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   Chapter 196 Sleeping Together

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Jonas liked to see Melinda like this, which made him feel particularly funny and adorable.

He didn't care much about being pushed away by Melinda. Instead, he put the finger, which had touched her chin, near his lips. The evil and attractive look on his face had subverted Melinda's understanding of the cold man in front of her.

She even started to suspect that was this person exactly the one she knew?

But her earlobe became red and was about to drip blood as she looked at Jonas movement.

Jonas was satisfied with what he saw.

He resumed his serious manner and began to look through the contract carefully. The contract was drew up by himself. Most of the terms suggested were for the benefits of Melinda, but there were some terms that made her unhappy.

It was a matter of personal interests. But the point was Jonas could offer her such great benefits there. It depended on whether she would like to eat this honey or not.

Being a writer, Melinda expected her designs to be recognized by more people. Her colleagues also hoped that she could win the contract.

But when the investor was Jonas, she felt so strange.

"I have to discuss with the studio about the contract." The teasing expression in Jonas's eyes made Melinda tremble, so she casually found an excuse.

But it didn't matter to Jonas. He supported his head with his hands and looked at Melinda. His cold and sharp eyebrows softened at this time. His eyes were deep, as if they were obsidian, attracting people all the time.

"I remember that my first requirement of cooperation is that you have the decision-making right all the time." Even if the company would suffer losses, they still wanted to get it. After all, the result was the most important.

Jonas was a celebrity. It was hard not to make the TV play a hit.

Hearing this, Melinda was stunned. It was not until now that she had remembered about that condition. She felt somewhat embarrassed. Unconsciously, she talked about the contract with Jonas.

But within three seconds, the topic was changed.

"Mr. Jonas, if you are too busy to talk about this matter with me today, I can go back first." The corners of Melinda's mouth lifted into a smile, and the calmness in her eyes could no longer be maintained.

"It's late. Let's have a meal first and then we can continue our talk." Jonas agreed with what Melinda said, but deliberately misinterpreted her words, saying that it was late, so he took her to the staff canteen for a meal.

He made an excuse that he wanted to finish this business today, but he only had little time, so they had to talk while eating. However, when they were eating, he didn't talk about anything serious, except that he attracted a lot of onlookers.

Melinda returned to the company with unhappiness. She was depressed when others asked her about the contract. Her colleagues thought she must have encountered a problem.

After all, the business partner she negotiated with was not an o

da had a feeling of discomfort in her heart.

"Where do I need to sign?" Jonas said. Meanwhile, his secretary opened several documents and pointed at the place where he needed to sign. Then she showed her cleavage quickly.

Melinda's eyelids twitched. The secretary noticed that there was another person in the office. She looked at Melinda unhappily, and then she ingratiated herself with Jonas. "Mr. Jonas, don't you have to look through the papers?"

"No, I believe you." The secretary was even more excited. After preparing for a long time, she finally got the chance.

The secretary had been flattering Jonas. Standing aside, Melinda didn't say anything, but her face darkened.

After Jonas signed several documents while Melinda was in torture, the secretary left. But thinking of her purpose, she held her head high.

After the secretary left, Melinda couldn't help but ask, "Is that how you lead your company? !"

Frivolous, profligate, these words suddenly rushed into Melinda's mind, and all of them were describing the person who looked at her playfully.

"What?" Jonas prolonged his voice and stood up from his seat. As he approached, Melinda felt her heart beat faster.

She felt her heart was going to jump out of her chest.

Her pupils dilated a lot. Jonas reached out and pinched her chin, his tone frivolous and serious. "I was not like this before. If you want me to change, then come back."

His words sounded like he was blaming her for making him a jerk and it was all because of the fact that Melinda had left. Melinda was forced to look into his eyes which were with strong feelings that she dared not look into his eyes.

But then she realized that she didn't do anything wrong and she should not feel guilty. Melinda goggled her eyes and looked at Jonas. It seemed to make her feel that she didn't lose.

The finger pulp, which was a little rough, pinched her chin. His breath went into her nose continuously, making Melinda want to cry.

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