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   Chapter 193 In The Same Boat

My Ex-husband Comes Back By Bu Wang Characters: 10209

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"Is this a victory banquet?"

"Sort of," Melinda replied after a moment's reflection, in order to ease the relationship between her and colleagues. After all, too many things had happened.

But fortunately, the past was past. She was in a good mood because of the happy event, and she would not take those people's words seriously.

"Let me join you. It's a treat to the colleagues." Victor made a good excuse, leaving Melinda no excuse to refuse him. And then he announced the news about the dinner in the staff group of his company.

Melinda had already booked the restaurant. When it was time to go off work in the evening, the staffs of the company were divided into two or three, heading to the restaurant, which was bustling.

The banquet was very lively. People all gave Melinda face. At the dinner time, those who were incited by the crowd to act, draw lots with wine bottles, and whoever was ordered couldn't refuse.

A group of people were having dinner, boisterously, but Michelle did not show up. The people in the same department with her said that she was not feeling well, so she went home.

"Is Michelle Yu the one who helped Emily?" Melinda whispered to Victor in a low voice when no one noticed her.

After the press conference, she was busy dealing with the media. And this matter was handled by Victor. At this time, when Melinda asked, he just nodded, but said nothing.

"No one can refuse money," Melinda murmured, and took a sip of the fruit wine, depressed. The fresh fruit flavor covered the taste of alcohol well, and did not burn her throat. It was just that this kind of alcohol was very strong.

Most of the men sitting by the side of Victor were all toasting to him and Melinda. Taking advantage of this opportunity to cotton up to him, he concerned about her in this way and didn't let her drink too much.

The crowd didn't leave until it was eight o'clock. There were only two of them left. Melinda was slightly drunk, but she was still sober. Victor was drunk with his face red.

"These people are really horrible."

Victor rubbed his temples as he spoke, and then Melinda asked the waiter for a glass of water for him.

After he drank the warm water, Victor felt much better. He leaned back on his seat lazily. Just when Melinda felt that he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Melinda, have I told you about my ex-wife?"

"You've mentioned once before."

Victor said that he had also been divorced, but he didn't talk much about his ex-wife. Melinda didn't know much about him, let alone learn more about the people around him.

He sighed and was really a little drunk. At this time, he had the mood to confess in front of Melinda. He wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to tell what had happened in the past as a story.

"You know that I'm a notorious playboy, right?" The expression in Victor's eyes was somewhat unreadable, as if he was self-mocking or confused.

Victor had settled down his mind to live a calm life, but it became even worse aft

because of Victor.

He couldn't help but pay close attention to Melinda. What he got from her was that she was getting closer to Victor. After what happened last time, her attitude towards Victor changed a lot.

As an old saying goes, "a clean hand wants no washing." Melinda didn't have to avoid contacting with Victor. She did not deliberately avoid getting along with him, just like treating an ordinary friend.

Victor was a smart man. He saw the changes of Melinda and the way they got along with each other quietly, which made both of them feel comfortable and give each other more chances to get along with each other.

When Jonas knew this, he could only be anxious in his heart. He walked back and forth, which made Nelson's eyes almost turn blue. Queena was sitting next to him, with her eyes closed and her head rubbing.

"Jonas, what happened?" Since when did Jonas behave like this at home? Even if he had something to deal with, he would deal with it in the small villa by himself.

When his mother asked him, Jonas turned to Nelson and managed to say, "Grandpa, it has been a long time since the last time you saw Linda."

Nelson was stunned, but soon smiled. He thought, 'It seems that the reason why Jonas has done so much is to ask me, an old man, to help him.'

"What? You miss her? You pissed her off, didn't you?" Nelson calmly drank the tea, and even told Queena the story and background of the tea, in order to ignore Jonas.

"Dad, look how worried Jonas is. Just help him." Queena still cared about her son. Seeing his mother standing by his side, Jonas felt relieved.

Nelson was a little hesitant. Now he didn't want Melinda to do anything that would make herself unhappy because of anyone.

If he proposed to meet Melinda, she would naturally not refuse.

"Without Melinda, the house is a little desolate," Nelson said in an emotion, and finally agreed to have a talk with Melinda. The anxiety on the face of Jonas faded a little. Queena put in a good word for Jonas to comfort Nelson.

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