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   Chapter 213 Mother In Law And Daughter In Law Are On Good Terms

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Melinda didn't want her child to suffer like this. It would be too hard for her.

She would rather her child be more selfish and give others a hard time than troubling herself.

"Although I like girls very much, now I really hope that you can be a little boy." Melinda gave a soft sigh. Girls were always soft. Even if they were stubborn, they were easily hurt.

She couldn't help crying as long as she thought of the possibility that her baby would suffer the same pain as her in the future.

The pregnant woman's mood fluctuated greatly, and Melinda's pleasure just now fell into sadness.

After a while, a few tears fell on her cheeks. Nelson just pushed the door in. When he saw this, he immediately asked, "What's wrong? Who bullied you? Tell me."

When Melinda saw it was Nelson and his words, tears welled up in her eyes. Nelson would say the same words every time he saw her cry, and he wanted to roll up his sleeves and beat the man who had bullied her up.

"Grandpa, I'm fine." Melinda felt embarrassed as she wiped her tears.

Nelson looked at Melinda suspiciously. The first thought came to his mind was what the hell the bastard Jonas did to her again. But seeing that Melinda looked good and she didn't seem to lie, he only said, "If someone bullies you, don't forget to tell me, will you?"

Nelson was a little afraid of Melinda's hesitation now. This sentence would be repeated every time he saw her.

"Well, I see. Grandpa, sit here please."

Melinda stood up and pointed to the place beside her. Gradually, she calmed herself down.

"Okay, don't stand up. Just sit there and rest."

Nelson tried to stop Melinda when he saw that she wanted to get out of the bed to help him. Melinda continued to lie on the bed with her hands still on her abdomen.

She suddenly understood why all the pregnant women she had seen before would put their hands on their stomach so frequently.

This was a wonderful feeling that could only be felt as a mother. Perhaps many people thought that it was normal for a mother to be pregnant, which was not so exaggerated, but they absolutely could not understand how Melinda felt when getting the child in such a situation.

"You look much better now. But you should stop crying. Otherwise, your baby will be a cry baby."

"No, I don't think so. He must be a child who loves laughing very much." Melinda pouted her mouth, reluctant to accept the teasing from Nelson. Then she felt herself childish and could not help laughing.

"Okay, it's a sunny boy." Nelson spoke out by convenience, then he felt that it would make Melinda misunderstand him, so he quickly said, "Or my little warm girl, both make me warm and comfortable."


Melinda had already decided the direction for her child to cultivate, which was to be optimistic. She hoped that he would love to smile so that he could heal everyone around him.

"I saw the video online. Did you release it?"

Nelson had already known the answer in his mind. The moment

waste of talent to keep Gavin here. She talked with Nelson for a long time and sent Gavin back to take care of Nelson.

There was a mellow and fragrant smell of the soup in the ward, which made people feel comfortable and appetite. The pregnancy reaction of Melinda was not serious, and the soup made her a little hungry.

"It smells so good."

"Have more if you like it. It's no problem for you to drink it every day." Queena was delighted when she saw that Melinda liked the soup. This soup was warm. It's good for its taste when it was a little cold.

Queena put a bowl in front of Melinda and was about to feed her in person, but Melinda suddenly sat straight.

"Auntie Yao, I can do it myself."

She was just raised up, so she was not so fragile that she couldn't take care of herself. Fortunately, Queena didn't insist, so Melinda drank the soup obediently. However, she had no appetite, and she put it down after drinking two bowls.

"Normally, you should have a better appetite with a baby. Why do you eat so little? Does it not taste good?" Queena said sadly when she saw Melinda put down the bowl. She had tasted the soup and it tasted good.

Melinda used to drink well, but now she was full.

"It's delicious, but I'm used to eating less every meal and eat more meals every day," Melinda explained. She didn't want to make Queena feel that she didn't accept her kindness.

"Just tell me what you want to eat. You should not make yourself starving, okay?"

Queena knew that Melinda didn't like to bother others, but pregnant women always had a tricky appetite and liked eating strange things.

"Okay, I will." As long as it was for the baby in her womb, Melinda had nothing that she dare not to do. A starved baby would never happen.

"Linda, go home when you get better. Don't make us worry. We have someone taking care of you at home." After hesitating for a while, Queena opened her mouth. Looking at weak and fragile Melinda, Queena was always worried about her.

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