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   Chapter 215 Wechat Moment

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The ward was filled with the scent of flowers. Instead of wearing the hospital gown as other patients did, Melinda was wearing the maternity dress prepared by Jonas.

After thinking for a long time, Melinda still couldn't think it through. In the end, she decided not to make things difficult for herself.

But when she came back to earth, she found that Jonas's eyes became gentle and full of love, like the moon's light spreading on the sea level, and looked gentle.

"Have you decided?"

Jonas asked as he saw Melinda's expression. But he did not care about the answer.

He was quite satisfied with the current situation. If Melinda was unwilling to go back, he could just follow her. After all, it didn't matter where the family lived.


Melinda shook her head, thinking that such a question was too hard. It was better to think less about it later. She just followed the flow of time, and there was always a way to get to the top of the bridge.

"You'd better not think about it," Jonas said jokingly. Then he found a book out of nowhere. It was a taboo word for pregnant women in every month.

"I can't stay with you in the hospital every day. You must keep this book in mind."

Perplexed, Melinda took it and flipped through one page casually, and there were even comments on it. Curiously, she turned to the last page and asked in amazement, "You've read through this book."

"Yes. It was at rest time during the work time. I was worried that you might not understand some meaning, so I marked it. I'll send whatever I've read to you later."

There was no doubt that Jonas said these words naturally, which scared Melinda. In fact, Jonas had a very different IQ and EQ. he could read and understand books very quickly. If she had read all these books, it was estimated that she would have read them all during her entire pregnancy period.

Melinda couldn't help but shiver.

"What's wrong? Are you cold?"

Seeing a tremble of Melinda, Jonas asked with concern. He quickly stood up from his seat and closed the window, turned on the heat and turned on the room temperature.

"No, I just... I'm a little thirsty." After thinking for a long time, Melinda didn't know what a suitable excuse should be, so she said she was thirsty.

She had eaten a lot of fruit and her mouth was a little sweet, so it's good to have some hot water. Melinda immediately smiled with satisfaction, her eyes crooked like crescent moons.

As soon as Melinda finished her words, Jonas went to pour water. He found that the water was not hot enough and frowned. "What's wrong with the caregiver? The water isn't hot at all."

What if Linda wanted to have some warm food? The caregiver was already passed by Jonas before she knew it.

"Linda, the water is a bit cold. Let me get some hot water for you," said Jonas. It was hard for Melinda to imagine the scene that Jonas, in a suit, went to get water with those people.

"Go ahead," Just now, Melinda was annoyed by Jonas, and she had no intention to ask him to stay. Jonas lifted the kettle with a helpless smile.

In fact, there was a pot in t

was pushed open, and she suddenly became dignified.

Seeing that it was Jonas coming in, the expression on her face changed a lot, as if she was playing an opera.

"Melinda, look how much my brother loves you. He is so busy with work but still came here to see you."

Yulia didn't know that Jonas was here. She didn't notice the kettle in Jonas's hand and just greeted him casually.

Disgusted by her flattering attitude, Melinda said casually, "Your brother just went to get water for me."

"You must have waited for a long time. There are too many people in the water room." Completely disregarding Yulia, Jonas found a cup and poured a little hot water into it. Then he added some cold water in it.

She tested the temperature of the water to make sure it was appropriate before serving it to Melinda. His careful care stunned Yulia.

"Melinda, you are so happy," Yulia said again. And in the following, even if no one paid attention to her, she would show a sense of existence.

When she called Melinda's name, she was so intimate that it didn't sound like disdainful at all.

All of a sudden, Melinda's stomach churned with disgust.

"You can leave now. The buzz is bothering me." Pulling the quilt, Melinda said to them irritably at this moment, completely ignoring the presence of Jonas and Yulia. Hearing that, Jonas threw a sharp glance to Yulia.

Melinda was not like this before he left. Yulia must have done something wrong.

Yulia didn't expect that Melinda would act like this. She panicked and said, "I'm sorry that I have disturbed you. I'll go back right now."

Being involved, although Jonas was very upset, he had no other choice but to leave.

After the ward was quiet, Melinda still felt uncomfortable. She selected two photos from her mobile phone and posted them on the wechat moments, which was taken when she got married with Jonas.

She had kept these two photos of them till now and was reluctant to delete them. And now she could use them. She wanted to give a loud slap in the face to those who wished she had a bad time.

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