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   Chapter 211 Say It Specially To Me

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 9883

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It was a battlefield without guns on the Internet. In this turmoil, Melinda smiled at the text list in her mobile phone.

But only she knew that she was bitterly disappointed.

It had been two days since the incident happened, but Jonas hadn't handle it well. 'It wasn't his style to handle it, or just because Emily.'

Melinda was lost in thought, and she did not notice Nelson come in until his hand fell on her shoulder and patted it. "Grandpa."

"What are you thinking about?"

Nelson asked with a smile. The nurse was observant. She fetched a soft chair for him and adjusted a comfortable position for Melinda.

She threw the phone behind the pillow and shook her head, "nothing, just chatting with my colleagues. They care about me a lot."

In fact, if he really greeted her, it would be Victor. At this moment, she had experienced the real world again.

Nelson didn't say anything but nodded. He looked around and said to the caregiver, "this room is too quiet. Turn on the TV."

The nurse didn't suspect him and turned on the TV. The remote control was beside the bed. After a while, Nelson took out the presbyopic glasses from his pocket and put them on his nose.

With the remote control in his hand, Nelson began to transfer channels. To Melinda's surprise, what he was doing this time was not a TV station that represented the political law, nor a financial program, but an entertainment station.

Nelson chattered with her. The topic changed dramatically. It became a background music.

At the same time, after leaving the hospital, the news conference was held at a fast speed. The media that had just gathered, and they were trying to figure out what others knew.

"Boss." William heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Jonas. The press conference was urgent, and it was a live broadcast. If Jonny didn't catch it, Soaring Group's stock market would probably plummet today.

Jonas nodded to him, tidied up his clothes and asked, "have you arranged everything?"

"All the journalists have arrived. The conference will begin in five minutes. We will start live streaming." 'It's time for you to show up in front of me!'.

In fact, the preparation of the press conference was rather tense. If it was not for the fact that Soaring Group had a good reputation and attracted a lot of attention, these reporters would not have come so fast, and they even tried to distress Jonas.

The press conference was conducted by the manager of public relations and William. Jonas trusted them and didn't ask more about it. Under the guidance of William, he came to the backstage.

Five minutes passed in a blink. The manager of public relations department said the purposes briefly, and then turned to Jonas.

Nelson was chatting with Melinda when he heard the words 'Soaring Group' coming from the TV. His eyes flashed with surprise. He stared at the TV and commented. "The people in the company are becoming more excellent. Good j


Her fingers clenched into fists under the quilt. After closing her eyes, her ears were more sensitive. The TV was not turned off, and the conference continued.

Jonas didn't talk much after that. He just gave the report to people in the PR department.

Her attitude made Nelson helpless. Looking at her stubborn appearance, he sighed helplessly, and then said, "have a good rest. I won't force you."

She murmured under the quilt, and then she slightly turned over with her back to Nelson.

Nelson took a look at the caregiver. He said a few words to the caregiver who had been staying outside before he left. The Gavin was also waiting for him outside. Gavin was surprised to see Nelson coming out, but Gavin didn't ask anything.

"Tell Jonas what happened here. What will happen in the future depends on him." Nelson ordered the Gavin. Gavin nodded and sent him downstairs. The driver was already waiting downstairs.

Gavin saw Nelson get into the car and then sent a message to Jonas, telling him that Nelson was worried about the matter in the hospital, so Gavin was left alone to take care of Melinda.

On the conference, there was a touch of anxiety appearing on Jonas's face. He hurried to speak a few words before the conference ended, leaving William and the manager of the public relations department facing a group of crazy media.

Melinda's attitude was not what he had expected. At this time, he could not help but become flustered. It was said that pregnant women were the most sensitive. It seemed that he had not handled it properly.

The only thing he wanted to do now was to get to the hospital as soon as possible and explain everything to Melinda.

In the ward of the hospital, the live broadcast on TV was over and different advertisement was on. Though lying on the bed to have a rest, she didn't fall asleep yet. From time to time, the serious look of Jonas when he said he would only love her in his life came to her mind.

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