people around her were embarrassed to let her drink.

"It doesn't matter since Mellie doesn't feel well. We can drink whatever we want. The most important thing is to have a good time." Hearing that Melinda was not feeling well, a touch of worry appeared on Kent's face.

He knew Melinda well. She was not a liar. Since she said she was not feeling well, she must be really uncomfortable. Since Melinda looked good today, he did not pay attention to it just now.

"If you don't feel well, just tell me. We can have a party in the future. Why do you force yourself?"

Kent could not help blaming her. He regretted that he had invited Melinda to the party. But now Melinda was paid attention by everyone and he thought that she must feel embarrassed.

"It doesn't matter. We are happy as long as we see each other after such a long time."

Melinda hadn't planned to let too many people know about her pregnancy, and she didn't explain anything. Kent was not in a good mood tonight. He kept smiling, but drinking.

His cheeks were redder than before.

They started to drink since noon. Till over three o'clock in the afternoon, Kent was in a dizzy state.

Their dinner was solved in the hotel, and after that, they went upstairs to KTV. There were few people in the private room, and the food in the hotel was rather greasy, so Melinda barely ate.

Next to her was Kent, who was drunk, sitting quietly.

"Kent, are you okay?" Melinda frowned, stretched out her finger and gently poked Kent on his arm. Kent grunted, but didn't respond.

He looked very uncomfortable, bending over the table, and his breathing was much louder than usual.

"He seems to be totally drunk. Let's take him upstairs."

"Don't bother. It's noisy in the KTV. Let me drive him home,"

Melinda said after hesitating. Kent felt bad already and needed a good rest. She used to be scrupulous about gossip, but now she looked down upon those things and did not ha

, but he didn't dare to ask as domineering as before.

Melinda also knew that if Jonas knew these things, he would definitely be furious.

She knew that his anger was not on her, but on the contrary, it was definitely on Kent. Now, Kent had lost his marriage. If his career was down again, he would be laughed at.

As an outstanding person, Kent shouldn't have suffered so much alone.

She had been guilty about Kent for countless times.

No matter how anxious Jonas was, Melinda did not give any explanation. He asked the driver and he only said that Melinda went to a party.

The next morning, Melinda was awakened by a cell phone ringing. She was in a state of excessive sleeping and couldn't get up every morning.


Melinda answered the phone in a daze, even yawning with her eyes closed.

"Mellie, did I wake you up?" Kent's voice sounded a little guilty on the other end of the phone. He regretted calling Melinda as soon as he woke up.

But on the other hand, he was worried that he might have done something radical last night.

"No, what's the matter?"

Melinda woke up and slowly opened her eyes. It was only seven o'clock and she was very tired.

"I drank too much yesterday, so I wanted to ask you if I had done anything excessive. I just... Did I vomit?"

After waking up, Kent had a splitting headache. He really couldn't remember what happened before, but faintly remembered that Melinda sent him home. Thinking of the emotions in his heart, he was afraid that he would do something bad, so he hurriedly called.

Melinda paused, and then said as if nothing had happened, "No. you behaved well after getting drunk and just kept sleeping."

In fact, she was very embarrassed. But she could not tell others what had happened last night.

Kent breathed a sigh of relief and hung up the phone after he said a few more words of concern. But he knew Melinda well, and the embarrassed tone of her indicated that he must have done something.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened.

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