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   Chapter 204 Be Rescued

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Even in such a mess and Jonas needed someone to hold him to keep him feet, but the hostility of Jonas sent chills to Emily's heart.

His eyes were a little red and swollen. He looked like a demon, but this demon had taken care of the one beside him. He stood straight and tried not to fall on Melinda.

He seemed to be born to be the focus, attracting everyone's attention. Even if he was as pathetic as a beggar, his temperament and aura could not be ignored.

Melinda was pretty and graceful, but she was in harmony with him.

"Emily, if you don't want me to tell the police what I've heard, hurry up and go away."

After drinking a lot of water, he spoke smoothly, slowly and softly, but everyone's attention was on him, without breathing.

Therefore, this sentence was heard by everyone.

What had he heard? Why would Emily worry that the police would know that? Had Emily broken the law? A series of questions came to everyone's mind.

Looking at the ruthless expression in Jonas's eyes, Emily was sure that he wasn't joking.

"Mr. Jonas, please tell us what crime Emily has committed. We will arrest her according to law." At this time, another policeman spoke, looking at Emily fiercely, as if to tie her up to the law.

"I..." Emily couldn't explain why she came here in a long time. Looking at the policemen around her, she got more panic and ran out of the factory in a panic, with her bag tightly over her chest. The others looked at each other in dismay.

Melinda looked at Jonas blankly. He smiled at her in a good mood.

"Are you okay?" It was the first time that Melinda had cared about him so much after the divorce, which made Jonas a little excited and dazed. Then he giggled.

Melinda could not bear to look straight into his eyes. Seeing that he was staring at Melinda, the coughing of the policemen around her who seemed to be embarrassed seemed to have turned into laughter. She immediately flushed.

Buried her head in the chest of Jonas, she could obviously feel that he had lost more than a little bit weight. Her tears, which had just stopped, began to flood again. She sniffed and tears fell uncontrollably.

Holding her face in his hands, Jonas didn't care whether his clothes were dirty or not, but gently wiped it for her, coaxing, "Well, stop crying, you see, I'm fine."

Melinda burst into tears in a rush, which almost tore Jonas's heart apart. Jonas wiped her face in hurry. In the end, he made Melinda a big red face. He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. Then he bent down and gently kissed her eyes.

He had no time to care about the place they were now or the people around them. All he wanted was to stop her tears as soon as possible. Once she cried, he felt much more terrible than being tortured by others.

"You two have a lot of chances to bond with each other. Now we should leave here first." The policemen were too embarrassed to open their mouths, and

ple surged with Jonas, but Melinda was still standing behind. Jonas stopped there, and then under the confused gaze of the crowd, he went behind and held her hands.

Queena covered her mouth and laughed. Melinda was a little embarrassed, but still, she arrived at the VIP ward under the arrangement of Jonas. After travelling all the way, Jonas was a little tired.

After sending off a group of medical staff, Jonas pulled Melinda to rest with him.

Queena understood his son's intention and left them some space.

The next day, Jonas insisted to leave the hospital. Queena took him home and asked him for a good rest. Melinda was also taken back to the Gu's mansion to accompany him.

When Jonas recovered from the injury, Nelson asked them to have dinner together at a restaurant where they went last time. Since Nelson was here this time, the chief had come personally.

"That's enough. We are just here to have a meal." On hearing Nelson's words, the group of people giggled and left, but they also recognized the status of Melinda in the Gu family.

The young lady had finally lived a happy life after all the hardship she had gone through.

This meal, the three of them behaved as usual in the Gu's mansion. Without all the barriers during this period of time, they had a happy meal, and the chef who served them often heard the laughter inside.

In contrast, after being threatened by Jonas that day, Emily left in a hurry. But all these days, the scene that Melinda rushed to hug Jonas kept flashing through her mind.

The two clung to each other tightly, and the way Melinda treated Jonas changed dramatically. It seemed that they had made up in an instant.

The more Emily thought about it, the angrier she was. She had devoted so much time and efforts to form a plan, and at last she just made Melinda and Jonas make up again.

Her unwillingness surged in her heart and almost drowned everything like a wild grass in spring.

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